Yelawolf in St. Pete Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Yelawolf in St. Pete

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

There are so many places to fuel up before a show in downtown St. Pete. We stopped by Dooners and had a damn good chow down.
No, thank you.
We're on a small bar tour before the show. Mastry's is one of the oldest down here.
Justin's grandfather gave this bar to his father, who gave it to him. Stop by Mastry's for some sauce and skateboard talk with Justin next time you're in St. Pete.
Justin cleaned up the wall in Mastry's and found this Coke ad from back when Coke had coke in it.
Maybe Ryan Clements is running for Skatepark of Tampa Party Team status? We're at The Emerald now where we find long time friend and local at the join, Jimmy.
There's some amazing art in The Emerald. Lemme get that Mr Chow, please.
From doing most of Trunk Muzik, a good sampling from Radioactive, and throwing in Beastie Boys and Lynyrd Skynyrd samples, Yelawolf killed it with another high energy show. My voice was done for half way through.
John Newport aka Lower Management is always on tour with Yelawolf.
TJ Sparks, Porpe, and HiDefJoe ready to hit the streets lurking.
The ladies are backing Yelawolf.
We're at The Bends now, another local bar down the street. Jorge and Devin, cute couple cuddle photo of the night.
Oh heyyyy...
Cute couple cuddle photo number two. Yeah I called myself cute. What?
This bar rips.
Yonis and Manny, champions of the Shaqueefa hut in Ybor.
Porpe with his best Jason Dill impression. Good thing I censored it for you.
Drinking out front on the sidewalk is always a plus for a watering hole.
I like all this time I'm getting to see John Montesi lately.
Yelawolf's DJ is on inside and it's up to Porpe and HiDefJoe to get the dance party started. Looks like they're off to a good start.
Birds of a curly feather flock together. That's Yelawolf's boy Rittz that killed it at the show, too.
Thanks for the fantastic entertainment, Yela.
Sadface Porpe due to not getting a Yelawolf photo for Next time, pal. Good night, ya'll.


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