Digital Product Toss: Globe Footwear Bantam Cruiser Complete Winner

Posted on Saturday, November 16, 2013 by Sebastian

eljarardo: softer wheels allow small rocks and pebbles to penetrate the polyurethane, keeping my legs from going to sleep while cruising aboot. Nov 13 2013 12:42PM
josephshaw96: Perfect board for my little cousin to get into skating. Nov 12 2013 6:20PM
lextuxten: my little bro has one of these, Id like one so my bro would stop complaining about me stealing it from him... Nov 12 2013 10:36PM
jdunn3001: Tom Pennys got some competition. Nov 14 2013 9:09AM
dasales927: you deserve to sprinkle me with the cruiser board. no one cruises as seriously as i do anymore Nov 13 2013 8:24PM
maxusffl: I must be high, thought that said batman cruiser at first Nov 13 2013 11:48PM
chrischinaski: i wanna cruise and drink some booze Nov 13 2013 11:32AM
lhdnyc: Ive been trying to bag rich white girls at bars on 5th avenue in nyc, today I'm still poor Nov 13 2013 8:56PM
greensten3003: Id love to skate around the globe. From the 813 and across the sea. Nov 13 2013 10:27AM
ntorrelli: Wish me luck! Nov 13 2013 12:44PM
bcpjupiter: I <3 Spot Nov 12 2013 6:13PM
ianb: Lemme hit! Nov 13 2013 8:31AM
gatorbrad: This would be great to win. SPoT forever! Nov 12 2013 6:20PM
noeserrano33: Need because I need a new whip to pick up chicks. Cruise or lose, man. Nov 12 2013 9:31PM
ayindetheyoung: Saggy mamories with bologna Areola. Nov 13 2013 12:58AM
sbowes: Call up The GlobeTrotters...I got some tricks on this that those guys wont believe. Nov 12 2013 5:59PM
Nckhine: Comment. Nov 13 2013 3:08PM
pilar_la_dura: We love SPOT! Nov 13 2013 11:48AM
cutintopieces: this cruiser 1 xxxl Dinosaur Jr. shirt 1 pair cut off Jncos Biohazard and Onyx = bliss. Nov 14 2013 9:45PM
kylet.johnson: Q:How do you get a zombie baby into a bowl? A: A blender. Q: How do you get them out? A: Doritos. Nov 14 2013 2:26PM
krupathequick: ayeeee gab the skateboard to me mug m8 we will see what comes about Nov 13 2013 4:11PM
skate0008: i have been skating boarding for 6 years, it my hole life. i skate to my college everyday which takes 25 minutes with crappy roads Nov 12 2013 6:34PM
eirik-.-fs: I dont really ride these. But that color is awsome retro surf-skate era! Make me want to surf this cruiser.. "YA DUDE!" Nov 15 2013 11:23AM
fiftyyardspastu: I learned to skate on a board just like this one, and used it as a projectile, curb to curb under passing cars.. An eight year old god :D Nov 12 2013 10:26PM
Trevor.scott: Thanks for giving back to skateboarding. You guys are an awesome influence on society and a core shop and park. Keep it up! Nov 15 2013 8:14AM
Lemonyskates: This cruiser will add at least 5 swag to my outfit tomorrow. Nov 12 2013 6:33PM
missingsomeone2: I am a big fan of your work Nov 13 2013 6:03PM
sjhurle: If we just remember, POOP: PEOPLE.ORDER.OUR.PATTIES. Nov 12 2013 9:20PM
shaquille.khan: Skatebob Shredpants Nov 14 2013 7:16PM
awakeindream55: This will be dope to cruise around the neighborhood with ! Nov 13 2013 11:57AM
marcosdominguez01: That would be my cats cruiser! Nov 15 2013 10:18AM
Moseychuknick: Hope i win Nov 13 2013 4:03PM
duc7210: i need one really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 13 2013 12:39PM
stefanik2007: i will calli it the dab board. full shatter! Nov 13 2013 12:33PM
Wtigerdroppings: Fat, fat and all that. Nov 14 2013 1:24PM
kanda9310: giv dis too me Nov 14 2013 9:57PM
Andybutler1919: Please Nov 12 2013 9:07PM
sfredlund: wnat a cruiser to push my new baby sis BROOKLYN around Nov 13 2013 10:12AM
camdengaba: oh this was so unexpected. first i want to thank the big guy upstairs.... my mom... dad Nov 12 2013 9:55PM
slymcguffie: This cruiser would go perfect with my new Danzig backpatch that I got with my Marlboro miles. Nov 14 2013 9:14PM
sean.bargmann: Sweet cruiser! I want it! Nov 13 2013 10:33AM
yijunho: Rodney Mullen is king. Nov 13 2013 1:26PM
igordog18: Im so old I remember when boards actually looked like that! I'd be stoked to win that thing to have as a cruiser. Nov 15 2013 10:30AM
Lpescatore: This board gives me wood Nov 12 2013 9:16PM
nico77miller: Ill pull all the hoes in my school riding this thing Nov 13 2013 4:22PM
Str8chopstix: 2 guys walk into a bar Nov 13 2013 8:40AM
boardreaper237: man cruising down the bro bowl with that cruiser while drinking a redbull would be awsome Nov 13 2013 7:23PM
abskater86: look at the hard wood you got there for me ;) Nov 14 2013 6:08PM
Mattedhairs: I am an old guy so if I ride this will it make me cool? Nov 12 2013 10:29PM
Gregvstephens: If I get this DPT all of the proceeds will be used to go skateboarding. Nov 12 2013 9:23PM
seanb: This doesnt look like a Batman cruiser, but I'll ride it on a dark night. Nov 13 2013 1:30PM
reignsk8er6: What do you call batman when he skips out on church?..... Christian Bale Nov 15 2013 1:28AM
jake.shrinsky: Why do milking stools only have three legs? because the cows got the udder! Nov 12 2013 10:00PM
skaterdude0614: is it a requirement to push mongo when riding this? Nov 13 2013 5:10PM
chandlerrodriguez40: old school is the tightest thing ive ever skated Nov 13 2013 4:14PM
unfttdx: I secretly rollerblade everyday Nov 12 2013 11:14PM
ofgolfwang12: Hook me up with this please and tell malto hes the best Nov 13 2013 3:52PM
rbates2: Need this so I can film the next commercial.' Nov 13 2013 9:22PM
Noliver3: Zoom zoom Nov 15 2013 1:30PM
redelite007: The only appropriate background music for Rodney Mullens skate videos is a fancy scientist talking about how small Earth is in the universe Nov 15 2013 6:42PM
mcmahon.brian.p: Tiny little skateboards. Nov 13 2013 3:13PM
rickydrinks2less: i need a bar cruiser !! Nov 13 2013 4:02PM
flipsorry226: please!!!!!!!!! Nov 13 2013 2:21AM
ryanmcrae11: Tampa Nov 12 2013 7:51PM
kyleharvey76: Man, I have a little daughter that would love this, or at least love to see her chubby dad bust his ass on it! Nov 15 2013 10:20AM
wball: i am trying my best to make something with myself. help. please. Nov 14 2013 12:34AM
Moohaumed: My wife wants a globe cruiser! This would make a perfect aniversary present! Nov 12 2013 7:11PM
henryhshoe: My penis was in the Guinness Book of Records... until the librarian kicked me out. Nov 12 2013 8:43PM
vanjennette: Id like to film when I'm not filming Nov 15 2013 12:48PM
david.fialkoff: tits Nov 15 2013 11:26AM
jlcornel5: Do it for your buddy Jon Cornell in STL. I need a cruiser to get back to FL Nov 12 2013 7:46PM
alex78: Speed wobbles and weed squabbles. Nov 12 2013 10:14PM
ballz-of-steel: What is green and has wheels? Grass, i lied about the wheels Nov 15 2013 1:30AM
dlayton08: Yo for all I know that piss was digital. Pick me pig me pigmy Nov 15 2013 6:57PM
layneb1210: let me win this cruiser! we all know "skate life till the next life!" Nov 13 2013 6:51AM
kuunger: Pick Me! Nov 13 2013 10:39AM
mewiley1124: Whoa, black Betty, Ban-ta-tam. You know you can spell Batman with Bantam? Is this the Bruce Wayne version? The secret identity cruiser? Nov 12 2013 6:42PM
bryan.adams09: Hey, Im from Portland, OR and I need it to look like a hipster. Nov 15 2013 10:43AM
jfaure98: KEEEEMOSABI PICK ME TO WINZ Nov 13 2013 12:32PM
matt.peterson75: batman? ohh Right, i dosont read good send halp il b cruizin for a broozin Nov 13 2013 10:48PM
btha1st: I would love to cruise this cruiser Nov 12 2013 10:19PM
alex.128036: i have never have i had a cruiser would be amazing if i win. Nov 12 2013 6:11PM
n30ng30: LIL B is the best rapper alive.Thats it.Thats the just saying whats on my mind. Sorry. oh and listen to Evy janes sayso Nov 14 2013 2:06PM