LRG Gear DPT Winner

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, put them in random order, and someone with the email flacobubu came out on top. Good work, and check your inbox, flacobubu. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss. Full entries are below:
flacobubu: I need dis gear I can never win anything from yall Jan 29 2014 3:51PM
Derekclapper: I want some of that large brand stuff! Nah LRG is the SHIT plus i need those socks Im saving some of my old ones for the moat race 2014 Jan 27 2014 12:42PM
eljarardo: I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the fuck up." I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again. Jan 29 2014 3:00PM
mewiley1124: I have to poop. Jan 30 2014 3:29PM
rickydrinks2less: set the watch to 4:20 at all times Jan 27 2014 1:00PM
azsk8team: The socks would be awesome! I am an odd lady, That is why my team name is Hyena ;) Or the hat because Ill be at SPoT Sun. and I'll wear it! Jan 28 2014 6:54PM
xnikesbx: OK. Jan 29 2014 10:31AM
Chase529: What do Billy, Tommy and Asta all have in common. They all skate for Fallen and LRG Jan 29 2014 2:34AM
tampabaycbj: win baby win Jan 30 2014 3:43PM
conor0312: SPoT was the best thing the happen to Florida skateboarding. 93 til' infinity ! Jan 27 2014 11:10AM
zdurchsprung95: Ive never had anything that was LRG. Jan 28 2014 2:00PM
Jose.almonte22: Who else hates the sound of their own voice on video? Jan 29 2014 7:28PM
sbowes: Trying to live LRG and in CHRG Jan 28 2014 11:25AM
Jordanmartin13: Wanna hear a joke Obama care Jan 28 2014 11:01PM
nmeister0516: I stay Lifted Jan 27 2014 12:33PM
greensten3003: LRG is a great company. Id pimp this out in my van down by the River! Jan 28 2014 6:54PM
jordimzapata: Jan 30 2014 11:47PM
Kahmahkee: Spot all day everyday yyeee!! Jan 27 2014 2:57PM
Killsboroughlindsey: Tough titty said the kitty, as the milk ran dry... Jan 27 2014 11:13AM
jason.antico: LRG, Like-a Real G Jan 28 2014 2:29AM
colejordan46718: My life has become hell and my girlfriend hell keeper. Jan 27 2014 12:58PM
jpwijnperle: If I won this DPT, Id be soooo happy. Jan 29 2014 1:43AM
pet.ermar: 80th times a charm Jan 29 2014 11:23AM
camerons: Gotta have the good shit with the bad shit to get the dank shit. Jan 27 2014 11:42AM
thgleason: how about them scooter kids...... Jan 30 2014 5:15PM
Kylemonster94: Please enter me in thanks Jan 28 2014 7:03AM
Krissyboysmom: My kid loves LRG and his birthday is coming up! Jan 27 2014 11:16AM
batcrazy1: Hey Guys! I LOVE to shred at your skatepark on Sunday with my friends. Keep it cool, guys!! Jan 28 2014 8:54AM
hmrules95: hows it rollin Jan 29 2014 7:14PM
crazy_arturo: LRG Jan 29 2014 11:59PM
pkshield: Limitless-Reign-Game.. Mark it. Jan 27 2014 12:32PM
jmariscal98: i accidently the comment Jan 28 2014 4:53PM
frankiebucholc: best rider for LRG is Felipe hands down Jan 28 2014 11:00PM
eriq007: lemme get dat Jan 28 2014 3:14PM
jp.mccabe1990: theotis beasley got some mad pink lips. Jan 27 2014 11:36AM o Jan 27 2014 9:51PM
Trilcyaco: Definition of theres no food in the house? = We're out of food that I would actually eat. Jan 29 2014 7:39PM
gundamw6: SPOT is the best, You guys do more for skateboarding and Tampa then anybody else. Jan 30 2014 8:40AM
bryan.adams09: Trick or treat, smell my feet give some socks because mine smell. Jan 27 2014 11:00AM
green8327: Everytime I crash and burn I think to myselfLifes Really@ Jan 28 2014 1:52PM
Frankieabril3495: Are you from china? Because Im china get yo numba Jan 30 2014 8:30PM
theswedishsloth: Roses are red, violets are purple. I suck at poems. Nice tits. Jan 29 2014 10:55AM
pbratcliffe: Jan 28 2014 8:40AM
t.jejesteven: LRG is one of my favorite companies Jan 27 2014 10:27PM
dboyd0408: I intend on living forever..... so far so good Jan 28 2014 2:28PM
Deegeekaii13: Jan 30 2014 8:46PM
shijiekwok: Knock, knock. Whos there? Roach. Roach who? Roach you a letter, did you get it? Jan 27 2014 11:02AM
Jrodriguez22181: Hat to hide my no haircut wallet for my id b/c no money socks to hide my shiners and that nice watch so ppl better watch out what time it is Jan 29 2014 7:37PM
disasterust1: free Jan 27 2014 11:05AM
jcanter: I actually hate LRG, but I still want free stuff. The conflict ensues. If your seeing this, free stuff won. Jan 28 2014 12:51PM
Lpescatore: Yo. Jan 27 2014 11:00AM
mattyboy2487: So fresh n so clean, clean.... Jan 30 2014 3:30PM
gar2232: down with LRG, yeah you know me! Jan 28 2014 11:49AM
Jrschaff: Ooh man the watch is broke. Its stuck on 10:15. Damn Jan 27 2014 12:27PM
k1ckflip: pulled my groin today at SPoT and now cant skate for a couple weeks! bummed out Jan 30 2014 10:49PM
chandlerrodriguez40: felipe gustavos ss bs flip was sick Jan 27 2014 3:58PM
luca.coticelli: Go skate n' fuck more! Jan 27 2014 11:16AM
ibattou: That wallet is sick. Jan 27 2014 10:58AM