South African Am Jams

Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2012 by Rob

Jam 1

Jean-Marc Johannes

Cape Town South Africa
ALMOST, DVS, Red Bull, Volcom South Africa, Nixon

Khule Ngubane

Durban South Africa
DC, Plan B Skateboards, Nixon, Monster, True Bearings

Adam Woolf

Johansburg South Africa
Volcom, Verb Skateboards, Monster

Daniel Theron

Jam 2

Alan Marola

South Africa
Volcom South Africa, DC, Forgive Skateboards

Khulu Dlamini

Durban South Africa
Addidas, RVCA, Brixton, Plan B

Dean Marais

Johansburg South Africa
Technique Skateboards, Circa, Volcom Army, True Bearings, Revolution Skate Shop

JJ Bezuidenhout

Nelspruit South Africa
G Skate

Jam 3

JP du Preez

Pretoria South Africa
Fallen, Plankie

Anthony De Mendonca

Johansburg South Africa
Volcom Army, Blue Ten Caps, Nike SB (Flow)

Dylan Vaughn

Lance Wolter

Durbin South Africa

Jam 4

Justus Kotze

Cape Town South Africa
Fallen, KFD Skateboards, LRG Clothing, Killer Trucks, Oakley Sunglasses

Braxton Hane

Durban South Africa
Quicksilver, Nike SB

George van Blerk

Marcel Van Derwalt

Cape Town South Africa
Technique Skateboards, True Bearings Lifestle Apparel

Jam 5

Matthew Morley

Johannesburg South Africa
Zoo York

Charl Steyn

Pretoria South Africa
Plakie Skateboards, Independent, Volcom, Mud Buddies Grip

Gerhard Botha

Kalvyn Mac Millan

Durbin South Africa

Jam 6

Damon De Clercq

Jeffreys Bay South Africa

Mitchell Rice

Johannesburg South Africa
KFD, Iron Fist, Jaded Ink

Kanya Spani

Durban South Africa
Nike SB, Element, Baseline, Dope Industries

Giovanni Votano

Port Elizabeth South Africa
Element, Von Ziper, Dakine

Jam 7

Will Twala

Johannesburg South Africa
Dope Ind Clothing

Simon Stipcich

Cape Town South Africa
Verb, DC

Yann Horowtiz

Stefan Jacobs

Cape Town South Africa
Vans, Push Skateboarding

Jam 8

Shuaib Philander

Cape Town South Africa

Wesley Schroeder

Cape Town South Africa

Warrick Delport

Thalente Biyela

Durban South Africa
LRG, Cliché

Jam 9

Puddy Zwennis

Victoria South Africa
Quicksilver, Vans

Sam Khumalo

Johansburg South Africa
DC Shoes, Skull Candy, Funisu

Oat Athiwat

Bangkok Thailand
Fallen, Real, Deluxe

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