Zero Cold War Video Premiere

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro.

SPoT Ybor before another great video premiere.
Shirts, posters, stickers, and DVDs were all raffled off.
Matt Woods held down the shop during the premiere.
Andy and Patsy came to see the video.
The crowd's point of view.
Ian Perronni was stoked on the free posters and PBR. Who wouldn't be?
Don't mistake Yoda's facial expression as boredom - his eyes are actually rolling back in his head from the insanity on the screen.
Mikah and the infamous Zero dog.
Late to the premiere, but not late to the party, Jack and Eric came to bring some entertainment.
After the video finished, we went straight to the raffle.
Chris Monte, bringing the hype for his raffle come-up.
This free-for-all is the closet we can get to a product toss in Study Hall at The Bricks.
The crowd piled up out front for some flat ground skating and chilling after the video.
The party continued next door at The Bricks, where PBR flowed and Cold War continued to play.