Back to School Bash Practice Going Down All Week

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and Words by Porpe

Yesterday as I was leaving work, I saw an abnormal amount of ripping going down for a Monday afternoon at SPoT. That is when I realized that the Back to School Bash Presented by Altamont is coming up this Saturday. I figured I would take some photos and give you a small sample of the destruction that will be going down. Make sure to register for the Contest before it sells out.

This dude looks like he just started skating the way he was rolling around the course, but he was not scared to hop onto the rail to boardslide it. Hopefully I will see him at the Back to School Bash this Saturday.
I'm sure I will see Andre Mckenzie at the Back to School Bash this weekend. Here he is warming up with a nollie flip into the bank.
After the nollie flip he switch 180 over the rail into the bank
If he does this 360 flip over the rail into the bank he just may win the Back to School Bash Sponsored Division.
Andre Archer was also at the park practicing his boneless for the Back to School Bash.
Alex Sperando is usually in the top 3 at our All Age Contest. That's because he is here practicing on the regular.
Uncle Sam has the Florida Grind aka the frontside hurricane on lock.
When Chris Jata isn't in SF grinding cars he is at SPoT getting his tricks on lock.
I'll end this group of photos with this nollie heel by Chris Jata. See you Saturday for the Back to School Bash Presented by Altamont.

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