SPoT 20 Year Nike SB Dunk Release Photos and Video

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2013 by Rob

Words and Photos by Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe

There's a little bit of my cell phone edit mixed in with HiDefJoe's recap of the release here. I got a note in to Black Dave asking if we can use these tracks from his bagin' mixtape he just dropped, but I haven't heard back yet. Hope that's ok Dave. We'll get it changed right away if not. You need to get Black Dave's mixtape right here. Dave is killing it on the skateboard and off.
We were sweating when the shoes and the boxes still weren't here on Wednesday, but everything came together Thursday and on Friday night, we ran our Innetech assembly line to put together all the boxes.
The first one off the line.
Wit-E Beats spent some time in the sweatshop line with us.
Chris Kelly is a Miller High Life fan.
Boxes hucked like shotgun shells.
The scene from the back of the line on Friday night.
From the front of the line it looked like there were a bunch of bums in line.
Wait, what, it was bums in line. Nice strategy, anonymous sneakerhead.
Some funny looking kickflips were going down at the back of the line.
Calvin, Mauricio, and crew running the caboose on this people train. Dude on the right, I forgot his name, but he was telling me he won Casey's SPoT Wheel Bite Contest on Instagram.
I was lucky enough to sleep in my bed last night. Got there this morning to find this line, good and lively, many of which slept in their cars.
We opened up a little early to get you guys out of the cold and possible rain.
Mr Fashion Police showed up with a blatant violation. He's about 20 years too young to be having rabbit ears touching the ground like that. Lookin' like a wedding dress trail or something. When you do it on purpose somehow it almost makes it cool.
Pause for a foot fetish, of course.
There were some bangers on the ground out there.
The line got thick.
Supplies for all nighters on the streets of Ybor City.
Wit-E and Mr Fashion Po, issuing mental violations all day.
Doors are open. Thanks for waiting!
Shoe bum number four in line was this dude Ray. He lurks my neighborhood on the regular and is a super nice dude. I've had many slumped over drunk conversations with him at The Hub. He refers to me as "skateboard guy." Funny he ended up being in line here for two days.
Schaefer and Nike Nick talking bid'niss over Bricks coffee.
Mr Kickz3 got his.
If you're going overnight, best get your freshest PJ's.
Mr Foamer Simpson has a full on the feet review posted. Thanks for holding it down with us at the release.
We let a few in at a time to keep it manageable in the Shop. Line's about half way done now.
I spy some skate or die.
Calvin in the caboose at the end of the line got his.
Thanks to everyone that stopped by The Bricks after for lunch.
A lot of people who got the loop postcard in their box were getting them signed by Schaefer. There were 20 different postcards in the boxes, most of which had stamps and the SPoT address on them. Write us a note about the release and drop it in the mail, please!
Schaefer, a fan, and a photo bomber.
The dude at Rock 'Em Apparel made a couple sample pairs of these socks that turned out so good. We'll be in touch to see if we can get a run of these made. Thanks to everyone that was a part of this fun weekend. Thanks for the support, the Tweets, the Instas, the nice words, and just being down with SPoT.

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