Bake and Destroy Video Premiere at SPoT Ybor Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Bake and Destroy Video Premiere at SPoT Ybor

Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2012 by Porpe

By Porpe

Why not have the Bake and Destroy Video Premiere over at SPoT Ybor. The Bricks is right next door to enjoy a nice refreshment.
Baker Video and free PBR, what more can you ask for?
These two dudes came all the way from Daytona Beach to watch the Bake and Destroy video. They also brought their own beer. They came prepared. Thanks for coming out.
This video was for the homies. MP3J Albow is definitely a Baker homie.
Have you been to SPoT Ybor lately? We have a nice selection of kicks and snap-backs.
Baker is not only for grown man skaters. It is also for the kids.
Damn, did you just snap your deck skating the streets of Ybor? No problem. We got you covered.
I spy Orlando ripper, Bert Wootton, getting a Gatorade.
Have you seen our new Lance Mountain 20 Year Anniversary Shirts? Well, we got a full stock over at SPoT Ybor.
Damn, Orlando was in the house tonight. Good seeing you Chris Blake. Thanks for coming out.
I really like the Vans OTW Collection. You can find it over at SPoT Ybor.
My favorite little locals. They come to SPoT everyday. Thanks for coming out guys.
All in all there were almost 100 people there for the Premiere, and no riots broke out. Thanks to everyone that came out.


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