Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 2 Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 2 Premiere

Posted on Monday, December 30, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos by Aaron Austin and Frank Branca.
Words by Aaron Austin.

Stephen Buggica filmed and edited the Shaqueefa Mixtape 2 over the past 2 1/2 years, but in that time he never learned how to tie a tie for his premiere kit. He was too busy pointing a Sony VX1000 at a rad bunch of skateboarders. Let's go to this video premiere!
This is a small sample of the one-of-a-kind Shaqueefa shirts on the merchandise table at the premiere.
The Bodfather himself, aka Body Chrons, aka The Body. Scotty Conley, CEO and founder of Shaqueefa, holds a pair of panties that would look good on your girlfriend, so hopefully you bought some for her while you were at the premiere.
This chick didn't hesitate to pull a pair of those hand-printed panties on and assault Mr. Chronley. Is he feeling it? I don't know...
Yonis Molina. You know what last part means, right? I, too, would have to be heavily intoxicated to handle that kind of pressure.
Big Al, Allen Russell, with the smoothest skateboarder this side of the planet, Jimmy Lannon. Jimmy had his homey cut the Shaqueefa logo into the back of his dome for the premiere. So ill.
Jimmy Lannon wearing a TIA (Tampa International Airport) X Shaqueefa OG collaboration T-shirt.
No, this isn't another photo of Allen Russell. This is Ian Maxey, one of the best skateboarders in the room that night that hasn't skated in many years. Someone please get him a board so we can watch him kickflip back tail waist-high ledges again.
Will Lewis and his little brother Keenan came out to support the video.
Frank shot quite a lot of these photos. He caught me getting this interesting angle of those Shaqueefa undergarments.
And here's my angle.
Even Jitt Squad member Justin Zaragoza made it out past his bedtime for the video premiere. The pool table was a popular spot that night.
Piro Sierra got down on the shuffleboard table. He's wearing a Shaqueefa tee right now, but I have a feeling he's going to make a wardrobe change before the end of the night.
Jimmy Lannon runnin' the table.
SPoT team rider Jeremy Knibbs has a full part in the mixtape and it's bonkers. Here's Knibbs with his best bud and SPoT employee Jack Loktu. Jack is psyched for his boy - we all are!
Even the boss man came out for the premiere. Brian Schaefer in the flesh. Lots of thumb photos all night.
SPoT shop manager Tom Mckessy and Mr. PBR Seamus Gallagher are ready to get this video started. I think they mean business.
And now, the world premiere of the Shaqueefa Mixtape 2. Your master lensman, Steven Buggica, says it's time.
Oh My God! That was so ill! Piro Sierra, Justin Myers aka Baby Drew, and Robbie Kirkland fully approve. Be sure to buy a copy to see footage of all three of them and many more.
Proud (Bod)father. Scotty Conley embraced Manny Rodriguez, aka Manny Splackiou, after the video played through. This was Manny's first full-length part in a video, and Scotty killed it as expected. That hippie-jump!
Manny Fresh. Buggica said that Manny's part was his favorite, but you should buy the video and decide who has the best part for yourself.
Jimmy Mastrocolo and Chris Jata had sick footage in the mixtape.
HiDefJoe with SPoT rider Dylan Perry. Both of these guys have some dope tricks in the video.
Treshan O'Shaughnessy, member of the FSEC, shot photos all night. I'm sure he has some gems.
Poppa Justin Nixon was happy to be there. He's such a nice guy, and has a good little amount of footage in the mixtape.
These are some classy motha suckas. OG Shaqueefa head and head cook at the Bricks, Dave Cruz, and his lady Kimberly, on the left. Josh Bowser, aka Ichabod, and his lady Anell.
Whoops, wrong door. Sorry Joe.
SPoT team rider Sam Bellipanni and FSEC member Josh Wilson are best buds. Josh Wilson has been getting some serious "butt" coverage lately. Check him out at the Ghetto Christmas Party here.
Buggica and Manny Fresh had to get a photo together after all their mutual effort over the last couple of years.
Everyone wants a Shaqueefa butt photo. Of course Josh Wilson is in there.
Everything started to wind down and people gradually filtered out around midnight. This venue is seriously cool.
There's Piro's wardrobe change. I know Piro had some ripping footage, but was it enough for Seamus to put him on the PBR flow team?
Yonis says that's a wrap for the Shaqueefa Mixtape 2 premiere.


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