After Hours SPoT Staff Session Article at Skatepark of Tampa

After Hours SPoT Staff Session

Posted on Saturday, February 9, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Last night after you all left the park at 11pm when we closed, the SPoT staff got rolling. I shot a few sequences. Meet some of our crew here and check out some skating.
Chris Kelly is new to SPoT and like me, is jack of all trades, master of a few. You'll find Chris working on everything from helping coordinate our events to managing special projects. One thing you won't find him working on is half Cabs. He's got a good one that needs no work. Welcome to the team, Chris.
Damn, I didn't know HiDefJoe had a frontside noseslide like that.
Shorty is our Converse rep that's in town to back us up with the Valentine's Day Massacre. We're in for a 12 hour work day tomorrow, but we're all still skating well past midnight. It sure beats being at the bar well past that hour.
Treshan is the Snack Bar Chairman and CEO. Backside powerslides are hard enough. Try it like Treshan here. Damn!
Zach is back from serving our country in Korea. Right now he's taking a break serving the coping.
Therea are just too many jokes to snap off about an Asian dude doing a chink chink in an American flag shirt named Uncle Sam so I'm just going to state the obvious and move on.
Tom has been stepping it up with responsibilities in the Shop here and is one of my favorites on staff. He rips, too - 50-50 up, backside 180 out.
It's 1am or so and Josh Wilson's nosegrind up and across is going to shut down the night. Good night, ya'll.


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