Mellow Day at Vans Warped Tour 2012

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 by Ryan

Words and Captions by Clem
Photos by Clem and Casey Wayne

I’ve been going to the Warped Tour since its inception, which I think was around ’93 or ’94. I went yearly for the first 10 or so, but I’ve missed the last few due to traveling. And boy have I aged in those past few years. I went from being slightly older than most of the people there to being an old-ass man, but since the A Team was in Copenhagen running CPH PRO, I got volunteered to attend.

SPoT has been kicked out of Warped Tour at least five or six times, mostly for just being obnoxious on our part. The kicking out in 2011 led to a couple of arrests, too, so we figured we’d never be allowed back. But SPoT supporter and OG-nice-guy, Mr. Steve Van Doren himself, has taken a liking to what we do, even if it gets out of hand once in a while.

But our experience at Warped Tour 2012 was a bit different: More or less sober, mellow, no arrests, and just good, clean under-age fun.

Thanks to Steve Van Doren, Kevin Lyman, and all of our friends at Vans for always having our backs.

We had a small crew this year. I guess my "it’s going to be mellow" invite email deterred the rowdy bunch.
Our location was in the far, back corner of Vinoy Park in St. Pete.
Wayne Schaefer will never miss a Warped Tour.
Justin Ryan warmed up the ramp with a lipslide. Who am I kidding? It was 10am and the ramp was already so hot you could fry an egg on it.
So our gimmick for this year was the Cinnamon Challenge. You had to put a whole spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth at once and try to eat it.
The facial expressions upon tasting the spoonful of cinnamon were classic.
And this is how they generally ended up.
Here’s the view with Jereme Knibbs from the top of the mini-ramp. This is just one, small stage of the Warped Tour, with Tampa Bay in the background.
My guess is that at least 100 people took the Cinnamon Challenge. I encourage you to try it at home.
I was so stoked on this tattoo that I sent the picture to Jamie Thomas and he replied back, "RWTF."
This sure looks like Mike Sinclair. And the bad tattoos keep rolling in.
Warm-ups before the mini-ramp jam. Nick Wallace – backside boneless.
Brennan Campbell is always ripping. Frontside air.
Seize the day, bro. Why is it that everyone at Warped Tour looks like they live in Seffner?
Well this kid definitely seized the day. Upon questioning if the ink was real, he replied, "It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I woke up from being drunk with this on my face." Wow.
Some Christian band got pretty much the biggest circle pit ever going. Kids were just running each other over.
When I see stuff like this, I just say, "It takes all kinds."
We just couldn’t get enough of the Cinnamon Challenge. Step 1: Put a spoonful in your mouth.
Step 2: Act like you’re really going to be able to swallow it.
Step 3: Give up and violently spit it out, grabbing furiously for any liquid you can.
Brian Upapong is always down for the cause.
Of course Jereme Knibbs won the mini-ramp jam...yeah Jereme!
Casey Wayne showing his (lack of) support.
I may be a bad tattoo, but I’m still The Most Interesting Man in the World.
James Langner is a loyal-ass dude and has been down for SPoT for nearly as long as we’ve been around.
Medicine Man, who I always called "Show Guy" before figuring out who he was, hanging with Alex and Casey and drinking our free beer.
On patrol, giving out tickets for bad tattoos and extra large gauges.
A friendly farewell from Alex Bowers and Alex Bibiloni.

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