Booze Cruise 2013

Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Brian Schaefer, HiDefJoe, and Tom McKessy
The shit show started at The Bricks. How appropriateā€¦
The push began with a short skate to the Bro Bowl. Thumbs up.
Eric McKenney had an impressive backside flip over the sketchy Bro Bowl gap which ended the session on a great note.
The Bro Bowl scene. Whose thumb keeps getting in these damn photos?
The sun was setting, but we were just getting things started.
Pause for a human road block.
We made it to The Hub, and the party continued.
Scooter, who owns The Hub, DailyBS himself, and Mike, who is down with The Hub for life.
The party had an unexpected visitor. My guess is that it was those 4-wheeled roller devicesā€¦
In one ear, out the other.
We made a impromptu stop at Turtle Ditch, where things got a little sloppy.
But hey, it's super fun and some people got tricks.
Hooters was next and it wasn't pretty, except for the waitresses of course. This was my table, and yes, it was the party table.
Thanks for the rounds of beers and wings, BS!
Jitt Squad was in full effect.
Eric traded in his banging backside flips for the Matix beer belt. Smart choice, Eric.
Thanks for getting loose with us!
Thanks for letting us crash your dinner!
More bros...
Drunken knights of the round table.
More bros...
"Hey man, can I see your ID?"
Thumbs up for the booze cruise.
The Jitt Squad went straight to PG-13 with this one.
We had to put those city stars where they belonged. Mission accomplished Seb, Jared, and Luke.
Happy fake birthday, Sebastian. Many more to come.
Georgia transplants and newest employees at SPoT, Andy Johnson and Mikah Collins, accompanied by Mikah's lady, Jessica.
I don't really remember the skate back to The Bricks, but judging by this photo I found in my phone the next morning, we finished the night strong. Thanks to everyone that came out and a special thank you to The Hub and Hooters for baby sitting. See you next year. - HiDefJoe