Damn Am Canada Presented by Billabong 2012

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and words by Porpe
Video by HiDefJoe

This year's Damn Am Canada was held at two different skate parks in the Toronto. The first day we had three contests: Best Kickflip, Best Trick, and a Team Manager/Industry VIP at Ashbridges Skatepark. Due to the rain, the second day of the Contest was held at Underpass Skatepark where we saw an amazing Finals go down. Check out the photos and our SPoT Life episode from the events. Looking forward to coming back to Canada next year to host another Damn Am.

We did something new this year. We had a Best Kickflip Contest Presented by Sony Xperia. Julien Gagnon has a proper kickflip.
You never know what you will see at a skate park.
Dillon Moore rips. This kickflip into the bank was done with ease.
Best Trick obstacle was the wedge in Ashbridges Skatepark. Looks like it's time for some new graffiti.
Andrew Wenckstern got 3rd place in the Skullcandy Best Trick Contest with this backside 5-0 to fakie.
This was my favorite trick that I saw all weekend. Manchild got 2nd place in Best Trick with this blunt kickflip out.
Jon Cosentino kickflips over the window to win Skullcandy Best Trick Contest at Damn Am Canada.
These prizes were very appropriate for the Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest Presented by Red Bull.
Here are our winners from the Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest. From left to right we have Chad Albert in 1st place, Eric Mercier in 2nd place, and Steven Settles in 3rd place.
Liam McCabe walked away with $500 courtesy of Sony Xperia with his many variations of proper kickflips.
Here are our winners from Skullcandy Best Trick Contest.
This is our judge from SPoT Productions, John Muldoon. You can follow him on Instagram. His user name is @mfdoon.
From cornrows to the cool guy haircut, Ryan Clements changes hairstyles more than anyone I know. I think this one is here to stay though.
Our SPoT Productions judges hard at work.
Our SPoT Productions MP3J, DJ Albow, hard at partying.
It wouldn't be a Damn Am without a special appearance from the Red Bull Wings Team.
Here is our Damn Am Canada Zumiez Destroyer, Zack Ferguson, locking into a smith grind on the picnic table.
Bobby De Keyzer - back smith back 180 out.
Ben Paterson - frontside crooked grind.
TJ Rogers with a switch 180 over the picnic table for 2nd Place in Damn Am Canada 2012.
It was nice seeing Matt Berger skating Damn Am Canada. Here is a backside 180 over the picnic table going mach 10.
I love going to contests outside of the US and seeing kids rocking SPoT gear.
Zack Ferguson is going to be making new spots with his Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Congratulations to Matt Berger, winner of Damn Am Canada 2012 Presented by Billabong. He will have a spot in the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am in December. Here are the rest of the final results.
After the Contest was over we went to explore Toronto's CN Tower.
Foot fetish from a 1,000 feet up in the air.
The view from the top of the CN Tower is epic. Looking forward to coming back next year.

SPoT Life Episode 21: Damn Am Canada 2012

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