Asphalt Yacht Club DPT Winners Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Asphalt Yacht Club DPT Winners

Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 by Sebastian

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and people with the emails karlos-7000, shadow121094, and bradleyjrtime came out on top. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.
karlos-7000: My fav one on this was Blake Carpenter, but also respect to that all time favs like Stevie! Peace! Sep 13 2013 10:39AM
shadow121094: Riley Hawk definitely killed it in this one Sep 12 2013 2:18AM
bradleyjrtime: ASS-FAULT dude from FL. blake carpenter? Sep 12 2013 2:36PM
esskateboarding: People loose themselves for good on Miamis Bermuda Triagle. We all know what Nyjah can do but Hawk had lift-off on that smith grind. Yea Sep 11 2013 4:54PM
joycarlaina: The ladies had the best footage, am I right? But Nyjahs heelflip front crook was hot, too. - Joy Sep 12 2013 7:21AM
tylerluttrell: Neeeed this ! Hook it up Sep 12 2013 3:20PM
kabaiman2: NYJAH. Nuff said. Sep 12 2013 12:41PM
rbates2: The Best Part? Cheeks!! and I aint talkin Brenes. Sep 12 2013 4:31PM
spot93: I didnt watch the video, but I want to win Sep 11 2013 6:41PM
jakegoodrich69: Porbs riley since he was over half the video. Sep 12 2013 2:15PM
Lurklife1989: All of the skating was rad,to be honest the best footage was that booty in the intro! Sep 11 2013 3:14PM
nawbtchchill: riley hawk hands down had footage on pretty much everything flawlessly Sep 11 2013 5:55PM
fordsam36: Damn! They were all so sick, but my favorite footage would have to be that sweet scrumptious cake in the beginning :3 Sep 11 2013 7:54PM
diamondskatelife15: Nyjah Huston was killing it i think nyjahs was the best Sep 11 2013 9:36PM
vanjennette: Nyjah KILLED it! Sep 12 2013 12:39PM
colejordan46718: everyone on the asphalt team just kills all around! their is no one better then the other they are all super gnarly dudes! Sep 12 2013 11:16AM
raidercarly: I got that Nyjah Huston please beleive it. Sep 12 2013 12:43PM
Tristanisc00: Riley hawk fucking killed it!! That fool has the gnarliest style. Everyone im the video had crazy tricks though!! Beleedat Sep 11 2013 4:39PM
goodman3209: just broke me ankle would love some clothes Sep 12 2013 5:33PM
dmoblinger: blake carpenter Sep 13 2013 10:56AM
Thefishingfl: Blake dropped some hammers! Hyped to see him on a big company like AYC. HE DESERVES IT!! Sep 11 2013 4:42PM
wizardlyshit: i think riley had the best footage in AYCxMIA ,hes just unstoppable ! he destroyed every spot in the video ! Sep 12 2013 8:42PM
jpenick314: Blake and the crab at 1:11...was that before or after the boat trip? Sep 11 2013 4:16PM
matusiabu: damn assphalt! riley was so sick!!!! and the crab on the stairs XD Sep 11 2013 3:09PM
eyesacksen19: my favorite trick was the one in the bikiniii Sep 11 2013 10:15PM
sean.bargmann: AYC for the win! Sep 11 2013 9:11PM
kevinlfernandez: Riley raping bay front Jew rails and peeling orange peel. Sep 11 2013 6:46PM
nico77miller: If you skate in Miami you know how hard that triangle is to skate. Nyjahs half cab flip manny on that thing is ridiculous. Sep 11 2013 11:24PM
mewiley1124: Better come with a night in Paris... Sep 12 2013 9:09AM
noeserrano33: Riley killed it, making pops proud fuuuur sure. The women were also a nice touch, because TITS or GTFO Sep 11 2013 9:53PM
JP_Johnny14: best moments: stefan Janoski piercing the pants with a flip over in slow motion, and in the end end Nyjah Huston sending tricks on the stair Sep 12 2013 10:11AM
mireya_alvarez11: era mi primerito día Sep 11 2013 3:40PM
michaelreillyjr: i sure coulp use some new asphalt shirts Sep 12 2013 7:54AM
joelmvasquez: that FL clips was sick!! And those 3 pieces are rocking! Sep 12 2013 12:04AM
xtremefreak101: Mr. Janoski, that is all. Sep 12 2013 12:40PM
Crockettq: Id have to say Nyjah Huston and Stefan Janoski straight killed it the most! Nyjahs kickflip fs crook and janoskis switch flip was nuts! Sep 13 2013 1:08PM
lextuxten: asphalt yacht club is by far the coolest skate brand name yet, anyways nijah always lands clean but its cool to see Steveie running the show Sep 11 2013 9:46PM
anschl: Stevie Williams because he runs AYC d:) Sep 11 2013 3:30PM
professorgriff55: Riley Hawk killed it the most. Smith on the Miami Triangle was so smooth. Sep 11 2013 10:08PM
jdunn1: Stevie obviously had the best footage because hes black. Sep 13 2013 1:15PM
c.mcgibbon76: Figgy had the best Footage. Dope video they got swag like a board company. Sep 12 2013 1:56PM
devinteed: I came. Twice. Sep 13 2013 1:07PM
Poisauce: Gotta admit Blake hitting that gap was sick like cancer. But the whole vid made me cream my pants. Sincerely, Boises Ramp Tramp Sep 13 2013 9:09PM
rafael_renz: Riley Hawk nailed it. Sep 12 2013 10:16AM
Wessalvarez: Are you shitting me I been to the triangle gap and that shit is bigger than Tyler the creators gap teeth and Nyjah half cab flip manuel wtf! Sep 12 2013 9:58PM
isabellelouis: Sep 11 2013 3:17PM
kyash2379: stevie williams only one clip but the best Sep 11 2013 3:19PM
Lilmikey599: It was defiantly Nyjah!!! He had the most steezy Nollie backside flip in the beginning! Most dope award goes to NYJAH HUSTON! So sick! Sep 12 2013 9:08PM
skateisswag: Why is Stevie such a beast!! Sep 12 2013 12:45PM
timdreckman: Blake and Riley got gnarly in this one. Sep 13 2013 2:59PM
approvedgranite: Nyjah, hands down, hes sick. Sep 11 2013 3:07PM
dylanissosexy: Nyjah Huston!!!! Sep 11 2013 3:24PM
awakeindream55: I think Riley Hawk killed it the most. Put it down at every spot in the video. Sep 11 2013 10:15PM
Yankinthose: Blake carpenter!! But I gotta give props to my good friend Danny fuenzalida for making it on the video!! Sep 13 2013 1:07AM
derekandeara: That babe in the beginning by far had the best footage Sep 11 2013 6:06PM
wcarter2857: i live this team and nyjah and the rib cage bounce that look like it hurt but as always u come up as one of the best skater in the world Sep 11 2013 3:55PM
Mandydskater: Ben Nordberg Sep 12 2013 12:41AM
cnc005: Figgy and Riley. For sure! Sep 11 2013 5:26PM
Mikey382000: Definatly Nyjah Huston! That Nollie Backside Flip was dope. Gotta love Nyjah! With or without bangs! Sep 12 2013 12:05PM
anthoniealonso85: look to your left. what did you see my friend Sep 12 2013 4:03PM
mickeyslee1000: The two Figgys were good, but Ill have to give it to Nyjah "Thor" Huston. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that horrible jock style. Sep 12 2013 8:16PM
matdash13: Riley and Nyjah both killed it, but I think that crab had the best footy. Sep 12 2013 1:36AM
timothy1599: riley hawk had the best part with his awsome style/control which is shown through his whole part especially with his backside kickflipcrook! Sep 13 2013 10:37PM
Theflskating239: Blake dropped hammers! Hyped to see him on a big company like AYC! He deserves that shit!!! Sep 11 2013 4:44PM
gnasty_360: That nasty kick flip to nose for Nyjah Huston Sep 11 2013 3:18PM
tandrewgreene: Riley Hawk is killing it! that smith grind on the the triangle block was beast! never been to SPoT but you guys are legends, keep it up guys Sep 11 2013 5:14PM
alonso1212: hello. Sep 12 2013 4:06PM
nskater8: Nyjah def killed it the most. Hes got so much steez and confidence in his tricks that they just look so fluid and natural. Sep 12 2013 3:56PM
mattedhairs: Definitly figgy that grind on the kinked rail was wicked pissa Sep 11 2013 10:32PM
alex78: Riley kills. Sep 13 2013 4:17PM
Ausk8allday: Riley hawk had like an entire video parts worth of footage from this one trip. Definitely MVP Sep 12 2013 10:42AM


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