Digital Product Toss Results: Toy Machine Socks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Toy Machine Socks

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "Frankiebucholc" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Frankiebucholc. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

Franki: Man I could use these been skating with no socks for weeks. 03/17/13 01:59 AM
brashe: Ed is a legend. Long live the Tempster! 03/15/13 11:29 AM
mikeso: I remember the Templeton 2s; Good Shoe 03/15/13 01:43 PM
Lpesca: Toy machine makes jack an exciting boy. 03/15/13 11:04 AM
andrew: tempster is totally down with laytons boner, art at its finest. he prob ejaculated into one of these socks after that photo. 03/16/13 03:20 AM
honolo: Toy plucking Machine !!!!!!! 03/15/13 11:30 AM
quinla: Ed Templeton can skate and draw enough said 03/15/13 11:50 AM
tkn317: You kinda large and in charge for a vegan! 03/15/13 11:12 AM
turtle: spot is the greatest skate and destroy 03/15/13 11:41 AM
chandl: I dont know what a comment is. 03/15/13 09:02 PM
kian.k: yolo 03/15/13 11:50 AM
aidan.: Tasteful nudes bro, tasteful nudes. 03/15/13 03:06 PM
Reigns: Ed is a badass. And read this if youre gay 03/15/13 12:48 PM
Manuel: Eds one of my favorite " bigmotherpluckers" on a skateboard. 03/15/13 01:49 PM
HallHa: Ed was wearing chinos way before they came back in the 2010s 03/15/13 10:26 PM
thijs_: its plucking march here in the netherlands and it's still snowing, i can really use some socks and a beany to keep me warm 03/15/13 11:48 AM
Tricia: I need some socks my boyfriend is afraid to use'. Hook a girl up :) 03/15/13 11:16 AM
mjboeh: Im forced to eat mini corn dogs because my friends say I make them uncomfortable when I eat a real one. Something about taking it too deep 03/15/13 11:00 AM
riley.: ed is artsy, ed skates, ed is cool 03/15/13 11:03 AM
danny1: Ed kills it. 03/15/13 11:12 AM
brenda: Ed Templeton is a cool dude but damn i need to get whatever hallucinogens he gets to design all this stuff.Still Toy Machines awesome!!! 03/16/13 06:54 PM
Noahbe: The Tempster is unlike any specimen Ive ever examined. 03/16/13 04:48 PM
shijie: sock em silly! 03/15/13 10:59 AM
lakaig: eds broken leg is what i feel being blue balled should look like 03/15/13 10:57 AM
Ashevi: Impossible noseblunt to fakie 03/17/13 11:55 PM
Lostin: Penises, broken bones, slicked hair, and bro stylig. Its all art! 03/17/13 10:25 PM
pip.24: My feet are in love 03/15/13 01:48 PM
wolves: rock my socks off!!! 03/15/13 12:03 PM
Bakers: Ed templeton is an all around hardcore shredder! 03/15/13 09:28 PM
Heathe: My son would live these! Id probably have to pry them off his feet to wash them because he wouldn't want to take them off. 03/15/13 11:20 AM
thatgu: Ed Templetons art is badass and his skating is even sicker. Keep grinding 03/15/13 11:45 AM
Jacobk: is it just me our does Ed always smell a little like moat water? 03/15/13 12:12 PM
fenley: You rock Ed!!! Toy Machine is awesome and these prizes would be the best to win!! Besides I could really use an new beanie and socks:) 03/16/13 06:42 PM
nitroz: Toy machine rocks . SICKO WACKOOOOO 03/15/13 04:10 PM
russel: Ed is Tempting. 03/17/13 12:23 PM
nickad: DUDE.....I KNOW... 03/17/13 12:24 AM
rickyd: ed templeton needs to do a painting of me oh yeah and emerica needs to bring beck the templeton 2s or 1s i dont rememeber wich one was rad 03/15/13 10:24 PM
correi: The impossible master! 03/15/13 11:08 AM
jackso: Ed Templeton is a legend on the board and off the board. 03/16/13 04:38 PM
rknarr: Ed Templeton is the ugliest/sexiest man alive. Not quite sure how he does it 03/15/13 11:02 AM
alexab: I heard Ed Tempelton once gave a camel head to skate a pyramid. When it happened he did a blunt slide down the side of it. Then he woke up! 03/15/13 11:01 AM
austin: beanie 03/15/13 11:35 AM
Cardel: Throwing bows like micheal j fox at a disco. Hook it up my ninja. 03/15/13 12:05 PM
lbb899: What is a cows favorite activity? Going to the moovies. 03/16/13 02:06 AM
jrh09e: Ed Templeton is a skate god. I also hear he loves dressing up like a tranny and strolling the strip, calling himself the Boy Machine!
M_mcfl: Ed templeton was my favorite skater on grind session for playstation 03/15/13 02:32 PM
tylerg: now that Ed broke his leg hes gonna have a lot of time to draw people naked. 03/17/13 12:59 PM
dereka: Ed Templeton is my hero 03/15/13 11:33 AM
Greens: Ed Templeton, skating thats so good it makes you sick. Puking at its finest. 03/15/13 08:33 PM
ridebm: Ed you make life fun 03/15/13 12:11 PM
jnapol: This will look sick for summer 03/17/13 12:15 AM
Ianb@b: Ed T is my daddy. 03/15/13 09:56 PM
bmofie: Ed Templeton is the sheept 03/17/13 01:51 AM
Chrisj: Is Ed gay? I dont have anything against gays, just always wondered.... 03/15/13 11:17 AM
nuffer: I had a dream one night that I rubbed a Bojangles biscuit under Ed Templetons arm and ate it like a buttery onion. 03/18/13 03:07 AM
tharea: Templeton reminds me of that really cool, super childish uncle that lets you look at porn and drink beer when your a kid. sick noseblunts 2! 03/16/13 11:24 PM
toyfig: Eds been blowing minds for 28 years! 03/15/13 11:06 AM
michae: comfiest sock ever.. 03/15/13 03:50 PM
sbowes: Ticket to greatness? 03/17/13 09:46 AM
HKPark: Alright times up, Lets do this! LEROYYYYYYYYY JENKINSSSSSSSS!! 03/16/13 04:56 AM
dtcsk8: What kind of monster can sit on the end of your finger? The bogeyman 03/15/13 11:16 AM
nckhin: ed templeton has nice socks 03/16/13 10:49 AM
fletch: Welcome To Hell wont even begin to describe what people will be thinking when I'm rocking this sick gear. 03/17/13 07:22 PM
garret: Ed has been rockin skinny jeans since before they were skinny jeans, 20 yrs. Im surprised he hasnt lost toes from no circulation. 03/15/13 09:17 PM
robmer: sock it to me 03/15/13 10:23 AM
acetat: Impossible to describe Ed. 03/16/13 08:20 PM
kermi1: These are the ones I need. 03/15/13 11:44 AM
justin: He needs to eat some meat. 03/15/13 03:06 PM
wabass: Ed is the man!!!! 03/15/13 09:23 PM
dropnb: Hope Ed takes my pic one day 03/17/13 09:43 AM
Firewi: Ed what can i say your skateboarding is amazing but your art speaks for itself and the creative ideas you have will soon become national. 03/15/13 12:58 PM
nickb@: Ed Templeton took a bubble bath with me once 03/15/13 12:10 PM
bryan.: The fungus of my feet keep ripping my socks. I need some new ones to survive. 03/15/13 11:28 AM
glenny: To be welcomed in hell is to be vegan. 03/18/13 12:25 AM
tyler2: 03/15/13 10:58 AM
jshg62: Eds sick! when he's not painting sickass art he's out on the pier snapping photos of what goes on in HB. Hope he recovers, n I get somegear 03/15/13 09:41 PM
Indone: 03/15/13 11:15 AM
Gatorb: Dont know who Ed is but I would love to win the socks and beanie! 03/16/13 07:14 PM
cutint: I had a Templeton New Deal board when I was 14. My mom got it for me because she felt bad that I got my dick stuck in the vacuum cleaner. 03/15/13 09:31 PM
eudemo: Ed Templeton founded TOY MACHINE 03/15/13 11:15 PM
joseda: TOY MACHINE FOO LIIIIFFEE!!!! 03/15/13 09:09 PM
gabezo: ahhhh, real monster socks 03/15/13 11:01 AM
Frosto: Give me some more Feebles, Noseblunts, Impossibles, and Bigspins Tempster! 03/15/13 01:50 PM
cwissc: ed templeton invented the atari then called it the toy machine. 03/17/13 01:26 PM
abskat: those are really scary! ahhhhhhhhh 03/15/13 11:48 AM
devin.: What comment? 03/15/13 12:17 PM
regque: eds an og who can sheep on many painters 03/15/13 10:54 AM
AnnaNo: Id love to wear these socks while using my favorite "toy" machine 03/15/13 11:24 AM
tommyg: Ed Templeton likes to take pictures of Forrest Edwards penis 03/18/13 12:17 AM
crishr: Ed has honestly done so much for skateboarding and continues to do so , he is a great role model and an even better skater 03/17/13 01:38 AM
dalton: Ed Templeton is a legend and such a motivation to kids all around the world. stay hungry. stay humble 03/17/13 12:18 AM
fabiau: Dear Ed I still have a sticker you gave me in Munster in 1990, when you destroyed the street course like nobody ever before! the best! 03/15/13 12:20 PM
jpswic: Ed Templeton is a Minor Threat 03/16/13 10:29 AM
twalke: he made useless wooden toys not so useless 03/17/13 01:16 PM
steeee: i like your "beard", Ed... Templeton 03/16/13 10:09 AM
mewile: Ed wants to paint people wearing these, wearing ONLY these... 03/15/13 10:58 AM
harrys: Ed should do a traveling art show. Or set up an art tent at each demo. Thhat could be cool. 03/16/13 08:21 PM
freepa: Help me keep my feet warm! 03/15/13 11:30 AM
john4l: im ballin 03/17/13 02:10 AM
gainey: Ed started toy machine in 1994 03/15/13 09:13 PM
supers: Ed could wash my brain any day 03/15/13 12:27 PM
peterb: i dont know anything funny about ed i just want the socksssss 03/15/13 11:14 AM
gunner: Hook it up SPoT, your boy needs sox! -Mauricio 03/16/13 01:21 PM
wrxtre: SPoT stays hooking it up! Thanks again! 03/15/13 11:36 AM
johnjo: gnarly. 03/15/13 11:48 PM
Master: Temple run in your stockings 03/17/13 02:41 PM
celaya: I heard Ed templeton enjoys taking photographys of girls all day with his camera. 03/16/13 01:47 AM
Cjg10@: Templet on is the OG man. Beast front lipslide in "this is skateboarding" made me want to skate rails. Snapped his tail and still landed it. 03/15/13 08:22 PM
slymcg: In my opinion Ed is one of the most underrated, original skaters ever. First board I ever had with an actual nose on it was his. Thanks, Ed 03/15/13 09:48 PM
eudemo: FOUND TOY MACHINE!!! AWESOME SKATER! 03/17/13 07:25 PM
mandmm: Ed is a legend and one of the reasons skateboarding is what it is today! 03/15/13 09:37 PM
ea1222: I need this beanie to cover my dome because I am far from home,I need those socks for my feet...what? dirty mind lol 03/15/13 11:14 AM
Lou_19: Ed was born in July 28, 1972. I love wearing only socks!!! 03/17/13 11:50 PM
juiatr: he is so sick! 03/15/13 10:59 AM
bringa: A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: "A beer please, and one for the road." Thanks!!! 03/15/13 02:31 PM
jdunn@: 1st time I met Ed I said "I never met you before." He said "Theres a 1st time for everything." That's when I knew he was gay. 03/15/13 12:37 PM
Mikey_: I love ed templeton he rips!!! and cant wait for TAMPA PRO!! 03/15/13 11:25 AM
gelaur: Hope you get well soom 03/15/13 06:38 PM
ryanr2: let me get the toymachine beanie so instead of doing drugs i can open my third eye another way XD 03/15/13 10:57 AM
Pepijn: I am almost brainwashed by toy machine but i still need the key pieces for my final brainwash 03/15/13 10:57 AM
mcmaho: I need socks! 03/17/13 11:20 PM
loyuji: Ed templeton/ making dead presidents/ he gets benjamins/ selling socks that are cool as fresh peppermints/ 03/16/13 02:25 PM
Tapssk: Eds penis is bigger than yours. 03/15/13 11:02 AM
wetwil: i wish ed would paint me naked like in titanic..... 03/15/13 07:39 PM
10zdgk: If I have to ill rap battle people for the beanie. Never rap battled before but I watched 8 mile so I think Im good 03/15/13 12:03 PM
dsherk: What, no Turtle Boy? 03/15/13 11:09 AM
Skater: Brainwash me!!!!! 03/17/13 01:56 AM
Matted: I LOVE THOSE SOCKS!! Ed u r tha man!!! Those and my old man nike stripes I need to go do some layback slides! 03/15/13 10:41 PM
Jedixs: Ed Templetitties 03/15/13 12:23 PM
123chi: my feet are cold. 03/17/13 02:27 AM
mperez: He is awesome 03/15/13 10:59 AM
quest4: dont talk about my lower back muff 03/15/13 11:50 AM
benjam: I would like to win the socks because if I dont eye will take a poopoo on eds head 03/15/13 11:32 AM
timoth: Toy machine for days! 03/15/13 11:22 AM
Nocomp: Mo, do you still use batman sheets? 03/15/13 11:24 AM
soleha: Ed Templeton got them neck bones in a neck brace 03/17/13 02:17 PM
andrew: i want ed templeton to paint my dong. 03/15/13 11:00 AM


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