DGK Lenny Rivas Deck Digital Product Toss

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 by Sebastian

We read through your stories, and someone with the email Jrodriguez22181 came out on top. Getting hated on for working too hard would just make me want to work harder. Check your inbox, Mr. Jrodriguez22181. Thanks to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss.
Jrodriguez22181: I get awards at my job b/c I work hard no one likes that so I just skate in the parking lot by my car and they told on me now thats Hate Sep 19 2013 9:55PM
vanjennette: This was actually yesterday, I ollied over 4 boards in a battle royale and this dick i skate with would shake hands with me. Whatever. Sep 19 2013 12:40PM
xtremefreak101: One time I kickflipped at 6 set and one guy just didnt clap when everyone else did. Dick. And then he said "Do it like PJ" and then i left. Sep 19 2013 12:42PM
raidercarly: One time, this kid asked me if I could tre flip, I did one...he took my board, focused it and left the skatepark. I was so confused Sep 19 2013 12:45PM
skateisswag: One time I met PJ Ladd at a skate spot. I told that I had some Kool-Aid and he said "thats digusting" who knew pros were haters too. Sep 19 2013 12:48PM
flacobub: DGK is on fire right now need to have dis one Sep 19 2013 1:05PM
andy: One time Alex Sherrer focused my life. Sep 19 2013 1:30PM
esskateboarding: when i won the 13-15 division all ages contest while all my friends skated the sponsored division. Sep 19 2013 1:53PM
ghetto360flip: snake eyes bitch! Sep 19 2013 2:38PM
Treviorallen783: Board is tight Sep 19 2013 4:16PM
sethssxtricky: the time i got hated on the most was when i accidently did a trick that i didnt want to do Sep 19 2013 4:50PM
awakeindream55: Had to be when I accidently knocked my friends VX1000 into the ocean Sep 19 2013 4:58PM
xxjohnny4: IstartedSkatingAroundThisTimeLastYear.IcouldntDoMuchButOllieFlat.SomeSkatersStartedTalkingShit.IsaidIllShowThem.NowIcanLandSwitchFrontBigs Sep 19 2013 4:59PM
joshua.pollina: mom drove me to love park on my bday. she asked stevie and kalis for an autograph and then gave it to me. everyone in the park was snickerin Sep 19 2013 5:04PM
Mikey382000: I got hated on for skateboarding! I know you probably saying thats messed up! But I come from a Country town and everyone called me a fag! Sep 19 2013 5:08PM
somewhatemail: DGK ALL DAY! Sep 19 2013 5:12PM
10zdgk: I got hated on for forgetting that I had a peanut butter and fluff sandwich at the no peanut butter table for the allergic kids my bad yall Sep 19 2013 5:41PM
soojammin: best thing about cars is turning into a giraffe. Sep 19 2013 6:54PM
yam123yz: giraffes talk with visible vibration in colors we cant name language yet, I named them though and their called Lindsay Lohan Sep 19 2013 6:59PM
dinosaurskateshop: the ark is philosophical representation of the matrix,aka the world.Ark is a video game we made real with help from Jesus, aka technology... Sep 19 2013 7:05PM
Wball: My girlfriend is sitting next to me complaining. When I get this deck I will roll around my apartment with it crying tears of joy. Iloveyou. Sep 19 2013 8:48PM
Ianb: Lenny Rivas es mi papi. Sep 19 2013 9:15PM
eac12890: This girl sent me a msg online saying im a 'poser'.... i started skating in front of her @ the skatepark Sep 19 2013 9:30PM
t.piones: 140 character limit. Make me laugh, please. Characters remaining: 140........Are you laughing? Sep 19 2013 10:09PM
mkwon05: Im a DGK looking for a girl who's DTF and wouldnt mind the DP Sep 19 2013 10:17PM
Chandlerrodriguez40: Dgk is my favorite board company of all time. Those guys shred and are just plain awesome Sep 19 2013 10:22PM
Derekclapper: DGK ALL DAY! thats all i have to say theres no point tho because i already won this contest so ship it my way thanks tampa your the best!!!! Sep 19 2013 10:47PM
lextuxten: well its about time!! dgk give aways is like finding a t-bone steak in the dumpster, mmm mmm juicy goodness!! Sep 19 2013 11:01PM
Jnapoles8: I bet back tailslides would feel nice on this board Sep 19 2013 11:25PM
nckhine: Got hated cuz im the best out there Sep 20 2013 12:00AM
J.Holliday98: I was skating the Cherry Park Gap on 4/20 at the LE BBQ nd I wast olliein it nd slippin out alot nd sum hatrs was hatin , moms told em stfu Sep 20 2013 12:21AM
alex78: Just hated on all day all the time. Sep 20 2013 1:35AM
oldvertskater: my new street sled Sep 20 2013 2:36AM
blue6stair: I sharted on some random kid at the skatepark. Everyone said, "Apologize to my son." I replied, "Fuck that noise, and Im out." Sep 20 2013 8:05AM
tripppiones: I get Laughed at cause I Mall Grab and push Mongo. Sep 20 2013 8:07AM
mickelxbom23: DGK ALL DAY Sep 20 2013 9:40AM
mickelangelo90: even out side the city im on this site all day like dgk, we stay gold like the wheels aint no other way,all this just for one expedition Sep 20 2013 9:44AM
jeffwonsong: DGK all day! Sep 20 2013 10:27AM
sean.bargmann: dirty ghetto kids for the win! Sep 20 2013 11:15AM
jp_johnny14: I started with borrowed deck and my friends were better than me today I have my own skateboard and Im better than them .. Sep 20 2013 11:18AM
sbowes: Muh teachr wuz all h8in on m3 n my homi3z in Inglish Clazz. She sayd I'd go nowhere in lyfe...bitch cant even kickflip lmfao Sep 20 2013 1:46PM
mattdement: SPOT is the SPOT. Schaefer for president Sep 20 2013 2:09PM
mattdement1: SPOT is the SPOT Schafer for president Meronek for VP Sep 20 2013 2:28PM
Positivevibes307: I get hated on every time I post videos of myself doing kickflips on YouTube haters gon hate they wish they could have style like me Sep 20 2013 2:30PM
fordsam36: One day I was skating and these guys were chewing. I was pissed, but my homie said "Dont worry they're just hating.".Best skate day ever. Sep 20 2013 9:14PM
cortezhuff99: i got hated on cause i was a black skater since age 8 , getting called white boy for years in black communites . Sep 20 2013 11:19PM
cutintopieces: When I was in high school, I wore my Tom Knox shirt with the cop getting beat down on it. The teachers were hating on that all day. Sep 21 2013 9:47AM
greensten3003: Getting made fun of at school and having my pants pulled down infront of everyone. hairy ass and all, which was later called a mudtrack. Sep 21 2013 10:21AM
nuffergate.larry: Every day I get hated on and disrespected because I am a mime with tourettes syndrome. Sep 21 2013 11:13AM
Frankiebucholc: Man you see baby scumbag signing titties already. Thats what I'm talking about Sep 21 2013 11:52AM
jskatekoolkid: I was at LES Skatepark, when Dylan Rieder said "I cant Kickflip It". Behind my back, while I was trying to Kickflip the Pyramid. Sep 21 2013 5:56PM
kidstar1999: there was a time taht i was skating in new york and im riding in tribeca skatepark and this old man told me i cant skate here in a skatepark Sep 21 2013 6:03PM
flacobubu: I went to da SPoT last night got some things from yall hope to get more things from yall Sep 21 2013 6:07PM