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One Day in East LA

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We had a few hours to kill in Los Angeles before flying back home from Damn Am Woodward West last weekend, so we found a hipster lunch spot and hit the streets with Jata, Yonnie, and crew while they were getting GX clips. You know you're at the right LA spot for lunch when you find Jason Dill there. After a short discussion of how we would approach him for conversation and a photo, Porpe made the call out and got yet another update for
Downhill spots are scary unless you're damn good at skateboarding. Jereme's wallie switch crook wasn't a problem.
The neighborhoods have so much style here.
HiDefJoe testing the waters.
He took a cherry bomb to the elbow.
At another nearby spot found by eagle eye through the car window, Ryan G and Yonnie are warming up for something good.
Max has a king sized snap over it. Whoever lives there never came to the door that was open the whole time.
Cleanup before the next spot.
We ended up at the top of the hills with a great view of LA and the valley.
Jata has been bi-coastal in 2012. You should be, too.
With a sunset like that behind you, it's time for some classic silhouette photos. That's Jata kickflipping.
Porpe tries his best to level out that rocket launcher.
HiDefJoe's signature back foot shows on his snaps.
Ryan G's got a kickflip.
Chris Jata's got a 360 flip.
One more kickflip from HiDefJoe.
The trash here is amazing.
Boy band photo, take one.
Boy band photo, take two. Always make sure you have your skateboard as an accessory to ensure album sales performance.
Okay, we have to get out of here, but not before one last dice roll. Cars will just go around you. Porpe went home broke as usual. Good-bye west coast, we'll be back again soon.


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