Digital Product Toss: Magenta Morita Universe Deck Winner Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss: Magenta Morita Universe Deck Winner

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, and someone with the email dvxproductions came out on top. Good work, and check your inbox, Mr. dvxproductions. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss.
dvxproductions: omg, i love magenta. next videos ender: backside powerslide up a hill. Dec 20 2013 7:46PM
greensten3003: Magenta is the best! Would love to skate this when I go to Japan. Magenta plus hairy vagina. What more could I want... Dec 21 2013 11:19PM
skateboardc91: ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssskatesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssskatesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Dec 21 2013 1:19PM
gripsgone: this is funny, laugh, funny, laugh, jokes, funny, jokes, laugh. have you ever read the new yorker? Dec 21 2013 1:00PM
lextuxten: i need this new deck please!! spot you would make my xmas. Dec 18 2013 9:49PM
jakegoodrich69: Trying to get mad urban in tallahassee, pls send this and some camo pants. Dec 18 2013 6:17PM
frankiebucholc: Do this one for the skate gods!! Dec 21 2013 5:47PM
brandonneil74: Go ahead ill make your girl hold my deck. Dec 19 2013 2:21AM
skaterdude0614: sick upcoming company! Dec 21 2013 6:04PM
vanjennette: Magenta is a color, the more you know. Dec 19 2013 12:57PM
staygoldsonn: no joke, i used to give my neighbor $40 pedicures every week just to buy a deck each week.. :/ Dec 18 2013 8:49PM
chandlerrodriguez40: why is skateboarding so awesome Dec 19 2013 3:19PM
shireyfamily: Q: What do you call a penguin in the desert? A: Lost!! Dec 21 2013 10:15PM
ebanian: I hope this isnt for a digital deck Dec 18 2013 9:26PM
nckhine: this is an entertaining comment. Dec 18 2013 8:54PM
jfell: nothing makes my kids shut up like a UPS box at the front door from you. Thank you for the few hours of peace! Dec 18 2013 11:05PM
Mattedhairs: Hmm kick flip the universe? Do you skate it or hang it? Dec 21 2013 6:32PM
jcgerlach: no comment! Dec 20 2013 9:04PM
sean.bargmann: magenta is my favorite color! Dec 18 2013 9:10PM
mike.witt: M-Fers always be tripin Dec 19 2013 12:37PM
chasedjohnston: stick out your tounge, and say sit Dec 20 2013 8:23PM
banditcamp: dude dude dude...wiener Dec 18 2013 5:09PM
drewhoup: You know whats funnier than 24?... 25 Dec 19 2013 12:34PM
pablosoccer98: I’ll have you know my name is John and I woke up this morning 5:30 sharp to the smell of wet pussy. Now give me that dick, I mean deck. Dec 18 2013 11:41PM
esskateboarding: were in a recession, son. what you out skateboardin' for? Dec 20 2013 4:22PM
adcindy: Takahiro Morita rips! Dec 19 2013 6:40PM
loc.e.nguyen: A dyslexic man walked in to a bra. Dec 20 2013 12:09AM
stephenfrbnks: I would love this big deck. Dec 21 2013 9:52AM
joneser900rr: GIVE ME THE DECK OR ILL COME TO THE STORE AND BUY IT! Dont make me come in there!! Dec 18 2013 10:46PM
shaquille.khan: Dylan Reider has more pop than something that has pop. Excuse my lack of creative ingenuity. Dawg. Dec 18 2013 11:44PM
Jaysample15: I freekin love SPoT. Its like totally the most rad place ever. Except you cancelled my shoes because apparently your site wasn't updated Dec 18 2013 9:08PM
layneb1210: "If i scares you, you should probably do it" Dec 18 2013 5:23PM
rosemkrause: Party on Deck Dec 21 2013 2:48PM
jpdsandres: Its just not a color anymore Dec 19 2013 12:33AM
Ak20eg: If I win this ill get a video of me slapping my baby momma across he white butt cheeks with it! And tag you in it! Dec 18 2013 9:28PM
tharealcarter06: Fuck Zumiez!!! Dec 18 2013 10:07PM
Sean.homola: Zoo York makes snowboards. Cuz there skateboards didnt already suck enough Dec 18 2013 11:14PM
rillo561: SPoT is the spot for all your needs Dec 21 2013 11:37AM
Jmyersap09: Where do lesbians go when they retire? Dunedin Dec 18 2013 4:52PM
spudz14: sweet graphic Dec 20 2013 9:20AM
lpescatore: I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired. Dec 18 2013 5:21PM
sk8erboy.xy: I hope this board cums to me in the mail Dec 20 2013 2:46PM
zuppkej: Most popular guy at the nudist colony? The guy that can carry 12 donuts and two coffees. Most popular girl? Girl that eats the 12th donut. Dec 19 2013 8:03AM
kickflip018: booger Dec 18 2013 5:06PM
jdunn3001: Thanks for Turning Jimmy, Zach, and Ben Pros! And Fuck this deck if its over 7.75! Dec 18 2013 7:32PM
martinkarmona: 1.yo mama is so fat her bellybutton is a skatepark 2.what do you call a skater with no shins or ankles TOE KNEE HAWK Dec 19 2013 7:40PM
jshg62: well i dont have much to say about the universe i do love this deck and graphic though but the beatles are gay Dec 18 2013 10:46PM
skatedat: real men love trannies! Dec 21 2013 2:41PM
davidlobasyuk: i hope nyjah dosnt quit element for this company because skateboarding isn't for people who mall graps at zumiez Dec 19 2013 3:32AM
noeserrano33: I need a new deck, badly. Dec 20 2013 6:31AM
alex78: Have a merry Christmas and a Hari Krishna. Dec 19 2013 12:29AM
shellshell32: A man said he was having phone once and it was great then the mans friend says I tried once and got my penis tangled in the cord. Dec 20 2013 9:48AM
reignsker6: whats invisible, and smells like carrots? invisible carrots Dec 20 2013 4:03PM
mandmme2: AAAAAHHHHH Dec 18 2013 9:55PM
brian.sanderlin: yes! Dec 18 2013 7:36PM
Buttathatledgeson: Butta that ledge son! Dec 21 2013 8:54PM
simonphuong123: A priest, a homosexual, and a pedophile walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "Just you tonight, father?" Dec 21 2013 4:26PM
pip.242: shooptypoop Dec 19 2013 12:32PM
tpiones: Can i get fries with that? Dec 21 2013 2:28PM
Collinwier: Csjaoxbxva Dec 20 2013 4:24PM
jpenick314: Cyan gets a bum rap. Its the outcast of the CMYK crowd. Dec 19 2013 7:22AM
fragthought: VX is dead. Long live the VX! Dec 19 2013 6:29PM
Chase529: I have been trying to buy a magenta board but no local shop here carries it! Plus they are hard to find anyways thanks for putting this up Dec 21 2013 7:49PM
aznkenboiii: the devil is a lie Dec 21 2013 8:44PM
S_Ross_88: I dont really have anything entertaining to say, I just really, really want that deck. Dec 18 2013 4:45PM
jordankaw: I wonder how much wambo this board gets Dec 19 2013 9:42PM
C.HullCSE: Dec 20 2013 2:56PM
pet.ermar: Um, shit man I dont know whats funny to you fuckin Floridians. In Little Rock we just laugh at other skateboarders. Dec 19 2013 4:00PM
blue6stair: I was once on The Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak laughed at me so I slapped him in the dick and ran. I ended up winning that round though. Dec 20 2013 4:31PM
aburgess1: I heart Al Bow Dec 20 2013 3:41PM
jeremy.remot: If life gives you melons... you might be dyslexic. Dec 19 2013 12:51AM
dotcom93: Chuck Norris doesnt do push-ups, he pushes the Earth down. Hahahah.....*laughing* Dec 19 2013 1:15AM
buckylasek100: Luke Pallone looks like Owen willlsons son Dec 20 2013 7:52AM
rickybin94: It is spelled SPoT, NOT SPOT or TOPS! Dec 20 2013 12:00AM
baronstank: when executives first saw "A Charlie Brown Christmas" they said, "‘We’ll play it once and that will be all. Good try." Dec 18 2013 4:56PM
jcanter: Superficial aesthetic characteristics = She has giant boobs. Dec 18 2013 5:59PM
eriq007: lemme get dat shit mufuggaz Dec 19 2013 7:30PM
mrdrainpro: "the bird is the word" Dec 21 2013 11:31PM
sbowes: Magenta Morita, Case Bonita, Let Your Boy Come and See Ya. Dec 19 2013 10:02AM
xaviery2010: When I tell my friends I skateboard. There response: But youre Black Dec 20 2013 3:00PM
j9t5: Damn. Let me flip that bird or Ill flip you the bird. Dec 19 2013 2:00PM
kylemonster94: Just want to be entered please and thanks. Dec 18 2013 6:08PM
orjur: dat booty had me like in another dimension Dec 18 2013 5:27PM
xxjohnny4: hopefully all the hipsters dont buy this to ride around on in galaxy print clothes, id rather shred it Dec 18 2013 6:15PM
ed.slamin: Magenta is sick! 2013 company of the year Dec 21 2013 12:39PM
Rockledgeskater: Good idea! lets move the sandhill cranes out of the streets of florida and into space so they can block traffic to the moon for china MURICA Dec 19 2013 10:10AM
planb61293: Nyjah Houston Dec 18 2013 9:21PM
maya.vega03: Hook Me Up! Christmas is coming! Dec 20 2013 9:38PM
Buzy28: OOOOOOO MEEEE Dec 19 2013 1:51AM
koolyoso: That bird really sets the mood Dec 21 2013 11:08PM
mewiley1124: Magenta, the color of a purple vageen. Dec 18 2013 4:57PM
Hosmer19: WHATS IN THE FUCKING BOX Dec 19 2013 12:35PM
jesse.montell: Lemme get this, it would be out of this world. AMIRITE?! Dec 20 2013 1:19AM
skate2572: Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesnt seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips ou Dec 21 2013 10:25PM


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