Tampa Pro 2004 Day 2: Thursday Nightlife

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2004 Day 2 Nightlife: Thursday, March 11, 2004
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Man that Red Bull art party thing last night in the Transitions Art Gallery here was pretty fun. For a split second you could look around at the crowd and art and forget that you were hanging out in a dirty old dusty warehouse.

While free drinks and social circles were going strong over there, two big sessions went down in the bowl and on the main street course. The late night session on the street course included a crew that made for a nice demo to watch: Darrell Stanton, Chris Cole, Kerry Getz, many of the judges, etc. Even Brian Schaefer was out there ripping. Check out this frontside boardslide on the flat bar. He definitely worked for that one.

It's early morning Friday now and we're getting ready to start up the Team Manager and Industry VIP contest. Gotta go.


Brian Schaefer front boards the flat bar during the late night session (2.7mb avi video)
Brian Schaefer was in on the late night session - frontside boardslide on the flat bar
Swill's got the new stencil for Tampa Pro 2004
Swill gets to work with the stencil
Artsy people in artsy places making artsy faces.
Matt Seemen and Curtis Valentine
Rodney Jones was in the late night bowl session
Scotty Conley attempts to look alert
Danny Vieira and crew.
Now that's skateboard art.
It was a little smoky in there - Rob and Soomi
This piece is sick. It's done by Chris Deacon. Half of it is carved into the wood, and the other half is drawn on a chalk board. You should go back there to check this one out.
An art show, a party, all your best friends, and a big bowl session. Hell yeah.

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