Etnies High Rise Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Etnies High Rise Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013 by Sebastian

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone with the email slymcguffie came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Slymcguffie. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

slymcguffie: The Sal Barbier in white was THE best skateboard shoe ever made. Period. Re-re-release pl-pl-please. Etnies rule. Sep 4 2013 1:43AM
Jpthatruth: My Favorite pro is Sheckler, dude rips. Sep 3 2013 7:14PM
raidercarly: I miss Malto!!! Sep 4 2013 1:19PM
collier.sherman: being the best pro on etnies is like being the smartest kid on the short-bus. Sep 3 2013 5:26PM
kbomb904: Come on Really? The no drama Shecks for sure! If I had to explain this then you probably wouldnt be giving these shoes away. Sep 4 2013 8:55AM
xtremefreak101: Sean Malto WAS the best rider on etnies! Sep 4 2013 1:16PM
Alikhanaly: Etnies high rise Sep 4 2013 10:58AM
cutintopieces: Its just nice to see a shoe company make shoes instead of a regurgitated tie dyed pot leaf covered canvas eyesore. Thanks, Etnies. Sep 4 2013 1:51AM
dani-ogame: Ryan Sheckler hakuna matata Sep 3 2013 4:58PM
B.delarosa2014: When I first started skating I bought Etnies and ever since I havent tried another pair because I can't afford it. I wish to try anothepair Sep 4 2013 2:41PM
tmeek74: I love Ryan Sheckler! He is such a positive roll model for kids. Ive enjoyed watching him grow up in the sport! Sep 3 2013 9:44PM
emailsrcool: What ever happened to Devine Calloway? Sep 4 2013 1:34PM
cs2521: Sweet. A shoe that is finally not a ripoff of the Half Cab! Sep 3 2013 11:31PM
kevinxhooey: hook me up (with the shoes---get your mind out of the gutter!) Sep 4 2013 3:23PM
jpenick314: Natas Rules! Sep 4 2013 8:01AM
Buzy28: I need these my socks have Ollie holes in them Sep 3 2013 9:57PM
ocloc12: Willow with his 5 incher Sep 3 2013 7:01PM
joycarlaina: Nick Garcia is my favorite etnies Pro. Also, these shoes look tight and I would like them :D Sep 4 2013 6:42AM
justinbernardin: Ryan Sheckler is Dank! Hes been pro for so long and he has some pretty sweet etnies pro models. Sep 4 2013 1:53PM
aaronteare01: Good to see Etnies coming out with some legit looking shoes again. Sep 3 2013 4:50PM
Lpescatore: Great for shredding. I needs me a 9.5 Sep 3 2013 6:21PM
erick-cezario: Ryan Sheckler wanna be a rapper or a nigga from the hood with all those tattoos ? Sep 3 2013 5:39PM
gustavof2005: Etnies has had the best pros, from MALTO, TAYLOR, and the forever lasting SHECKLER. These iconic dudes help build the staple to what it is. Sep 3 2013 7:53PM
sbowes: Hint: Two words. Egyptian Capital Australian for Beer - Lakai Etnies = Someone I Enjoi watching skate on the regular. Except hes goofy. Sep 4 2013 12:36AM
lextuxten: etnies is amazing, when they hosted boards for bros back in march and meeting the etnies team i was stoked to meet nick garcia. Sep 3 2013 10:20PM
professorgriff55: My favorite Etnies Pro is Tyler Bledsoe. Dude has been laying low but I got a feeling hes coming back with a banging new part. Sep 3 2013 11:56PM
Brendan532: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sep 4 2013 2:50PM
Noilthelion: Ryan Sheckler. Hes stuck around with Etnies since he was a grom for roughly 15 years. Love that he is loyal to the company. Sep 3 2013 10:13PM
alex78: Cairo Represent. Sep 3 2013 6:19PM
nico77miller: Where the hell is Mr.Bledsoe? buddy rips Sep 3 2013 10:52PM
Flacobubu: Iam a homeless guy I need some enties shoes to get by Sep 3 2013 10:34PM
MattBauer941: my shoes are straight bunk Sep 3 2013 6:18PM
mickeyslee1000: Sheckler is jock. Sep 3 2013 4:33PM
skatexavier: Id make a joke about pizza, but it's too cheesy. "buh dum tss" Sep 4 2013 2:52PM
Ebaggabe: Julian Davidson is a skateboarding wizard. Sep 4 2013 2:56PM
joecruzsb: Willow lands softer than a pillow. Sep 3 2013 9:51PM
nielsbennett: Nick Garcia. He represents the motherland. Sep 3 2013 8:36PM
houndapolooza: Ben Lewis is a G, I bought his bike so i can be just like him hahaha. Sep 4 2013 2:57PM
charlesdarwins.javier: i am using etnies shoes since i was skate 2 years ago. All etnies that i used was totally amazing when i using it in skateboarding. Sep 4 2013 8:33PM
travisrota: Are you hiring at the moment? Sep 4 2013 3:00AM
el_hubro: cairo foster is rad-balls. his frontside 360 shuvs are dreamy. Sep 4 2013 3:03PM
mewiley1124: Wheres Bledsoe been? Sep 4 2013 4:32PM
greensten3003: Cario Foster. Was skating a Foster deck when i sharted once at SPOT. Had to throw my boxer in trash and freeball skate. Skated great. Sep 4 2013 10:23AM
ed.slamin: Cairo Foster is the man. Such a great talent on the board and a great guy off the board. Sep 4 2013 12:32PM
kickflipsupremes: Jose rojo fuckin kills it. nice dude great attitude, favorite etnies pro model, Keep nailing it jose! Sep 4 2013 8:29PM
hagan083: After watching his gaps, Sheckler because his ankles are apparently unbreakable. Heres to unbreakable ankles. Sep 4 2013 2:44PM
esskateboarding: johnny thong likes dan renaud the best. i used to see that florida panther stealin spot shirts back in tha day. skate rags to riches D.R. Sep 3 2013 11:19PM
Src321: My favorite pro model was the Rojo. They need to bring it back, Jose kills it! Sep 3 2013 6:53PM
Frankiebucholc: Ryan is the man idk how anyone could hate on him. In my opinion hes the gnarliest dood in skateboarding Sep 4 2013 1:39AM
ginopuente: Ryan sheckler is one of the gnarliest and most exciting skateboarders to watch and etnies gave him a killer skate shoe go etnies Sep 3 2013 5:38PM
d.bollard: they actually look nice Sep 4 2013 10:20AM
mcmahon.brian.p: Make my ankles happy. Sep 4 2013 10:29AM
dennisb3: Only 79 entries? HOW CAN I LOSE?! Sep 4 2013 8:11PM
westcottville: Willow is dope fact Sep 3 2013 10:59PM
Spot93: Bitch ass slap you and whats the fuckin drive - Sep 4 2013 12:10AM
t.piones: Will twerk for those. Sep 4 2013 1:07AM
vanjennette: Sheckler always kills it! Sep 4 2013 1:12PM
kabaiman2: Nick Garcia has SOOO MUUUCHHH POOOOPPP!!! Sep 4 2013 1:27PM
astrida.b: Why did the chicken cross the road? Sep 4 2013 2:38PM
danielvnusbaum: Jose Rojo did a really good job cutting my lawn Sep 3 2013 11:06PM
elmustachiooo: Nick Garcia is my homiedawg. Sep 3 2013 4:53PM
chandlerrodriguez40: Etnies are sick to skate in they were my first skating shoes and i love them they are the best. Sep 4 2013 6:51PM
Wesisawsome1120: I think Sheckler is my favorite pro on etnies. Not to be generic, but no matter how gay or lame people say he is, the dude rips! Sep 3 2013 4:54PM
oldvertskater: Sheckles is dreamy Sep 4 2013 2:27AM
declet.jonm: Etnies, all day every day! \0/ Sep 4 2013 5:58PM
farfincouger12138: Ryan Sheckler, cause he goes big and hard at everything he does, escpially hids full cab flip Sep 4 2013 6:46PM
gerry.doiron: My favorite Etnies skater of all time was Sal Barbier... Bring back the 23 shoe!!! Greatest skate shoe of all time!!! Sep 4 2013 8:31AM
dylanfundell: Ryan Sheckler, dude rips like devil bat, and his dog name is cooler than anything I could come up with. Easy med sheet for him, name?$ Sep 3 2013 8:39PM
jtgranado: Jose Rojo is my favorite skate on Etnies. Since were both from San Jose, I see him at Mayfair all the time. He's a super nice guys and shre Sep 4 2013 6:08PM
pauljennetteskateboarding: Sheckler and Cairo are the best!!!!! Sep 4 2013 1:23PM
kylemonster94: Ryan sheckler is da bomb!!! Sep 3 2013 4:50PM


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