Digital Product Toss: Olloclip iPhone 5 4-in-1 Photo Lens & Case Winner

Posted on Friday, January 17, 2014 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, put them in random order, and someone with the email dazzzz21 came out on top. Good work, and check your inbox, dazzzz21. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss.
dazzzz21: Ive always wanted to film kids neck pros at demos. Jan 13 2014 6:39PM
Busmannsays: Cant wait for tampa pro!!!! You will laugh when u see my face I promise Jan 13 2014 5:32PM
hyperlemon: olloclip olloclip olloclip want want want Jan 14 2014 2:51AM
lextuxten: florida sucks in the winter, it has this gay bipolar weather thats hot one day raining the next then freezing your ass off winters bipolar Jan 14 2014 6:41AM
Skaterdude0614: Was hoping to get this for Christmas put no one likes me:( Jan 14 2014 9:41AM
stevefisher63: comment!! Jan 13 2014 4:26PM
Tlcko13: I need this! Jan 13 2014 10:07PM
Isukroman: What do you call two fat people having a chat? A heavy discussion Jan 14 2014 12:25AM
alenso310: I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually, it’s more of a wrap. Jan 14 2014 12:45AM
Drewflyoner: Atheism is a non-prophet organization. Jan 14 2014 1:15AM
jeremy.remot: I let Based God fuck my bitch but I sit in the corner and watch... must protect Based God... Jan 15 2014 12:09AM
Jordanf131: Every skateboarder needs one of these Jan 13 2014 4:53PM
wjjr92: Your Mom goes to college Jan 15 2014 3:40PM
msendejo03: hook up a homie with some great to get some killer photos of the TAMPA PRO 2014 Jan 13 2014 4:49PM
ntorrelli: I need this so bad before my old man knees give out and I cant skate any more. Jan 14 2014 12:51PM
maust07: stacking clips with ollo clips. DAMN SPOT IS THE SHIT!!! Jan 13 2014 5:24PM
megadude557: ill photograph you like one of my french girls. Jan 13 2014 5:24PM
Jake.friedlander: What do you call a skater with no shins or ankles? A: toe-knee hawk Jan 13 2014 5:37PM
Awall95: Fuck I dont know Jan 13 2014 5:47PM
huntersims111: nipples. Jan 13 2014 5:14PM
ehuguenard: I like olloclip! Jan 16 2014 9:22PM
brewersh: 7 year old son just started to skate. Would love to bring him and show him how the big guys do it! Jan 14 2014 8:53AM
treshanoshaughnessy: Lemme get dat for skate selfies Jan 13 2014 6:23PM
rickydrinks2less: this would be great for filming porn clips after a long day of filming skate clips haha Jan 13 2014 4:52PM
tomsoto1997: GIMME DAT THINGY Jan 13 2014 7:11PM
Pjbmx97: This would be amazing for me and my crew<3 Jan 13 2014 7:03PM
jaimejfk: Florida has great winters. Jan 13 2014 6:40PM
alenso310: What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Jan 14 2014 12:47AM
tylerluttrell: Need some sweet angles Jan 14 2014 11:35AM
positivevibes307: sick product hope i win! Jan 13 2014 4:49PM
Penaranda.m.i: Do you like Wendys? You'll love it Wendy's nuts are in your mouth! Jan 13 2014 5:02PM
hrob213: My son had a concussion on 11/11/13 filming I dont know how to postthe video Jan 14 2014 6:19AM
Palace5ivedc: Thank you for the opportunity -Justin Damer Jan 13 2014 10:17PM
luisamaria66: cool products Jan 14 2014 4:00PM
shaquille.khan: Arthur Miller developed the Willy grind through his illustration of his character Willy in his late 1940s play "Death of a Salesman". Jan 14 2014 3:09PM
mcmahon.brian.p: The filmer accidentally deleted all our iPhone footy brah. Jan 15 2014 11:15AM
blackjack_riptide: please i have never won a giveaway and it would be great if i could Jan 13 2014 4:52PM This will be awesome flipping the quick lenses to take pictures of my shoes, steezy butter Jan 14 2014 12:33AM
rbates2: Oh,snap bootleggin all the new movies now. B-Sides! Jan 14 2014 6:35PM
lomaboy02: This would allow me take better bathroom selfies .. woohoo Jan 13 2014 4:58PM
Stef6767: How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it. Jan 13 2014 6:21PM
aaaronhunter1: Did you hear about the corduroy pillow case? Its making headlines. Jan 13 2014 5:11PM
Drifthachi86: This would be rad for my camping/skate trip to NC/SC soon, need that fisheye for Bigfoot. Jan 13 2014 10:12PM
industrialpandas: this would be a great new way to take skate selfies! Jan 13 2014 4:54PM
charlieleone843: Hook it up dawg! Jan 14 2014 1:34AM
Xnikesbx: This fisheye would really help with fitting my nude selfies in the chuckee cheese bathroom. Too much? Jan 13 2014 8:01PM
thubler1: You will look odd if you go near elementary schools with this in your pocket. Jan 15 2014 6:49AM
igordog18: Id like it please. Even though I don't have an Iphone (mine still has buttons on it), it would make a nice gift for a friend! Jan 13 2014 4:36PM
Eudemon09: Gotta catch em all! SPOT X OLLICLIP ARE THE BEST!!! Jan 13 2014 9:14PM
Jenniferbucholc: My son would die for this thing Jan 16 2014 12:54AM
bscully21: need this for mons venus Jan 13 2014 8:23PM
Jordankaw: To queef, or not to queef. That is the question Jan 14 2014 7:21PM
Carrillocsa91: One of the top skate shops around!! Keep doing your thang! Haha Jan 13 2014 5:02PM
Stefanik2007: Slept like a log last night........ Woke up in the fireplace. Jan 13 2014 6:10PM
Tonypohnl: Olloclip kills! Jan 13 2014 8:56PM
Frankie.bucholc: Damn this thing is so gnarly Jan 16 2014 12:55AM
sean.bargmann: sweet ottoclip gotta have it! Jan 14 2014 8:57AM
tony.nguyen: SPOT or die! Jan 13 2014 5:05PM
Jrodriguez22181: My lil bro wants to be apart of his big bro skating but is not really into getting gnarly like I do hes into art and wants to film me plz Jan 14 2014 10:09PM
scotttgross: Jan 13 2014 5:24PM
defhead_12: What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh! Jan 13 2014 9:19PM
Frankiebucholc: Ayyyyy iPhone tages!!! Lets go! Jan 13 2014 5:08PM
enancy623: Now I can fisheye all my twerk vids , thank you baby Jesus !!! Jan 13 2014 5:55PM
Mattedhairs: This is a test of the emergency olieclip network. Without this your skate videos will be narrow and unwatchable. Repeat this is only a test Jan 14 2014 6:45AM
Nckhine: Olloclip Jan 14 2014 1:15AM
Dominiquemarcus: Skate board porn... Thats what this will be used on Jan 13 2014 6:11PM OK Jan 13 2014 3:44PM
stuccou7: olloclip is my daddy Jan 14 2014 8:31AM
walmurtha: that lens would be goood for close up pics! Jan 14 2014 7:25AM
sassernyc: What up! Im 40 and still skate a ton. Send me that piece and I promise not to make YouTube vids of my 2yr old. Old man fg sessions...yes!! Jan 13 2014 7:57PM
paredesseth: Please pick me I want a fisheye so bad!!! Jan 13 2014 11:09PM
G_liberati: Im thirsty for Instagram likes Jan 13 2014 8:46PM
daniihk: i NEED this for my boyfriend!!! hes been bugging me since xmas! please :) Jan 13 2014 5:17PM
Jameson_25: Make you laugh! Aint no'body. Got time for that!!! (Sweet brown voice) Jan 13 2014 8:29PM
iam4g10: oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah Jan 13 2014 11:44PM
Kylemonster94: I just want to be entered please and thanks. Jan 13 2014 7:57PM
Alexanderdesantiago64: Shut up Meg !! Jan 14 2014 9:33PM
Tarzan738: My girlfriend has this weird fetish she likes to dress up as herself and act like a fucking bitch all the time Jan 13 2014 8:53PM
Marivelharper: Hopefully your not bullshitting hahaa Jk you guys rock! Jan 13 2014 9:03PM
whartman: Why is there no black character in thegame "clue"? Because then it would just be called "solved". Jan 15 2014 2:03AM
bretbostock: Did i get it? Jan 13 2014 4:28PM
chandlerrodriguez40: olloclips are going to revolutionize skateboarding Jan 13 2014 4:10PM
greensten3003: Fisheye lens, something a skater should always have. Jan 14 2014 7:08PM
jayskate13: Footage is going to look even better with one of these. Jan 14 2014 5:18PM
aaronjleach: if you wanna laugh, watch my friends Jan 13 2014 10:20PM
sbowes: I have a feeling Im one of the only dudes that won't Ebay this Jan 13 2014 8:24PM
Ganjagamer442200: Hell Yea! SPoT Life Jan 15 2014 1:59PM
matthewbatson: REAL PIMPIN! ILL PUT A WIG ON A PIG! Jan 13 2014 11:27PM
vchinderjinschi: I just want to say you guys made Matt happy and he always told me he loved his job, respect SPoT Jan 13 2014 5:11PM
Stephenfaillace: Im doin it suck my dick Jan 14 2014 12:37AM
sustaita.andy: Pick me! This would be perfect to film some clips, and you guys at skate park of tampa rule Jan 14 2014 1:51AM
Ljq10: This lense is going to piss off a lot of girlfriends Jan 13 2014 6:26PM
Josh.hargrove.24: With this lens Ill be able to complete my dream, skate videos during the day and porn videos by night (obviously kidding). Want to go BIG! Jan 13 2014 9:11PM
B.riley3700: Downriver Jan 13 2014 5:32PM
camdengaba: fart to poop Jan 15 2014 10:01AM
alenso310: Why didnt the lifeguard save the hippie? Because he was too far out man! Jan 14 2014 12:39AM
lrguy89: I wish they made girls 4-in-1 Jan 13 2014 9:43PM
twalker3: clip one, clip two Jan 14 2014 6:40AM i want this so bad, but i have a 4s :/ Jan 14 2014 11:32AM
EVardell: Very cool Jan 14 2014 6:00PM
Nbaez50: Ksa, keep skating alive Jan 13 2014 9:28PM
jcanter: Take a picture of dat spider call it webcam Jan 13 2014 6:47PM
MSLetteri10: I NEED those lenses in my life!! Jan 13 2014 8:13PM
conor0312: burr Jan 15 2014 1:16PM
Jzskater: Please pick me it would make me so happy Jan 13 2014 10:01PM
zacho.skate: This is rad! Jan 14 2014 12:42AM
sk8ordino: HELL YEAH SPOT! Jan 13 2014 4:57PM
disastabeats: entering in this because i saw it on insta but i probably wont win because its a contest and ill blow it like always. word SPoT do yo thang Jan 13 2014 5:40PM
ziegler_jeremy: I got one of these for a white elephant gift was so excited and someone took it from me, I was super bummed.If I win no one will take it! Jan 15 2014 12:41PM
gar2232: I likea da fisheye Jan 13 2014 4:34PM
hgohanm: record the rip n dip with the olloclip. Jan 14 2014 4:43PM
mckenziejacob8: fishey Jan 14 2014 1:58AM
Jules: Dont really have much to say but here's a video I made of my friend getting pantsed a bunch of times Jan 14 2014 12:54PM
nico77miller: I can win the Slefie Olympics with an ollo clip for sure Jan 14 2014 1:42AM
jakepflum: Jan 14 2014 10:38AM
pet.ermar: Razor promo video for sure! Jan 13 2014 10:05PM
nigaryan4387: bust out da iphone, put on the ollie clip. im sk8in towards the stair, im bouta bust a treFlip.. but i land primo, my boards a hoe.. Jan 13 2014 9:16PM


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