Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom: Semi-Finals Skater List

Posted on Saturday, March 9, 2013 by Rob

Top 10 from the Damn Am Costa Mesa Semi-Finals below make the cut to the Finals to join Brodie Penrod and Curren Caples who got Golden Tickets in the Qualifiers.

Heat One

Portland OR, Age: 22
Nike (flow), Indy (flow), CCS, Diamond (flow), Birdhouse, Nixon, Bones, Poor Boys, Stance.
Deerfield Beach FL, Age: 16
Island Water Sports, Nike (Flow), Hurley (Flow), Spy, Stance, Vestal.
Buena Park CA, Age: 19
Black Label, Small Wheels, United Board Shop.
Irvine CA, Age:
Element (flow), Ezekiel (flow), Active, Destructo.
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 18
Bless Skate Shop, WarCo Skateboards, Royal, Fourstar, Lakai via Team Bk, Nixon.
Midway City CA, Age: 18
Active, Mighty Healthy, Element, Ethika, Glassy.
Carlsbad CA, Age: 18
Emerica (flow), Independent, Foundation, Spitfire, RVCA.
Virginia Beach VA, Age: 18
Nike SB, Mystery, Thunder, Spitfire, Active, Brostyle, Bones Swiss, Happy Hour, Skullcandy.
Ontario CA, Age: 20
Plan B (flow), Silver (flow), LRG (flow), Globe (flow), FKD, Covert, Kush Pops.
St. Louis Park MN, Age: 18
3rd Lair, Osiris, Real, Thunder, Spitfire.
Tampa FL, Age: 20
Skatepark of Tampa, Altamont (flow), Nike SB(flow), Bones, Toy Machine (flow), Thunder (flow), Bottoms Up Mfg, Cruizies.
12: Ethan Loy
Santa Ana CA, Age: 17
Active, Spitfire, Destructo (flow), Krochet Kids, Kogi BBQ, Element, Element Clothing, Etnies, Glassy.
Bakersfield CA, Age: 20
Inspectrum Skateboards, Osiris, Independent, OJ, Coalatree Organics.
Santa Maria CA, Age: 16
Foundation, Dekline, Pig, Matix, Vitamin Water, 187, One Way Boardshop.
Salt Lake UT, Age: 18
BC Surf and Sport, Darkstar, Monster, Bones, Globe, OC Ramps.
Lima Peru, Age: 25
Element, SkullCandy, Betta Footwear, Ciclon Energy Drink, Von Zipper.

Heat Two

Poperinge Belgium, Age: 18
Volcom Europe, Bones, Etnies, Red Bull, Zumiez, Alien Workshop.
Murrieta CA, Age: 18
Element, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Glassy, Active.
Chandler AZ, Age: 16
Darkstar, Nike, KR3W, Skull Candy, Monster (flow), Diamond (flow).
Tehachepi CA, Age: 20
Element, Pharmacy Boardshop, Supra Footwear, KR3W, Venture, Ashbury, Stance, Grizzly Grip, Mountain Dew.
Ringgold GA, Age: 19
Zoo York, Converse, Bones, Krux, Atlanta Grip, Gatorade, Comfort Skateshop.
Dallas Texas, Age: 22
Ipath, Orion, Satori, Index Skateshop, Footprint Insoles, Blueprint.
San Diego CA, Age: 17
IPath, Silver, DGK, Gold Wheels, CCS, Laced.
Orange County CA, Age: 22
Warco, Silver Trucks, FKD bearings, Furnace Skateshop, Supra Footwear, Kush Pops, Pig, Fly Society.
Rochester MN, Age: 17
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Nixon.
10: Sean Imes
Santa Monica CA, Age:
Arbor Skateboards, Lakai (Team BK), MISHKA Clothing.
Los Angeles CA, Age: 12
Darkstar, Globe, Mainline Skateshop, Markisa, Kogi BBQ, Elm.
West Palm Beach FL, Age: 24
Grandure, Shred Shed, DGK (flow).
Bronx NY, Age: 14
Toy Machine (flow), Supreme, Spitfire (flow), Thunder (flow), Bones Bearings (flow), Emerica (flow), Stance.
Los Angeles CA, Age: 21
Flip, Nike (flow), Destructo (flow), Mainline Skateshop, Kogi BBQ, Autobahn, Elm, Monster, Autobahn, WESC.
Hawthorne CA, Age: 18
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss.
Moorhead MN, Age: 23
Orion, Laced, Emerica (flow), Youth Shelter Skate Shop, Blueprint.

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