SPoT Life: Road Trip to Johnny Romano Skate Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Road Trip to Johnny Romano Skate Jam

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by HiDefJoe and Frank Branca.
Words and photos by Aaron Austin.
Joe had his hairy animal-camera out bright and early Wednesday morning when we rolled into the Tallahassee skatepark.
Markus Jalaber had support from his cousin who lives in Tally.
Uncle Sam on a chilly backside smith grind. It was freezing that morning!
Alejandro grinded smooth back smiths through this corner every try. It just so happened that Frank was filming Timmy Knuth and his broken board in the background at the time I shot this one.
We made it to this DIY spot in Tallahassee to skate for an hour or so. Dylan flew out of the tight quarter to backside 50-50 on the ledge and ollied out into the bank.
The tranny was super tight and steep, but Sam popped out of this blunt and rode away pretty easily. He's a freak.
Alejandro - Backside boneless.
Part of the crew at the Tallahassee DIY. Thanks to the locals for taking us there.
The next morning we woke up in New Orleans. Sam was busy super-glueing his new shoes before we piled in the van on our way to Baton Rouge.
We made it to Baton Rouge and the fun started immediately. Sam half cabbed over the gap while Manny rode through.
Frank and his homie Jeremy Diagle, who lives in Baton Rouge - they hadn't seen each other in 10 years.
Yonis Molina - Switch frontside 180. He did about 10 of these in a row.
Robby Kirkland can do magic on a ledge. Here's a hardflip backside tailslide.
Markus did a backside tailslide up and over this ledge, then decided he wanted to bigspin out. He's also a freak.
Uncle Sam - Frontside hurricane.
Alejandro is really fun to skate with, especially if you get to skate a bowl or some type of transition. He had a lot of fun scraping his tail across this hump.
Alex Bibiloni ollied the bump to bump. She's hyped on those Magenta boards!
Joe is always filming, so no one ever realizes that he rips. He shut down the session with this lipslide up and over.
Then the casino money came out. Dylan and Jata came up.
On Friday morning, we started the day in Houston at this DIY spot that has an amazing view of downtown. Frank got MVP with this nosepick pop-in on the satellite dish.
Alex got herself a back disaster.
Frank got a few more tricks once everyone had their fill. Before we took off he did this frontside hurricane transfer.
We ran into Nick Trapasso, Jon Coulthard, and Raymond Molinar in the streets of downtown Houston.
Markus Jalabar - Front feeble.
Manny flew off this front board straight into traffic. Oh wait, that means I was sitting in the street to get this angle. Sketchy.
Markus is a straight G. Backside 180 nosegrind to fakie on a pencil-thin rail while the entire crew watched.
When radical maneuvers like this one happen, I remember why I skateboard. Frank barged across this mosaic fountain like he was 9 years old - pure freedom and happiness right there. That shut down our Houston street skating adventure on Friday evening.
We rolled out of Texas on Sunday morning after the contest and had to stop on the side of the interstate because of a bubble in one of our tires. Impromptu flatground session in the middle of nowhere? Check.
Instead of waiting patiently, Alex decided to throw on her boots and hitchhike back to Tampa.


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