etnies Marana Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Monday, December 17, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "jesse.montell" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Jesse.montell. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

jesse.: best looking etnies in a while, sheckler also kills it despite what anyone says. 12/16/12 11:59 PM
ttcrea: Comfort, Style 12/14/12 10:51 AM
Daniel: My Nipples Are Fat ! 12/14/12 12:26 PM
Franki: The pool is sleeping when the wata is snoring 12/16/12 09:45 PM
hobosk: I always wanted some red slippers! especially the skating kind! yu huck! 12/14/12 10:48 AM
2016sk: Colors representing SPoT on these 12/14/12 04:56 PM
vii_se: WELL how come these shoes are red so you cant see the blood from skating hard till your feet die!! 12/15/12 10:03 PM
dare2s: looks dope a/f i need a decent pair of shoes too hahaha 12/14/12 02:44 PM
andylo: someone should throw these at me 12/14/12 10:49 AM
crawfo: shecklers still lame 12/14/12 12:21 PM
famgla: What an amazing shoe that will completely change skateboarding! Cant wait to test a pair out! Size 6. 12/14/12 07:14 PM
quinnh: Lets see... molded rubber toe caps, hmm, STI Evolution foam, hold on, leather uppers with mesh panels- My feet would love a vacation! 12/14/12 11:38 AM
Zackar: I really need some shoes lol 12/14/12 11:02 AM
tljeni: I really want to try these shoes out so I can show my local skate shop whats up and convince them to bring this shoe in! 12/14/12 11:08 AM
Lakai1: Dont let the mtv show fool you shecks has been killing the game with his big tricks and cool kicks. He drives a ferrari for petes sake. 12/15/12 04:47 PM
michae: i like it and i want it 12/16/12 02:21 PM
kushan: those shoes are so sick- Dontae Truitt 12/14/12 02:03 PM
slimmo: It looks like a great shoe and i need a new skate shoes since every time i flick my pinky toe bleeds. It hurts and all my socks have holes. 12/16/12 02:42 PM
gustav: Blowin on these virtural dice, lemme roll that deadly 4-5-6 on these shoeeees! Theyre so FIREEEE!!! 12/15/12 12:23 AM
Btownk: Legalize Marana! 12/16/12 10:36 PM
vlarso: shoes are amazing i lik them alot i also love to skate board its a amazing sport i love ryan and think hes new shoes are amazing thanks 12/16/12 10:53 AM
whipla: Todays my birthday. I just turned 20. I'm pretty sure life goes downhill from here. 12/14/12 12:42 PM
Brian.: Marana This! 12/15/12 04:37 PM
azfar3: The shoes looks rad :):) I luv the etnies sti fusion soles its de best.Ive been wearing etnies since i started skating.Etnies is Awesome ^^ 12/15/12 02:37 AM
Skateb: Knock knock .whoes there ,the winner of the dpt 12/14/12 09:16 PM
wetwil: Life of i would really like these shoes 12/15/12 03:52 PM
pirate: These would match the new longboard I got my son for Christmas perfectly!! 12/14/12 10:50 AM
igordo: I spent all my money buying people X-Mas gifts and I need some new skate shoes and theyre the same color as Santa's suit! Coincidence? No! 12/14/12 10:54 AM
McMaho: Billy marks couldnt give away a show with an air bubble in Mexico. 12/14/12 10:02 PM
jackso: Red is my favorite color and I need some new shoes. 12/14/12 06:38 PM
Eudemo: Awesome kicks! Red shoes are always good on feet! Happy holidays! 12/14/12 11:58 PM
djbroy: the shoes are crazy sick..i may not be able to make you laugh but if you watch Kevin Harts seriously funny you wont stop laughing..seriously 12/14/12 07:35 PM
mcleme: My subsitute teacher just said no printing in my class so I printed 150 blank sheets. Im pretty proud to say my whole class laughed. 12/14/12 11:35 AM
nico77: I Have more shoes than my gf 12/15/12 05:31 PM
dennis: they call me swagboii 12/16/12 12:42 AM
reeceq: You ever feel like there are bugs on your body when there arent? Those are the ghosts of bugs youve killed haunting you. 12/14/12 10:51 AM
mikeso: Dope shoes ! Would love to try them ! 12/14/12 02:35 PM
Skatah: Some Excetera Soles In These, Fresh Mob Grip, A Creature Board, And Good Sesh At SPoT Would Be Too Buttery 12/14/12 01:16 PM
toyfig: Have you heard the news? I cant afford no shoes! 12/14/12 10:50 AM
abskat: those shoes look sick! 12/14/12 11:42 AM
se7en_: BEAUTIFUL 12/14/12 07:43 PM
volcom: the rubber toe is back! 6th grade all over again 12/14/12 04:04 PM
10zdgk: A shoe that Ryan Sheckler spent so long testing is a shoe worth begging for. That being said .... Pleaaaaassssseeee? 12/14/12 11:07 AM
MATT@W: ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]\\\ - My Cat 12/14/12 02:26 PM
almost: ive been super glueing and duct taping my shoes together (that ive had for about 3 years) each time i go skating, these would be a blessing! 12/14/12 12:56 PM
Krissy: Shoes keep your feet warm! 12/14/12 01:03 PM
bernar: Imagine if that NY cop would have put these on that homeless guy. Would have been even more stoked!! Love these! 12/15/12 10:32 AM
adazzo: gimme these shoes ......niggaaaa please thanks 12/14/12 01:08 PM
Baggin: Maranas on my feet make my cypher complete 12/14/12 04:45 PM
joelmv: killer shoes 12/14/12 07:17 PM
dykofu: give me another beer like i need another fracture but wtf go for it anyways size 10 12/16/12 02:02 AM
silvri: Everyones life should have purpose, but what is purpose if not a funny way to spell dolphin. ~Hunter S Thompson 12/14/12 08:11 PM
olivie: siiickkk! those are freshh 12/14/12 10:58 AM
mewile: I need to work on my billion-stair switch flips... 12/14/12 10:49 AM
fragth: The return of STI 12/14/12 11:54 AM
sjhurl: Dude..this is seriously all I want for Christmas. Be my Santa, please. 12/14/12 10:52 AM
luisam: lol!!!!!! 12/16/12 02:27 PM
simon.: Give me the shoes please! 12/14/12 10:52 AM
Lostin: Ehrmergersh shers! 12/14/12 03:46 PM
robell: 4..5..6!!! Winner 12/14/12 04:02 PM
src432: This shoe looks great! 12/14/12 03:17 PM
Kerste: These shoes make my dick hard and my balls smoke I asked my old man what he thinks of um 12/14/12 10:21 PM
ernie_: Those are gunna be skated till my feet bleed 12/14/12 06:20 PM
simpli: I like my toenails. You would like them to. Its so hard to skate without them. 12/15/12 04:12 PM
killar: feel like slipers? 12/14/12 06:48 PM
georg.: nice shoe. i need a pair so i can do kickflip indys and fs lipslides in the park xD 12/14/12 10:51 AM
skully: i dont mess with my chick when shes rocking her red wings 12/14/12 11:25 AM
Leomen: these shoes are great, the red looks very good, cupsoles are the best, suede all day! shoes are just rad to have and so would be these 12/15/12 03:47 PM
pedrop: I need this shoe because my already with a crater on the side, and I do not have money to another 12/14/12 11:13 AM
barons: Marana in spanish means thicket/tangle/mess. This shoe seems just the opposite to me. Ill let you know once I get them. 12/14/12 02:55 PM
dvsmzr: without shoes, i wouldnt be able to skate 12/14/12 07:28 PM
Skater: Bitches love Sosa!! 12/16/12 02:02 AM
Swit90: Ivana Marana 12/14/12 03:47 PM
senzig: US 10 12/14/12 10:46 AM
giaqui: Sick wit it 12/14/12 02:08 PM
skatep: SPOT/etnies> its simple math 12/16/12 10:02 AM
Bradyv: The marana shoes are weird lookin shocks is forkin up but I need shoes so toss a pair 12/14/12 01:16 PM
elmust: Mind doing me a solid and send them to me as a birthday present? Im skating sandals inside a ducktape shell. 12/14/12 02:52 PM
maya.v: I love these shoes, plus Ryan Sheckler kills it when he is wearing them! 12/16/12 10:33 AM
tyvera: ive been look for some new skate shoes, it would be cool to win these thanks,tyler vera 12/14/12 01:07 PM
alex78: Shoe bop loo la. 12/14/12 03:56 PM
ginopu: these shoes are so sick and the grip and durabilty last for days shecks did an amazing job 12/14/12 02:25 PM
josefl: lets skate with the marana! 12/14/12 11:12 AM
lollip: These shoes are amazing , packed with technology , perfect design 12/15/12 08:25 AM
vicodi: OH OK 12/15/12 10:00 PM
gabega: i would really like to win these shoes!!!!!! 12/14/12 10:47 AM
jat749: Props to shecks for the switch flip in the ad, and Alec Majerus killed it. 12/14/12 12:40 PM
Franki: What!?!?!? Gnarliest dpt so far 12/16/12 02:01 AM
dlxpla: Shoes good! 12/15/12 02:41 PM
ianb@b: Sheckler is my daddy 12/14/12 11:05 AM
flacob: i like the low cut got that nice red to it and i like the swave to it so hope i can get this one 12/16/12 03:21 PM
bscull: thanks for the tampa am broadcast. see ya at the pro though 12/14/12 01:25 PM
eltosc: i would kill the session and land all my tricks if i had the chance to skate those shoes ! even your mom would be amazed ! 12/14/12 11:03 AM
333ale: toe cap reminds me of the adio kenny andersons those lasted awhile 12/16/12 04:23 PM
jnapol: these will make me hit gaps like shecks 12/14/12 09:24 PM
thedon: These shoes are dope I always back etnies shoes and Shecks! 12/14/12 07:46 PM
deezyd: These look sick!!! 12/16/12 12:11 AM
lfongy: How come skate shoes dont come with extra laces anymore? The economy is doing that bad? 12/16/12 11:28 PM
laserp: realest shoe ever! 12/14/12 11:24 AM
CossRo: 12/14/12 11:01 AM
karlho: I want them! 12/14/12 09:51 PM
tanner: Shoes mean way more to skateboarders than most! They are something that really join us together, with all the features and styles.! RAD!! 12/14/12 11:01 AM
tyboni: Nigga aint got no time to not have these shoes. 12/14/12 11:09 AM
bkinca: Moat Water! 12/14/12 11:10 AM
daisho: How bout them skins? 12/14/12 02:18 PM
jlc662: Been waiting for these shoes all year! Super stoked on the fact that theyre finally out! Size 9.5 12/14/12 05:40 PM
Sk8ord: Did you know if you smile it tickles your butthole? Some guys dont sit when they pee the Stand Im not one of those guys.But baby,I can dance 12/14/12 01:06 PM
BMXGir: You Are Awesome 12/16/12 12:34 AM
robste: im in 14 please 12/14/12 12:48 PM
Reigns: I <3 shoes. 12/15/12 08:01 AM
Quinnh: I love to shred my shoes while they last... Once it gets to the point where my foot is hanging out its gnarly. These shoes will save me. 12/14/12 11:08 AM
addieo: Cool shoes 12/14/12 10:24 PM
Kevin.: Shoes are important to every skater, especially kids that cant afford them or that dont have them, they are a blessing to people like me 12/14/12 03:15 PM
tthoma: HELP!!! I need new skate shoes. Mine have become road kill. 12/14/12 10:53 AM
lilexa: i can switch flip myself into the end of the world in these 12/16/12 12:49 PM
crazyf: what athletes keep the warmest during winter....? long jumpers.....badum tsss 12/14/12 10:46 AM
nateil: thoes are sick 12/14/12 11:01 AM
Nuutti: Nice looking shoes!! Would like to have those 12/14/12 10:51 AM
mauric: widda marana, ima jumping bridges! 12/15/12 09:34 AM
jpenic: shoes are good for your feet! 12/14/12 10:57 AM
jordan: Im canadian i already know i cant win but this is awesome more companies should bring the excitement of a proddy toss to the online world 12/14/12 10:53 AM
nuutti: Nice shoes! 12/14/12 10:52 AM
tylerl: Need these new sneakers! 12/16/12 12:19 AM
ivichi: This shoes look awesome I want a pair for my son I support skatepark of tampa! 12/14/12 08:22 PM
wabass: Please. I could so use a pair of those in a 11.5 12/14/12 09:56 PM
rob@me: I can ha dat? 12/14/12 10:43 AM
joseda: I never win these but it wont hurt to try again! 12/14/12 01:42 PM
dborre: you look like a big toe why? "because sooner or later im going to bang you on a table. lol What about my boy Pat in Tampa am though! 12/14/12 02:37 PM
finkst: i just sharted.....worst part....already commando and 3hours left of work with a visible crap stain.rolled the dice and crapped out.literly! 12/14/12 12:59 PM
craign: size 10.5! 12/14/12 10:48 AM
mikema: never had a pair of anything else but vans and emerica, but ill try it if its free 12/15/12 02:04 AM
Ddrew2: Stability, durability, flexibility, and skate-ability are a few key words that sum up the Etnies Marana, added toe piece is a great touch! 12/14/12 03:23 PM

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