Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2012

Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2012 by Rob

As you can see from the SPoT Life episode, this was a fierce dance party that kicked the weekend off.
I spy a porpoise in there.
Tommy Fynn joined the dance party after each trick he made over the a-frame.
Porpe's dreaming big right now.
It's like 80 below zero right now and the drummer has a bikini on.
These random kids asked me to take a photo. When I asked them if they skate, they said, "We are just posing as if we do." Then they taught me the local handshake that has about six steps and asked me to buy them beer.
DJ AlBow aka MP3J had a ripping week in South Africa in between pushing play.
Answering the age old burning question of what your strategy is.
Braydon had his birthday weekend in South Africa.
Mr. Nice Guy throwing stuff into the stands.
Chad Fernandez going H-Street on you.
Thanks for checking out the Contest!
Lil John did a few songs to warm up the crowd before the Mini Mega Contest.
Paul Luc Ronchetti might be the only dude at the Contest more quiet than me.
Marcelo Bastos on an indy 540.
Bob's 720 to fakie was serious.
Kanya won the South African Am.
Micky Papa emailed me on Monday asking about the MMC SA and booked his ticket the same day when he found the Contest was that weekend. Now he's going home with $17,000 for 4th. That's how you live.
Meanwhile, here's what the edit bay bathroom looks like. HiDefJoe and Pat Stiener are clipping and cutting and throwing back working on SPoT Life episodes in the next room.
Porpe brought extra checked bags full of skate gear for a Boards for Bros distribution.
Due to scoring system babysitting duties, I couldn't shoot photos during the Vert Contest. You'll have to settle for Andy MacDonald with the 12 skaters in the Street Finals.
Herman killed it and made it to the Finals.
Tommy Fynn made it to the Finals again this year, but go knocked out in the first bracket.
Bryan Herman makes the hand drag look good.
Nick Merlino with a textbook switch flip.
Figgy - bigspin front board.
Andrew Reynolds - frontside flip. Catch Bake and Destroy at The Bricks on October 19th.
Andrew Reynolds - fakie flip.
Who frontside flipped it best? Andrew or Luan?
Luan making it easy on the judges with a switch frontside 360 heelflip.
Lurker Lizard.
Schaefer and his production shadow.
He needs it for his website.
Head Judge Jason Rothmeyer casting judgement.
The South African sunsets are a crazy shade of purple.
Some important people.
Media frenzy.
Congrats, Luan!
You're never too old for skateboarding or Sharpie autographs on a white shirt.
The Kimberley Club is an old school "boys club" with some amazing history to it. We retired into this place for a beer right after the Contest ended.
They have king sized pool tables here.
The bridge is common in pool games.
Is this golf or pool?
We all lit up baby local cigars.
Puffin' Pat.

SPoT Life South Africa

After the ripping dance party, you can find some ripping skateboarding in this episode of SPoT Life from Maloof Money Cup South Africa. We also made some time to go street skating and do a Boards for Bros distribution. Thanks for watching: Andrew Reynolds, Bob Burnquist, Luan Oliveira & More at Maloof Cup, South Africa: SPoT Life Episode 24.


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