Pushead 2 Release Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Pushead 2 Release

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 by Wit-E

Words by Wit-E Beats
Photos by AK

Wife-E and I rolled into SPoT Ybor at 10am to find about 35 people waiting on the Pushead 2’s. Upon arrival there appeared to be no form of organization to the line, mainly because there was no real line. People were spread all over the area surrounding the Shop. Some were sitting in chairs brought from home, some were posted on city benches, and some were lounging across the street at Larmon Furniture on borrowed rocking chairs. Larmon has been kind enough to allow campers to use the chairs out front on release days in the past as well.

Thanks to everyone who came out for being so cooperative. Stay tuned to SPoT for future info on sneaker releases and be sure to get yourself included in the Foot Fetish app for a future opportunity to purchase your kix a day early without the hassle of a line. As a closing note: F&%K resellers and those buying from them!

This is what it looked like right when I rolled up. Not much organization at all.
I wonder if he selected this rocker to coordinate with his Big Bangs. Thanks to Larmon for the use of the chair. We know it gets hot outside, but please keep your shirt on when in line.
I don't know who looks more confused at Justin's instructions, Casey or Bobby. Or maybe they're just confused as to why there's 35 people waiting in mid-day heat to purchase $125 sneakers.
We surveyed the scene and walked up to the front to ask who was first. The cat waiting at the door yelled to those across the street at Larmon's and they quickly came over to sign up for the list. I was surprised how easily it went. There was no pushing or arguing over who was where in the line. Everybody helped make the list making process go smoothly.
I guess after we did the list and went inside everybody went back to their place in line. This photo shows how organized things got after the list was completed.
The new Nike SB box is in effect on this pair. Notice how the sides of the boxes are different between sizes. Sizes nine and down have less "tape" on them than those 9.5 and up. As you can tell from the photos of the line and this photo of the boxes, not everybody waiting for a pair ended up with a pair. Justin hooked up three of those in line who just missed the cut with a free pair of SPoT denim.
This is Drew and Quinland. They were the first two in line. Drew got to SPoT Ybor at 5:45pm the previous day and Quinland arrived shortly after that. I really hope you fellas camped 18 hours because you love the sneakers and not to flip them for a chump-change profit. Drew also said he was unaware of our new Facebook Foot Fetish app, which could have helped him skip the line and beat the heat. Maybe next time, Drew.


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