Tampa Pro 2013 Semi-Finals Skater List

Posted on Saturday, March 23, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Top 10 from the two Semi-Finals heats below make the cut to the Finals to join Ishod Wair and Luan Oliveira already in the Finals from getting the top two Golden Ticket spots in the Qualifiers results.

Heat One

Grenoble France, Age: 25
DC, Propaganda Skateboards, WESC, Indy, Moscova, Laglisse Skate Shop.
Chicago IL, Age: 18
Zoo York, FKD, Silver Trucks, Gatorade.
Milwaukee WI, Age: 27
Darkstar, K-Swiss, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Ricta, Oakley, Active, Kicker.
Brea CA, Age: 21
Habitat, Royal, Small Wheels, Thunder, Official Hats, IVI Eyewear.
Virginia Beach VA, Age: 28
Elephant Brand, Lost, OJ Wheels, Cardinal Skate Shop, Indy, DC, Dakine.
Hollywood CA, Age: 37
Girl, Four Star, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, Nike SB, theberrics.com, Oakley, Jessup, Skullcandy.
Atlanta GA, Age: 22
Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Volcom, Independent, Stratosphere, Spitfire, Modus.
NYC NY, Age: 28
Red Bull, Swiss, Tensor, Mob Grip, Expedition.
Melbourne Australia, Age: 23
Nike SB, Fourstar, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, Skate Mental, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Monster, FKD.
Carlsbad CA, Age: 24
Black Label, Independent, Gold Wheels, Altamont, Surf Ride Skate Shop, Bassturd.
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age: 24
Element, Globe, Circuit, SKATE ATÉ MORRER, Indy.
Lowell MA, Age: 27
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Tensor, Axion, The Room Board Shop, Flat Fitty, MSA, Etcetera, Grizzly, Diamond, Andele Bearings, Bliss Wheels.
Ventura CA, Age: 17
Flip Skateboards, Oakley, Hurley, Indy, Vans, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss.
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 25
Connexion Wheels, Posible, Vans, Everlong Bearings.
Atlantic City NJ, Age: 25
Foundation, Dekline Footwear, Pig Wheels, Krux, Neff, RPM, Fly Society, Mob.
Houston TX, Age: 20
Birdhouse, Bones Wheels, Nike (flow), Indy, Plague Hardware.

Heat Two

Belton TX, Age: 25
Blind, Silver, FKD, Vox, Homebre Hardware.
Kansas City KS, Age: 23
Girl, Nike SB, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar, Glassy, Grizzly Grip, Gatorade, Skull Candy.
Medellin Colombia, Age: 22
Flip Skateboards, Globe, Volcom, Libra Skate Shop, Indy, Mob, Ricta, CCS.
Sao Paulo Sp Brazil, Age: 25
Skate Ate Morrer.
Hawthorne CA, Age: 18
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss.
Orlando FL, Age: 22
Element, DC Shoes, DC Apparel, Bones Wheels, Swiss, Indy, Creative Life Support .
Vancouver, BC Canada, Age: 31
Vans, OJ, Independent, Anti-Social Skateshop, RVCA.
Salt Lake City UT, Age: 27
Darkstar, Rockstar, Bones Wheels, Independent, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, BC Surf and Sport.
Helskinki Finland, Age: 27
Rolling Skateboards.
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 31
DC, Venture, Satori Wheels, Zero Police Skate Shop, Ultra Shock Skate Shop, Braza Boards, Diamond Supply.
Brasilia Brazil, Age: 22
Plan B, Venture, FKD, Bones Wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Foot Printer Insoles, Red Bull .
Huntington Beach CA, Age: 18
Element, Diamond, Ricta, DC, Mob, Stance, Monster.
New Bedford MA, Age: 26
Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Solstice, No Problemo Burrito Shop, Andale Bearings, Puma, Grizzly.
San Jose CA, Age: 24
Habitat, Nike SB, Bones Bearings, Diamond Hardware, Spitfire, Royal, Active.
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age: 20
Rockstar Energy Drink, Santos FC, HD Clothing, Theeve Trucks, Darkstar, Qix Shoes, Moska Wheels, Rock Star Bearings, S2 Skateboards.
Los Angeles CA, Age: 28
Plan B, Nike SB, Venture, Andale Bearings, Grizzly Grip, Primitive, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase, Markisa Wallets, Target, Brigada.

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