Element Julian Davidson Deck/T-Shirt/Bag/Shot Glass DPT Winner Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element Julian Davidson Deck/T-Shirt/Bag/Shot Glass DPT Winner

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2013 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, and someone with the email sbowes came out on top. Check your inbox, Mr. sbowes. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss. All Entries are shown below.
sbowes: JD. Julian Davidson...Jack Daniels. Both are OK in my book. Oct 21 2013 4:29PM
ajgentilerules: There is this super weird girl at my school that rides a elment deck. She pushes MONGO. Something needs to be done about this. It irratates Oct 21 2013 4:38PM
ancientdentist: Julian Davidson is under the radar, but rips. still cant tell the difference between him or nick garica. but its all good, right? Oct 21 2013 5:07PM
luiscabrera336: so tampa pro one element rider nyjah houston yea every lil cokcky 11 year lod there thinks they know every thing about skating so yea Oct 21 2013 5:39PM
Justinlawrence99: At least he didnt leave to become a dirty ghetto kid or extend his life Oct 21 2013 6:41PM
layneb1210: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Julian! Congrats on turning pro! Oct 21 2013 6:51PM
gabriel_jimenez9820: Congrats! Julian Davidson! haha!greetings from Costa Rica, great skater, best person haha! come to Costa Rica! nice board, just for me! haha Oct 21 2013 7:50PM
Jose_Acha: Congrats Julian on going pro! Thanks to the guys at Element really appreciate what you guys do. Keep it up! Oct 21 2013 7:51PM
andrewalex8: what if julian davidson had dreads like nyjuah Oct 21 2013 7:52PM
Mannycarrillo11: Whats up with Element picking up riders at such young ages like Nyjah and Julian.. Who really runs the company Schillereff or some pedophil Oct 21 2013 7:55PM
shadowclone104: saw you got on the element team but your still one of my favorite skaters Oct 21 2013 7:57PM
Landoncw: Congrats Julian! I needs win this, cause that bag would look amazing on me when Im shopping for tampons . Oct 21 2013 7:57PM
quinnhofman: julians stlye kills it! forget the fake news kid, is a turd sniffer, and he knows nothing about anything! Oct 21 2013 7:58PM
heyitszay505: My brother...his name is julian. hed be stoked if i got him this board as a gift for him! Oct 21 2013 8:10PM
913188432: So if I win this, could you have Julian bust one of those fancy kickflips over the shopping bag? So I can say "so Julian totally Kfd this." Oct 21 2013 8:11PM
flakes4life: Tell Brian Schaefer i go to school with his nephew im really good friends with him! an julian davidson kills it he deserved to go pro! Oct 21 2013 8:14PM
Bgrant69123: Who ever said money cant buy you happiness obviously never shopped at the skatepark of tampa and bought Julian Davidsons pro deck. Oct 21 2013 8:21PM
thubler1: E is the majic number Oct 21 2013 8:35PM
Chang22: Even know Julian Davis looks like he could be in one direction he is still a bad ass skater. Oct 21 2013 8:50PM
Kylemonster94: Element is a awsome brand!!! Oct 21 2013 9:02PM
papunk.rabble: Its so nice, sosis so nice Oct 21 2013 9:24PM
Junior_2797: Element is he shit, literally I shot out element decks every night, how do you think Julian got his deck. Oct 21 2013 9:30PM
greensten3003: Element! Mine and Captain Planets favorite! Hes normally againt cutting trees but he will let it slide with Element. Oct 21 2013 9:36PM
papunk.skate: Its so nice, sosis so nice Oct 21 2013 9:44PM
jangelcampos27: julian congrats you deserve it. Keep on shredding dont stop. ounce a skater always a skater. You are an inspiratoon to all skaters around. Oct 21 2013 10:32PM
arepureisme: Congrats man, but I do those Kickflip wall rides in my sleep bra Oct 21 2013 11:11PM
Justincerros96: I think i should get on element because i mongo push Oct 21 2013 11:51PM
asiansgotswag78: Julian made the red on Element turn green. They couldnt handle that he would be yet another great skater that would make them faint. Oct 21 2013 11:59PM
cutintopieces: I think as a prerequisite to entering an Element DPT you should have to actually have owned a Jeff Pang deck. Look it up, kiddies. Oct 22 2013 12:13AM
slymcguffie: Congratulations Julian; stay cool...R.I.P. Pepe Martinez. Not forgotten. Oct 22 2013 12:23AM
brixton1984: Pow pow powerwheels! Doesnt stand a chance against an Element! Oct 22 2013 5:58AM
Millercasey66: Worked at element skate camp this past summer. Met up with the homie Evan Smith and met Nick Garcia and found out him and Julian wer Oct 22 2013 7:24AM
kc3237: julians kickflips make prods switch flip look like toddler shit Oct 22 2013 9:27AM
Ethbloom: Julian davidson I SUCK YO DICK ! Oct 22 2013 10:05AM
elmustachiooo: My board snapped at Lakeland, i need a replacement asap. Oct 22 2013 10:47AM
jpenick314: Underworld Element was so dope! Pang, Howell, Stranger, Ibaseta, Harold. That was 20 years ago. Oct 22 2013 11:00AM
jdunn1: Remember when Ed Selego was flow for Element and he was better than anyone on the team? Oct 22 2013 11:36AM
beck.s_23: Just to say Julian and element are a perfect combo I want win because Im from mexico and I have no chance to won anything In my country :'( Oct 22 2013 2:04PM
volcomlifer0044: seeing as though tyler bledsoe is rumored to be out of hybernation and julians going pro came out of no where i wonder if they share a cave Oct 22 2013 2:49PM
chandlerrodriguez40: Skatepark of Tampa is the greatest place on earth Oct 22 2013 4:21PM
flacobubu: I need some of Julian pro gear to go to work can I get some Oct 22 2013 5:09PM
gerry.doiron: Julian is an absolute beast on the board!! Nice flowly locks as well!! Oct 22 2013 8:46PM
nico77miller: Is he a natural blonde? Is not hell probably get kicked out of the most natural skate company Oct 23 2013 1:20AM
mcmahon.brian.p: Save the trees we cut down to make skateboards! Oct 23 2013 12:54PM
xxjohnny4: this is pretty dope, maybe id have a chance to win if i could think of a witty comment... Oct 23 2013 3:29PM
ballz-of-steel: the suns not yellow, its Julian Oct 23 2013 5:04PM
matt.peterson75: I will krush that deck drink snake venom outta that shot glass then give the bag to my ex so she can put it over her head and get fuuucked:) Oct 23 2013 8:16PM
michaelreillyjr: could use a new deck and some gear Oct 24 2013 8:00AM
whartman: Thanks to Breaking Bad, I now know your skateboards may be used to make meth. Science Bitch. Oct 24 2013 6:06PM
nateilardi: DUDE RIPS! Oct 24 2013 6:34PM
j.bell019: Cool! Oct 24 2013 6:35PM
jbell12: Awesome! Oct 24 2013 6:35PM
jamesbell174: LoveMuffins. Oct 24 2013 6:36PM
luigis97: Element, youre my favourite mark, its just so nice to see skaters that are sponsorised by you, it just show how much you care about them. Oct 24 2013 6:52PM
Agustinperez19985: The first time i met julian davidson i said whats up but he didnt realize i was talking to him!!!! Oct 24 2013 6:55PM
hugfox_6: i wanna get this sweet banana , you guys rules element <3 Oct 24 2013 7:39PM
abskater86: the winter element is the worst time of the year Oct 24 2013 7:47PM
stephenfrbnks: Want to hear a clean joke? The boy took a bath with Bubbles. Want to hear a dirty joke? Bubbles was a man. Oct 24 2013 7:49PM
Tran.man.1996: Julian Davidson is fucking Mazing and he has the best style Element has to offer. From seeing his welcome to Element clip to Future Nature. Oct 24 2013 9:10PM
rodrigonsantos147: Element one of the four things you must have if you are on this Earth Oct 24 2013 10:16PM
marcosdominguez01: Maple Syrup! Oct 25 2013 12:10AM


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