Main Course Rebuild 2013 Update

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos by Frank Branca
Words by Frank Branca and Sebastian Chande

This fronstide flip by Chris Cole from 2002 is the earliest documented photo of the kahuna on the site. Looks like it’s sticking around for another year.
Chris Reitz is new to the SPoT maintenance staff, and has been moving these sheets for the last couple of days. Thanks, Chris!
Alex Donahue is leading the course demolition team for the week. They've been killing it, and it looks like the demolition portion of the rebuild is almost complete.
Rail graveyard. I hope every one of these make it back into the new course in some way.
Here’s a look at what this section of the course looked like a year ago.
The courtyard is now occupied and can’t be skated, but there is still FREE skating going on in the kiddie course during the rebuild.
Update within the update: SPoT local Yonis Molina is back at it after a gnarly foot injury.
Knowledge is being passed down here from veteran to novice. Chris Reitz looks on and learns how to properly cut through skatelite.
The look of concentration says enough about this photo. There’s no way I’d be able to get through this much demolition without slipping and cutting a finger off or driving a nail through my hand somehow.
Can’t wait to have an update on what’s going to fill in the empty space here.
The team is maybe 50% of the way through course demolition. There’s less out there now as I’m typing this.
The brick gap and handrail are gone for now, but I’m sure the new course will bring new opportunities and areas for you to huck yourself over and down.
Looks like this whole wall is going to remain in place, but the small quarter might be getting torn down?
The wallride is also gone, along with the pyramid rail and flatbar. This is what they looked like on their way in.
I’ve seen some empty cans around the courtyard the past couple of nights. Is there a construction equivalent of beer goggles?
The manual pads in the center are the only things still fully intact at the moment.
SPoT lensman Frank Branca already has a fresh SPoT deck ready for the new course.

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