Digital Product Toss Results: Nike SB Theotis Snapback

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "sbowes" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Sbowes. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

sbowes: Need a snapback for my double backside flips 03/06/13 07:37 PM
cutint: Theotis makes my ass chew crackers. 03/07/13 06:30 PM
mecaif: Nike might not have a ton of time in the skateboard community, but the impact it has made is nothing but amazing... BEEELEEDAT!! 03/07/13 06:41 PM
zemmi_: power to the people (that own skatepark of tampa) 03/07/13 06:22 PM
Lillen: Umm I would love to win this hat because Im black and I love hats :). Also we love the skatepark 03/07/13 04:10 PM
Tincho: Hi! I from Argentina, Here a lot of things for skate ,are expensive; And in last Weekend ,a boy Still my cap :C He did has a knife.. 03/07/13 05:22 PM
Deepsn: You know what month it is! God damn we get one month out of white history year 03/07/13 04:16 PM
rjaffe: Idk what to say. 03/06/13 06:30 PM
almost: I was in an accident the other day, the police arrived and found me upside down in my car, they told me to stop being silly and sit properly 03/07/13 04:11 PM
Griizz: Theotis is the nicest guy in skateboarding and loves to see those booties go bump! bump! bump! 03/08/13 10:35 AM
michae: SPoT always has the freshest gear, theotis is an awesome dude, meet him once 03/07/13 08:38 AM
dereka: You guys rule, could have easily put this on eBay and made some good money, thanks for supporting real skateboarding 03/07/13 04:10 PM
jude.g: I LOVE THAT SNAPBACK!!!!!!!! 03/07/13 07:07 PM
Thomas: Monk??? Love the lidz. Looks tropical 03/07/13 12:21 AM
Harrym: What did the snowman say to the other snowman? - Do you smell carrots? 03/07/13 04:19 PM
jackso: Theotis is the best, he shreds all day. 03/06/13 08:07 PM
Genkie: Nike SB team hands down has the gnarliest tre flips. RIP Lewis Marnell <333 03/07/13 02:35 AM
Skateb: The nicest guy in skateboarding has the nicest hats 03/06/13 09:26 PM
Jrodri: Dude is hella ugly but a great skater lol 03/06/13 09:42 PM
Manuel: Great kick flips nose grinds! Skate with a smile makes things better. 03/06/13 11:24 PM
jshg62: theotis is one of the raddest skateboarders around, thee thee is the man no doubt! 03/06/13 09:28 PM
mikeiu: Theotis is one of the most real dudes ever, he loves skateboarding for real and I met him at the brooklyn banks a few years back. Great guy! 03/09/13 02:11 AM
milesw: i hope i win thanks for doing this SPoT!!! 03/06/13 11:19 PM
miles@: i hope i win this dope theotis BHM snapback!!! thanks for putting this up SPoT!!! 03/06/13 11:17 PM
osmany: Theotis is my favorite skater, i love how most of us teens have someone to look up to 03/06/13 06:58 PM
ridebm: Theotis is a cool person to talk to. Always friendly! 03/07/13 03:56 PM
gvnrae: Theotis is the black second coming of Jesus 03/08/13 02:17 AM Theotis is easily the nicest person in skateboarding. Always has a smile on his face and is the humblest dude ever. 03/06/13 07:15 PM
oliver: i need this 03/07/13 03:47 PM
Bernar: Theotis is my favorite black skater. My friend has his Nike SBs, the purple ones with safari print, those are sick too like this hat! 03/06/13 07:02 PM
itzvyb: With this hat every time I see a girl skater fall or fall in general imma scream "Ah, don’t pluck up your titties!", just like Theotis ^_^ 03/07/13 10:52 AM
scotte: 03/07/13 03:47 PM
alexvz: i heard theotis stole his smile from god 03/07/13 04:13 PM
Mcraer: The Otis you mean the book... Oh no well my bad pimp 03/08/13 03:29 AM
tony.n: This hat is Theotis approved 03/08/13 11:28 AM
dforbe: Big Ups to Theotis, keep doing what doing man. 03/07/13 04:03 PM
Marian: Theotis smells... Cause hes the ish, such an awesome skater and the hat too omg 03/07/13 04:56 PM
Conn.d: Theotis is the steeziest, although he looks like a NASCAR now. 03/07/13 11:21 AM
coco_7: want it 03/07/13 03:46 PM
sean.b: nikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 03/06/13 11:51 PM
simon-: holy shi, theo b,im rapping in a different language, and i cant speak english damn this,its gettin weird, im not a nerd that was bad period 03/07/13 04:00 PM
Jpetti: Theotis ate thanksgiving dinner at bojangles. And he left a tip 03/07/13 09:58 PM
ibatto: Amazing half cab double flips, but I think itd be hilarious to see him shred a bowl. Not sure why, but I wanna see it happen before I die 03/07/13 03:49 PM
dropnb: Fit Fresh 03/07/13 11:32 AM
jeshra: alas, poor Theotis, I knew him well 03/07/13 09:06 AM
blue6s: Neuro Fuel. 03/06/13 06:57 PM
sponse: so nice so sick great steez= theotis 03/07/13 03:20 PM
Kanowh: I LOVE THE SPOT !! 03/06/13 11:30 PM
Skater: Theotis has to be at Tampa pro!! Met him last year dood is the nicest guy in skateboarding 03/06/13 11:59 PM
jnapol: I need a new hat, Its starting to get hot when I skate. It would feel great to skate in it. Hope I win! 03/06/13 09:24 PM
wesisa: spot is the bomb. even though i feel like i have near death expeiriences at every contest ive been to 03/07/13 04:35 PM
bninja: Me and Theo had a trio! lol I wish, but I wish Ill win too haha 03/07/13 05:01 PM
sk8r_b: Theotis is the best skater in the game. His style is better than anybody elses. 03/07/13 03:47 PM
visger: Beleeeeee Dat! 03/07/13 03:54 PM
ChiefL: Happy 20 Years SPOT!! Theotis Beast-ly is a boss. Tampa Pro is gonna be sick AFlac!! Diamond 03/07/13 05:10 PM
allday: im nasty af 03/07/13 06:06 PM
kickfl: bele dat holmes 03/07/13 03:49 PM
ktsilv: please, please... make me a sandwich. 03/07/13 04:24 PM
ecg350: i love black history month and snapbacks 03/07/13 07:39 PM
josera: I NEEED THAT !!!!!!!!! 03/07/13 03:46 PM
guitar: Ayee! pick me! 03/07/13 07:19 PM
windog: Theotis gets all the good comments... for free! 03/06/13 08:16 PM
holbro: Theotis is one of the sickest skaters out there right now. Im a huge fan and he is one of the nicest guys out there shreddin! 03/06/13 09:44 PM
shijie: I NEED THAT SNAP IN MY LIFE!!! 03/06/13 07:48 PM
ed.sla: Theotis is the nicest guy in skateboarding! 03/06/13 09:09 PM
trucks: theotis weasley killin it 03/06/13 08:07 PM
pdange: Mr. Beasley Ill try not the be cheezy but you are never skeezy and damn you make rippin' look so easy. 03/06/13 06:42 PM
Fozzyb: Sponsored by Mountain Dew? Straight envy about theotis 03/06/13 06:47 PM
sgogan: Theotis loves skateboarding, better 03/07/13 10:35 AM
Dperk8: Why do midgets giggle when they play soccer? Cuz the grass tickles their balls XP.. On the real tho Id kill for this fine peice of headwear 03/07/13 04:06 PM
baker.: I am 11 and this hat would hat would add to my rockng SB collection, skate or die dude! 03/07/13 10:28 AM
eriq00: i need that hat from Nike SB 03/06/13 08:36 PM
jordan: Theotis mothapluckin Beasley has got to be the best african american skater in the history of african american skaters. and he a nice guy:) 03/07/13 04:04 PM
alex78: It will cover up the bald. 03/06/13 06:35 PM
theria: Im French and 24 now, my mom who is also French has and still calls me her little frog. I also got a stuffed frog when I came of of surgery 03/07/13 03:49 PM
jhathc: Never seen so many stickers on one board, but nicest dude...but seriously thats alotta plucking sponsors 03/07/13 04:34 PM
fmonte: I dont know Theotis but I Love this hat, now pass it this way! 03/07/13 03:56 PM
blocto: Theotis is my nigga 03/07/13 03:54 PM
Josh_u: What would theotis do if he didnt beleee dat 03/07/13 06:57 PM
oliver: wooo 03/07/13 03:45 PM
cgcash: Love this colorway! 03/08/13 10:59 PM
dvxpro: native human day is all the rage 03/07/13 04:10 PM
johnmc: Cant spell 'Theotis Beasley' without 'toilet eyes', which leads me to believe that the hat of which I SEE... must therefore be the short! 03/06/13 11:56 PM
jpenic: look at all those sponsors! 03/07/13 09:11 AM
vanjen: Theotis Beasley, Killin it since 198Nowitson 03/07/13 12:35 PM
thehel: i would love to win 03/07/13 03:49 PM
stryke: SPoT for the MotherFuzzin win! 03/07/13 08:14 PM
Sakibs: I love nike SB with all my being. I need this hat for my collection... Please help a boy out. 03/07/13 03:49 PM
willbu: He KILLED the Baker video!!! 03/06/13 10:31 PM
Tjbsk8: Need! 03/06/13 10:46 PM
D.chur: SPoT sucks...just kidding 03/07/13 03:49 PM
Ianb@b: Snap backs are my daddy n stuff 03/06/13 09:38 PM
jlang@: all nike ere thang! 03/07/13 03:45 PM
Danrco: Love seeing theotiss deck covered from nose to tail in stickers dudes got sponsors for miles 03/07/13 02:54 AM
steven: I am Batman 03/07/13 03:45 PM
Chrism: Im old and didn't know who Theotis was...then I saw his photo...isn't he the guy in the Legends song, dancing in thw WalMart w/Ray Barbie? 03/06/13 06:52 PM
jakepf: I would wear this hat at SPoT errday, beleedatttttt 03/07/13 12:53 AM
Msbart: Nice, this kids wearing an Altamont hat, hes gettin a box fo sho 03/07/13 08:29 AM
Franki: The bill looks so sick! 03/06/13 11:55 PM
brando: Theotis cant stop smiling its like he injected botox into is face at a comedy show!!! Hes the sickest, dopest, and most psitive skater ever 03/06/13 09:23 PM
patric: Whoah ! 03/07/13 10:09 PM
Pepijn: I theotis is a boss better belee dat 03/07/13 05:03 PM
Dechar: Nicest person in skateboarding 03/08/13 06:18 PM
Trumpe: Whats the difference between "ooohh" and "aaahh?" About 3 inches. 03/07/13 04:14 PM
kylemo: theotis is awsome skater!! 03/07/13 11:37 AM
gregmc: I love you 03/07/13 03:10 PM
baseba: Love the plants on the bill very unique never have seen it before. 03/07/13 03:48 PM
xtreme: double backside flip, yep..he definitely getting a bos. 03/08/13 08:57 AM
agancm: Theotis is like the skateboard Michael Jackson 03/07/13 04:13 PM
garret: Theotis Bs fav movies are Friday, Next Friday, Set It Off, How High and Matilda, a little white girl with magic powers. Thats gangster haha 03/06/13 10:17 PM
seanmy: I hope you dont move in your sleep, because i'm going to put a rat trap between your legs.. 03/07/13 04:06 PM
timmyk: aint nobody got time fo dat hat 03/07/13 12:49 PM
christ: 03/07/13 04:15 PM
mickey: an absurd gamble 03/06/13 06:55 PM
rblan0: THIS NIKE SB HAT IS DOPE! I LOVE THE HAWAIIAN PRINT BRIM! SPoT is the best! 03/07/13 03:45 PM
chuyba: who wouldnt want this hat. 03/07/13 03:47 PM
santax: Theotis Beasley is a badass skater 03/07/13 04:01 PM
slymcg: Theotis does not play. He quit school because of recess. 03/07/13 06:03 PM
Akeima: Theotis Beasley is SICK! as a black female skater he definetly inspires me to skate on despite what others might say 03/06/13 09:53 PM
wtfami: wearing my snapback while eating a flapjack im styling bruh 03/06/13 07:30 PM
Jaysam: Hey Theotis, I would enjoy having your lil steezy ass children. That is all. 03/06/13 09:14 PM
Rjhall: Theo rips! 03/07/13 12:15 PM
Adamsh: It couldnt be theotis he's the nicest guy in skateboarding 03/08/13 05:13 PM
esteba: theotis beast!!!!111 ca!!!west coast 03/06/13 09:47 PM
buggyc: snapback flapjack how u like that bruh 03/06/13 07:31 PM
Veliko: Did he kick-flip over that hat? 03/07/13 04:07 PM
Eudemo: Teotis Beasley is sponsored by NIKE SB designed the purple safari 03/06/13 11:31 PM
hattie: Please pick me! My son has been home sick all week and would love this hat! 03/07/13 04:15 PM
Lpesca: Beasley rips mad tre flips, meronek dips into the stash for this trip, whip dat lid to me kid 03/06/13 09:24 PM
kevine: damn theotis is crazy good seeing him skate live would probably be too real hat is sick also 03/08/13 06:14 PM
teedub: Best dunk in 2011! 03/06/13 06:37 PM
dtate0: A lot of times Theotis looks like he is trying to catch flys. 03/06/13 11:39 PM
wrxtre: Thanks for hooking it up SPoT! Belee Dat! 03/07/13 11:13 AM
ryanle: Theotis is without a doubt one of the illest skaters out there. hes got the best style which is just natural for a black brother. much love 03/07/13 08:39 PM
jake18: hope to have them!!!nice! 03/06/13 07:13 PM
msende: beastly beezzley is raw as hell cant wait to cool with him all weekend at the PRO! 03/08/13 12:36 AM
so-bak: Theotis Beasley- Theotis minus T, Beasley plus T = Theo is Beastley. Hahaha. Also he the trillest 03/06/13 07:02 PM
ChrXsW: Theotis is probably the most humble skateboarder Ive ever met. It's nice to see that in a pro. 03/07/13 04:25 PM
skate4: pretty handsome nigga yo better beelleeee dat foooool 03/07/13 04:12 PM
xsandx: Let us be honest he needs no comment and deserves more 03/08/13 06:31 PM
gainey: theotis skates goofy 03/06/13 09:19 PM
Ashevi: I dont need a hat cause I have great hair like Rob! 03/06/13 11:44 PM
curtis: Hes so dark that he looks like a real life Mr. Game and Watch. Google it if you dont know 03/07/13 04:13 PM
oliver: fuego!! 03/07/13 03:45 PM
billy.: 1. Men like I. 2. Ja. 3. Logan Vitale is homosexual. 03/07/13 03:50 PM
sjablo: I am already won 03/07/13 04:58 PM
mkwon0: I need this hat to cover my bald spot!!!!! 03/08/13 10:35 PM
dcharl: ray barbee is neither manta nor barbie ... discuss 03/07/13 10:20 PM
moises: Haha Im really high typing this. Anyways my thought on theotis is he's got some steez. And he's really dark. Haha. 03/06/13 09:20 PM
kyleha: Theotis is such an inspirational person. Every time i see him hes always smiling. He gives back to the kids. Just an amazing person. 03/07/13 09:00 PM
gmklin: Theotis looks like a monkey wanting bananas, donkey kong on a board shredding i might add 03/07/13 11:35 AM
dreamw: Beasley is a beast! 03/07/13 12:55 AM
karlho: Theotis is dope. 03/06/13 10:32 PM
browni: Theotis is definitely one of the nicest dudes out there! Had a fun time chillin with him in Vegas!! He shreds forsure! 03/06/13 09:37 PM
gtx510: hell yeah 03/07/13 10:24 AM
supers: Theotis luvin da snap back comeback 03/07/13 11:56 AM
parede: Theotis is a nice dude and one of the most steeziest skaters out there 03/07/13 10:12 AM
mikeso: Theotis; The dude with the best double backside flips Ive ever seen 03/06/13 07:52 PM
lrober: Theotis, Ive never seen you skating in a part without a hat on. Obviously If I get this hat I will land every trick like you and go pro. 03/07/13 12:52 AM
nateil: nike sb all the way 03/07/13 03:45 PM
skater: woe swaggyness i am a skater from trinidad the southern most country in da caribbean i want to pull that swag on all d gyals here in trini 03/07/13 04:59 PM
Willia: Theotis goes on speed dates in new york, 03/06/13 09:01 PM
robmer: Beleedatttt 03/06/13 04:33 PM Nicest dude in skateboarding, nothing but respect 03/06/13 06:31 PM
gba@co: Nice hat ! 03/07/13 10:09 PM
jacobk: I would become a woman if Theotis promised to have my baby 03/07/13 03:57 PM
xharrr: Would love this hat please pick me i never win anything 03/07/13 03:45 PM
src432: Hat looks sick! 03/08/13 10:57 PM
nckhin: theotis is hella good 03/07/13 12:25 AM
maya.v: Theotis is a Beast. The way he skates is so OG and is nonstop, so when you see him coming you better watch out! 03/07/13 11:00 AM
seth.b: so steezy. lives for mountain dew, belee dat 03/06/13 11:18 PM
zech_m: BELIEEE DATTTT!!! Theotis is one humble dude! 03/06/13 06:41 PM
jackbo: theotis is soooooo good 03/07/13 04:50 PM
green8: Aint nobody got time for Theotis!!!!!!!! 03/07/13 06:41 AM
mcleme: Double backside flips, laser flips, and back heels. Need I say more. 03/06/13 09:25 PM
jorge.: I must win this hat BELEE DAT!!! Baker2g to infinity !!!!! 03/07/13 06:50 PM
Buttat: What theotis would say: You down to go to the strip club? 03/08/13 10:39 AM
src321: This hat looks sick! 03/08/13 10:58 PM
dtsk8t: Funky fresh in the flesh sporting this Nike SB Snapback 03/07/13 03:53 PM
brownd: I live in Canada and its too snowy to skate so i've been holed up in my igloo crushing Skate 3. My character rocks a similar hat haha 03/07/13 04:18 PM
dvsmzr: i wear the same SPot hat everywhere. i need more. 03/07/13 04:36 PM
mandyd: What do you get when you mix a rooster and an owl ? A cock that stays up all night 03/06/13 11:26 PM
wongan: theotis is cool! belee dat! 03/07/13 01:53 AM
michae: He gots the best big head backside flips!!! 03/06/13 11:09 PM
robled: Theotis grew up in an area where society says you wont make it. He proved them wrong, and all I can hope for is to follow in his footsteps. 03/07/13 07:42 PM
rees.m: What do you call a cow with no legs?........Ground beef. 03/07/13 07:07 AM
skatep: Theotis= Great skater! That hat=Sickest hat ever 03/06/13 10:20 PM
Blakeh: Theotis has all of his talents in his hats like Jordan had in his shoes! 03/07/13 04:47 PM
rickey: Woka Flocka I need this HAT! 03/06/13 07:53 PM
brian@: Theo is one of the tightest dudes in the game, super nice and always a good laugh. Beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dat! 03/07/13 09:15 PM
nico77: Theotis need to come to miami and spread the positive vibes 03/06/13 11:53 PM
killat: YOU BES BELEE' DAT!!!!!! 03/07/13 04:59 PM
nosegr: Theotis got frontside heelflips for days, beleedat! 03/06/13 08:16 PM
oliver: lemme get that 03/07/13 03:44 PM
austin: theotis is the jam man. so much steeze with a smile on his face. 03/06/13 06:54 PM
dshova: hey hey hey skate every damn day. all white cats trying to win the blacks hats 03/07/13 04:24 PM
jasper: This too ill, i got a pair of nike SB that would match that 03/07/13 03:47 PM
Michae: Beleedat!! TB future SOTY! 03/07/13 04:04 PM
PedroJ: One of the greatest to ever do it! Much respect 03/07/13 10:15 PM
pablos: Theotis Beasley: My favorite color of the alphabet is potato, thus making Theotis doing the breast he could. Arreola in agreement? NIPS/TITS 03/06/13 07:52 PM
dxshad: Mr. Beasley looks like a guy. 03/07/13 03:50 PM
chris_: Hes a sick nerd! And he looks like Jay Pharoahe from SNL. Theotis is a bad ass skater though! 03/06/13 10:57 PM
mnelso: Sweet snapback 03/07/13 03:58 PM
hesmk@: 03/07/13 04:17 PM
gavinr: Theotis needs to stop being so god damn good yo better believe that 03/06/13 06:41 PM
sugarc: Wow what a nice hat, Theotis gets the hook ups! 03/08/13 07:33 PM
mikapa: Show some love to Big Pookie, Baby 03/07/13 05:44 PM
skully: once you go black, youre gonna need a wheelchair! 03/07/13 07:42 PM
igordo: Theotis is crispy as pluck. Bake and Destroy. Enough said. 03/06/13 06:39 PM
Bguich: Dope hat must win this to give to my grandma 03/07/13 12:22 AM
CUPCAK: Thats Mr. Theotis Beasley to you! BEAST MODE 03/07/13 03:56 PM
Franki: Theotis has some of the best kickflip krooks in the game 03/09/13 05:40 AM
surfpu: Theotis got backside flips for days 03/08/13 02:35 PM
kasper: Theotis...super ripper, one of the nicest dudes. 03/07/13 03:49 PM
alex.1: Would be really cool if I win 03/07/13 04:10 PM
tommy.: You are the most handsom, successful, and brillante human on this earth have a wonderful day. 03/07/13 05:41 PM
Stoney: Theotis has designed 2 of the best dunks EVER 03/07/13 01:46 PM
lpress: Theotis is the happiest guy in skating, everything positive coming from him 03/07/13 12:29 PM
young.: Theotis is the Bubba Gump of Skateboarding. 03/07/13 04:00 PM
colejo: i would love to get this hat i would wear it all the time!!! 03/08/13 12:08 PM
josefw: dobrá cepka 03/07/13 03:48 PM
rbates: Theotis is great, but the last name Beasley brings to mind a Tampa OG ...Rob Beasley! If you been around, you remember ! 8 ) 03/07/13 09:18 PM
zackn@: that hat could get me mad bitches, help a brotha out 03/07/13 07:08 PM
Gcarl8: Sexy ass G.O.A.T!!!! 03/07/13 06:24 PM
Rkeene: Theotis was super nice to my 8yo boy Brody when we skated with him. My little boy idolizes him. Id love to give the hat to my son. 03/06/13 09:58 PM
ortizr: they have a month??? 03/07/13 07:37 PM
Julian: theotis is one of my favorites! best style and awesome personality BeleeDat! stay killin it! 03/07/13 06:20 AM
Trevio: Dude got skills 03/06/13 07:31 PM

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