Chris Donmoyer

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2004 by Employee

Chris Donmoyer
Nicknames that you know about? Lil' Chris, The New Kid
Start skating? Before it was cool
Started working at SPoT? Jan 7th 2004...I moved to Florida from PA to work here and 2 days after my 21st b-day. Pass any gifts my way!
Your message to the world Follow your heart and and don't ever pass up any chance to become what you want to be. Make sure you spend quality time w/ the ones you love and keep skating.
What's your job at the Park? Ask Clements!

Favorite Products
Deck Any Rodney Jones model or Natural Koncept
Wheels Accels
Trucks Thunder
Bearings Bones Reds
Hardware Anything
Grip Whatever's available... Jessup, Bullet, etc.
Shoes Whatevs...I'll wear anything that feels comfortable
Video Retrospect, Menikmati,DC, anything w/ Rodneck, SPoT, Baltimore, and friends and spots I know/skated.
Watch Any watch that fits my small wrist
Magazine Anything w/ Rodneck(Rodney Jones), SPoT, Baltimore, friends and spots I know/skated.
Snack Bar Food Haven't had the time to eat...too busy working.

Other Gear, Stuff, Websites, Whatever, etc.
my fiance, family, friends, and everyone back home in guys mean the world to me. Ryan Clements for everything. Anyone I've skated w/, or has been there to just help me out in any way truly means everything to me! Thanx

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