Main Course Rebuild 2013 Update Part Two Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Main Course Rebuild 2013 Update Part Two

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos by Marino Nicastro
Words by Sebastian Chande
This pyramid has replaced the small quarterpipe.
A Bump to bar/handrail combo is in place of the A-frame, and that entire corner is now on an elevated deck.
Stairs! By our Instagram comments, it sounds like this is a big addition that people were looking for.
The manual pads in the middle haven't gone anywhere yet. I'm interested in seeing how they get incorporated into the final course.
By my count, there are six people in this picture, but there are definitely way more who have had a hand in rebuilding the course.
It's crazy to see how much this side has changed in a week. This entire section was torn down and is being rebuilt for the new course.
We've got a pretty good picture of what the far end of the course will look like, but there's still half of the course to be rebuilt.
Yep, the kahuna hasn't gone anywhere.
The courtyard has been a constantly-evolving DIY spot since construction began. That bump/table/ramp in this picture has probably changed by now.
The pyramid in front of the judges' stand has room to turn into anything at this point.
Looks like this side is mostly covered by skatelite already. My guess is that this is a good representation of what we'll all be skating later this week.
This corner and the judges' stand still have a long way to go, but the course is scheduled to reopen this Thursday, October 24. See you then!


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