New 2014 Street Course Pictures Article at Skatepark of Tampa

New 2014 Street Course Pictures

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos by Joe Pelham
Words by Sebastian Chande
You can hit the new center piece a hundred different ways over and down. Here's what it looked like a week ago.
The OG pyramid sits where the small handrail/quarterpipe used to be.
This quarter pipe was still here last week, but had a few feet added to it during construction.
The brick gap evolved into a stair set and wallride.
Derick Glancy's got a front blunt on the bump to flatbar where the A-frame used to be.
This side of the course is almost unrecognizable from what it was a week ago.
This is the rest of the deck, which replaced the ledge next to the kahuna.
Double-barrel hip to wallride/China Banks where nothing used to be. Or maybe they extend as far as where the granite ledge was? It's hard to tell. In either case, there's more to do in this area now.
Derick Glancy carving through the China Banks that replaced most of the flatground in this area.


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