Tampa Am 2004 Day One: Thrusday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2004 Day One: Thrusday

Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Am 2004 - Thursday, January 22, 2004.
Story and Photos By Rob Meronek

Man, I'm super busy so I had to ask my mom to write the captions for these photos. She was born and raised in the old school Phillippines and is slightly racist, among other things. But you know what? She's open minded like I am. If you can't handle her accent and left field humor, she told me she's going to kill your dog, stuff it with your cat, and serve it up for you on Thanksgiving, but only after she eats the good parts. Her gangster name is Vanilla Rice. My dad's 100% Polish and contributed to my sense of humor by telling me a new Polish joke every day of my childhood. He says you can sink a Polish battleship by putting it in water. I think I'll get him to write tomorrow's captions.

Let me throw in a quick two cents of my own before we get to the photos, though. Between Surf Expo in Orlando, ASR in San Diego, and now Tampa Am, there's like 100 people here that I've seen in three different cities in the last three weekends. I can't hang out as much here because I have an actual job to do in Tampa. Oh well, still super good times are on the way this weekend. If you're joining in on the Jail Bird deck giveaway this weekend, here's the deal. Go to the Jail Birds Page and try to find the best or funniest arrest of a skateboarder that happens this weekend during the contest. One winner will be picked and sent the deck next week. Sending me my own arrest record doesn't count.

The Park's already packed with well known and unknown, but soon to be known, rippers. I have a feeling Jamiel Nowparvar and Nate Compher are going to be making a lot of people go "who's that kid?" A few photos and videos from the day are below. Thanks for the help, mom. I'll be over tonight for dinner. Please don't make dogloaf again.


"Hory heck litto kid kickfrip back ripside!?!?" Yeah, that's Evan Mirchell, mom. Good call on the trick, too.
"Where otha skate board? Need a two so maka chopstick on wheel for big back heel! Oooh, me maka rhyme lika dinner time!" Good job, mom. Yes, that's a backside heelflip by Lindsey Robertson.
"Lindsey Robertson? Why no hand betweena leg?" Yeah, usually he's Indy grabbing these heel flips, mom.
"I try find little kickfripper Torey Pudwill in registration, can't see. You maka computer mistake? No Asian wit honor maka computer mistake eva!!" No mom, he's not in the qualifier heats because he made it to the Semi-Finals on Sunday by qualifying in a Damn Am Contest.
"Go rook up encycropedia try find 'how catcha kickfrip' you finda Tony Tave." Yes mom, that's probably the best steez on a kickflip I've seen. Tony Tave rips.
"Robby, why you put too many white guy photo? You rida skateboard long time, why you no 360 frip lika white guy?!?". Mom, I can't throw down a big 360 flip like Jason Martinez here. Old dudes like me usually grab their board on every trick and wear shorts.
"Kickfrip sarad grind? Hory cow!" Yeah, that's pretty sick, mom. This guy is Windsor James.
"What da herr this kid try? Looka like messed up brunt sride!" Nah, that's Danny Cerezini. He's doing a backside 180 to switch front crook.
"Wow, dat guy rearry white!" That's his hat, mom. He's Brazilian. This is Rodrigo Lima on a nollie frontside noseslide.
"Robbie now I know you do feeble grind. Where you picture at?" I can't do them switch like this kid, mom. Too bad I can't remember his name.
"You video sucka more than you photo!" I know mom. I don't usually film due to this sketchy camera, but at least you can tell this is Aaron Artis doing a kickflip lipslide.
"Why dis guy day call Weiger? He no looka like Srim Shady?" That's not why they call him that - it's his name, mom. His last name is something crazy so he usually just goes by Weiger VW. This video is him doing a fakie ollie switch crook pop out.


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