Digital Product Toss: Olloclip Winner

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2013 by Sebastian

bhangskateboards: Im going half-piking and need to film my jumps and flip kicks. Oct 31 2013 3:19PM
jnapoles8: I need to film for them bangerz Oct 28 2013 11:40PM
jpenick314: I need that! Oct 29 2013 8:14AM
Laserpallarez: ahh shyt tyrone got the new Olloclip fisheye lens Oct 31 2013 12:08PM
cutintopieces: These lenses would be perfect for fulfilling my dream of filming myself twerking at every Bojangles in the state. Oct 30 2013 9:31AM
bpagter714: How else am I supposed to get creeper photos when Im not taking pictures of skating! This is the only way! Oct 28 2013 9:29PM
Kian.karamafrooz: Give me the olloclip Oct 31 2013 12:14PM
Frankbucholcpainting: Oooooo kill em Oct 31 2013 5:20PM
nuffergate.larry: Listen to Johnny Turd And The Commodes. Oct 30 2013 9:42AM
dgcherrygarcia: Tried to take a shot of my poo one night and my phone fell off my hand. things got nasty really quick. couldnt get that wide angle. versace Oct 30 2013 3:20AM
dotcom93: Just got a new iphone5s so this would be an awesome acessory. thanks. Oct 30 2013 9:08PM
curtid.m.w12: I need this because i like to film stuff. Oct 28 2013 7:33PM
michaelreillyjr: been wanting something like this for while AWESOME Oct 29 2013 9:07AM
Jzskater: I really hope I win this Oct 28 2013 11:34PM
greensten3003: Fisheye! Makes that ass look fat! Get it! Oct 29 2013 11:44PM
Wmbadiel: Skatepark of Tampa is ill Oct 28 2013 5:29PM
Mewiley1124: The shapes and sizes that my wiener will take with this OlloClip is going to take dick pics to a whole new level... Oct 28 2013 6:48PM
littlelilo420: Pick me my lord, Pick me! Oct 29 2013 4:22AM
ntorrelli: Since I am past my prime, I would use this to help film other skaters sponsor-me videos. Oct 29 2013 1:06PM
Ashleymcclure3610: This would be titties mcgittys! Oct 28 2013 9:05PM
arepureisme: If only there was a way for me to film from my phone. . . Oct 28 2013 9:24PM
Thermals88: Rule Oct 28 2013 7:07PM
thubler1: I need the fisheye to film at the park....give it! Oct 29 2013 4:09PM
mwomack: As a Dad who has skated most of my life, I am happy my son loves Spot and is supported by the staff, you guys do a great job. Oct 28 2013 5:49PM
Nckhine: Spot is cool.......................... Oct 29 2013 12:42AM
awakeindream55: This would be so sick to use with the new slow mo feature !! Oct 28 2013 7:38PM
will33707: I need a new Olloclip, havent had one for my iPhone 5 yet. Oct 30 2013 2:05PM
patrickstiener: Somewhere out there a girl is getting a Tramp Stamp right now. Oct 28 2013 5:36PM
lextuxten: finally somthing useful!! i could use that to make some sick skate video while on the go Oct 28 2013 9:40PM
sc08k: ok Oct 28 2013 4:46PM
tomt9: these would help me make better videos for Oct 28 2013 9:09PM
mass.victor: Im going to use this for my new phone. Oct 28 2013 5:26PM
Xsxixdx: I would LOVE to win this! If I do I will make a dope ass video/ day in a life type thing and email it to u guys. You wont be disappointed! Oct 28 2013 6:57PM
Mattedhairs: Man I have been jonesing for this set for a loooong time! Oct 28 2013 10:57PM
thomasvlanni: motivation to go get broke off! Oct 28 2013 7:33PM
Poseysurf3: Obama fucked up this time. Government being shut down is effecting my dog. My dog cant be effected. I need this olloclip to save to save him Oct 29 2013 12:14AM
layneb1210: Skate Park of Tampa is sooooo fly!(how fly are they)? even weezy goes there to skate! Oct 28 2013 6:16PM
joelmvasquez: Finally ill be able to get nice clips on my iPhone Oct 29 2013 3:53PM
Gabe: Cool shit! Btw, you dootyied in your diapy Oct 31 2013 12:11PM
pizzle2009: Cant wait for Chronicles 2! Oct 28 2013 9:26PM
nico77miller: Let me stack them clips with this Oct 28 2013 11:15PM
flacobubu: Dis is da best store every skate park of Tampa need dis Oct 31 2013 9:16PM
curtis.m.w12: I like fish eyes Oct 28 2013 10:24PM
andy: I hate Alex Sherrer and Ill need the telephoto lens to grab a pic of his dick. Oct 28 2013 5:08PM
barakwiser: Can I have this for Christmas early, please? Oct 29 2013 12:06PM
paredesseth: Please pick me I really want a iPhone fisheye!!! Please!! Spots like the best skate shop ever! Oct 28 2013 9:04PM
Forrest34: Yo, can you hook a nigga up? Oct 29 2013 1:13AM
Triciajoy03: Need this to properly Instagram the late naught shenanigans after leaving the bricks!, Oct 28 2013 9:09PM
ragosto435: its a mickey mouse clubhouse! lemme get that gear show a broke kid sum love. Oct 29 2013 9:59AM
glasner: hook it up Oct 31 2013 11:09AM
sean.bargmann: sweet i need one of these for my idevice Oct 29 2013 11:39AM
zackdgustafson: 1-8 Oct 31 2013 1:22PM
thepark_email: would love this for our skatepark in Melbourne, Fl! Oct 29 2013 5:17PM
rickydrinks2less: i need this to make my comeback part !! Oct 29 2013 4:49PM
dfsfl2005: Need the super fish eye for my iPhone so I can film "The body" Scott Connly and fit all of him in the frame. Oct 29 2013 7:08PM
pballer32195: Why is it so hard to think of a funny comment? Oct 29 2013 10:28AM
Troyjhendo: Lil Wayne Oct 30 2013 12:13AM
jakegoodrich69: tryna make a swaggie ass montage with this joint. Oct 29 2013 1:44AM
travis.chester: poop Oct 28 2013 7:59PM
simonphuong123: Thanks. Oct 30 2013 10:12AM
pet.ermar: its all about the debits and credits son Oct 29 2013 9:00AM
sbowes: Im banging tricks...Straight off my Iphone - Ricky Ross Oct 28 2013 8:51PM
Andybutler1919: Please Oct 28 2013 9:04PM
Truckeebmx611: Hopefully that will make my phone as good as a camera Oct 29 2013 11:42AM
xwillykanex: GILES KILLS! haha Oct 31 2013 12:08PM
xxjohnny4: got that bitch an ollo clip, bitches love ollo clips Oct 30 2013 6:13AM
FrankieB561: Sick Im getting the iPhone 5 soon Oct 31 2013 5:15PM
jkulpan: want it! Oct 29 2013 11:33AM
t.piones: Smells like fish take a dish. Oct 29 2013 5:34PM
missingsomeone2: yes please thank you Oct 28 2013 11:20PM
ianb: snap, crackle, pop my trunk. Oct 29 2013 8:25AM
sbastian.c: ohf Oct 28 2013 5:09PM
Skaterdude0614: I CAN FINALLY GO HD!!!! Oct 31 2013 5:16PM
Hmmbruh: Yo! SpoT if i get my hands on the imma make a meeeaann insta-skate vid with the fisheye lenses on my iphone5 !! Oct 28 2013 8:39PM
rkeenec10: I have the 5S, I am headed to Iraq in a month and would liket to document the skateboarding there. THis would help. Oct 29 2013 9:02AM
jackbox999: i just got an iPhone 5. i wanna get these lenses. Oct 30 2013 3:27PM
Abgjfentress: Skatepark of Tampa is the best skateboard organization ever !! You guys rule. Is love to be chosen to win for my iPhone 5 Oct 28 2013 10:13PM
unfitted95: I heard Lavar McBride, Marcus McBride, and Martina McBride are starting a new board company. Danny McBride is pissed hes not in on this. Oct 28 2013 7:50PM
Jramsey410: I would love to win something like this to film and improve my skills as a skater. Thank you for a chance to win this. Oct 31 2013 12:07PM
slapsticknic: Trying to bone my homies sister with a decent fisheye angle. Oct 28 2013 6:03PM
twalker3: your on candid camera at the skate park of tampa Oct 28 2013 10:02PM
mike.witt: Im the man who killed Gus Fring ... and I got it all right here on my iphone 5 thanksto my Olloclip. You're godamn right! Oct 30 2013 10:21AM
Nisaacshc: She was Hannah Montana when Bush was president... Thanks a lot Obama! Oct 28 2013 10:17PM
mandmme2: SPOT LIFE Oct 28 2013 9:10PM
stefanik2007: My newborn baby has giant balls and i need a better lens to capture this champion growing! Oct 29 2013 1:02AM
msendejo03: Hook up that ollie clip so i can stack those clips on the I PHIZZLE Oct 28 2013 8:07PM
Drifthachi86: "OlloClip fisheye: your fat girlfriend can finally take selfies without getting cutoff" Hope you dudes laughed lol. See you @ TampaAM! Oct 31 2013 7:49PM
Signorasilvia: Spot Is A Place To Chill With Homies,Meet New Peeps And Have A Great Time; To Me Winning This Would Be A Pleasure Considering I Never Won Th Oct 30 2013 2:48AM
boardreaper237: i could use that camera to film my next moat jump! Oct 29 2013 11:50AM
Jmorse2: Thanks SPOT Oct 30 2013 2:47AM
infinise: Well in New Jersey we are all poor regeardless. I got my iphone for christmas and I skate with the crew everyday. Oct 29 2013 12:09PM
moonwalk33: Dont SPoT believing !!! Ooo kill em Oct 28 2013 11:19PM
kbradnan: This would be a most epic adventure. Oct 28 2013 8:59PM
Spoiled_rebeccaa15: hey whats up Tampa skatepark? ur website Oct 28 2013 9:19PM
camdengaba: i could film my gay warm up tricks with those Oct 28 2013 5:36PM
alex78: Steezy. Oct 28 2013 6:14PM
Conor0312: Tampa?? Oct 28 2013 10:55PM
Frankiebucholc: Tryin to stack that iPhone footy Oct 31 2013 12:09AM
garrettculotta: This is so cool. Me and my friends would have so much fun with this. We dont have money to get a camera to film with.Please help us.Spotlife Oct 28 2013 9:22PM
Terriphillips77: Very cool...laugh now Oct 28 2013 10:23PM
Isukroman: Awesome lenses! I hope I win! Oct 29 2013 12:20AM
Dalton.barnes22: BLESS YOU ALL AT SPOT Oct 29 2013 11:35AM
kyleschlapik: I dont care... Oct 28 2013 9:27PM
H20room: Probably got more chances of winning the Tampa am. Hook it up. Oct 28 2013 6:12PM
joelmvaquez: Finally ill be able tonget decent clips from my iphone Oct 29 2013 1:19AM
jeremy.remot: I need this to get my girls entire booty in one picture!! Oct 29 2013 6:37PM
mattdleach321: SPoT is awesome! Ill be there this weekend for Harvest Jam! Oct 29 2013 5:18PM
spencerinemerica: VX forever but this shit is tight!!!!!!!! Oct 31 2013 12:43PM
bradleyjrtime: DAAAAAAMN this shit is tight! Id be all over it if it wasn't going to be my rent money this month. hook a broke player up! thanks McDuders Oct 29 2013 10:52AM
Lpescatore: Living in a fisheye me not geddy Lee Oct 28 2013 9:05PM
jameswitt.aasr: ?And yet women-good women--frightened me because they eventually wanted your soul, and what was left of mine, I wanted to keep.? Oct 29 2013 1:08PM
buncy: seymore butts Oct 28 2013 10:36PM
vanjennette: Fisheyes are nice. Oct 31 2013 12:54PM