SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2013 Day 3 - Qualifiers and Best Trick Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2013 Day 3 - Qualifiers and Best Trick

Posted on Sunday, December 8, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham.
Words and photos by Aaron Austin.
Chris Blake started off practice on Saturday morning with this wallie off the front of the rail.
Travis Glover from the ATL was speeding at this backside smith grind across the box, as you can tell from the ghostly photo.
Frank Branca, SPoT's additional filmer and team manager/ jack of all positions, had his dad, Frank, and brother, Daniel, cook a whole pig and gator tail in the courtyard.
The gator bites were a hit. Here, Frank's brother Daniel pulls another batch from the fryer.
Ryan Thompson ollies out of his frontside bluntslides, like this one here. Incredible. We just saw Ryan ripping at the Johnny Romano Make a Wish Jam in Houston, Texas, and he continued to impress me with his skateboarding today.
Auby Taylor made the cut with tricks like this frontside olle - probably the only trick he didn't flip into.
Auby Taylor - this is how to catch your backside flip over the pyramid.
Jack Olson destroyed the course. He nearly took the golden ticket, but qualified in 2nd place. Here is Jack doing a nollie flip down the stairs.
Tyshawn Jones, Chris Blake and Alex Midler watch as their money may disappear with this roll of the dice.
Skate dads in the crowd. Thanks for supporting Jake Wooten and Zion Wright, gentlemen.
Here's SPoT local Austin Butler's dad. He supports his son and skateboarding. Skate dads!
Pat Rumney - ollie over the manual pad.
Oscar Meza didn't make the cut this year, but he still did really awesome tricks, like this frontside nosegrind pop out.
Yoshi Tanenbaum was already in the semifinals at this point, but still shredded all day. 360 flip over the pyramid.
If you haven't seen Yoshi's lazerflip down the triple set in L.A., you are missing out. It's insane.
Donovon Piscopo. Frontside air.
This isn't just a frontside wall ride. Donovon Piscopo did a front smith from the corner of the quarter and pulled it up into frontside wall ride. It was definitely one of the coolest things I've seen someone do on a skateboard in a long time.
Alex midler qualified 9th. This is a backside 270 lip.
Matt Berger qualified first, which means he won the golden ticket straight to the finals to join all the winners of the Damn Am contest series. Here is Matt on a kickflip backside tail slide.
DMFP - this was his first try on Saturday. Bummed.
Dylan still managed to do this gap back lip during best trick to receive an honorable mention and hold it down for the Skatepark of Tampa.
Ryan Thompson decided to noseslide the judge's stand. This wall is gigantic - it's neck high, but Ryan still managed to get on top of it and slide the shit out of this nose slide. Too bad he did it just after the Independent Best Trick official time ended.
Independent Best Trick top 3 from left to right: Matt Berger - 1st with a frontside bluntslide across, big flip out; Sewa Kroetkov - 2nd with a 360 flip nose manual nollie front foot flip out; Jack Olson - 3rd with a switch 180 crooked grind nollie kickflip out
After qualifiers and the Independent Best Trick contest, everyone migrated to the courtyard. This chick loves Skatepark of Tampa.
These ladies are down with SPoT and Shaqueefa.
Dolan Stearna was doing a hand-poked tattoo in the back warehouse. Looked pretty rad.
Ed Selego threw a balled up sticker at Sebastian Chande's dome. I just happened to catch it in midair, just before impact.


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