Emerica Demo - January 9, 2004

Posted on Sunday, January 12, 2003 by Rob

Emerica Demo January 9, 2004
Story and Photos By Rob Meronek

The demo was cool. Check out the photos below. The end.


Tosh Townend - nollie frontside bluntslide
Everybody loves Leo Romero - even his double grabs.
Did Bryan Herman ever make this 360 flip? I missed it.
Another one of those gigantic frontside flips you expect from Andrew Reynolds.
Erik Ellington - backside flip
There's a pit about to form in this crowd.
Leo Romero - nollie nosegrind
Erik Ellington - nollie flip 50-50
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip frontside tail slide.
Andrew Reynolds - nollie 270 to switch back tail - yikes
Tosh Townend - FSNS
Heath Kirchart - kickflip fakie
Heath Kirchart - BSNB
The crowd was a little out of control…
Crowd control at the autograph signing.

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