Cruise Control Gainesville Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cruise Control Gainesville

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 by Frank

Words and photos by: Frank and HiDefJoe
Video by: HiDefJoe

While all the jocks were worried about who was throwing the pigskin, the Shaqueefa posse and SPoT crew headed up to Gainesville, FL to skate Possum Creek Skatepark, the legendary backyard ramp, The Jungle and then ended the night at the Gainesville premiere of the Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 2. It was one hell of a day, so sit shotgun on this episode of Cruise Control, Gainesville edition.
Mandatory squad photo.
HiDefJoe takes the wheel for the ride up to Gainesville.
Arriving to Possum Creek Skatepark, Scotty leads the Shaqueefa squad with a FS 180 over the garbage can.
OG Shaqueefa homie Jimmy Lannon was ripping as usual. Make sure to check out his SPoT On.
Gainesville local Carl Feliciano 3 flip while Yonis documents.
Scotty shuts down the session with this layback board slide.
Next stop was this amazing backyard ramp called the Jungle.
Yonis ready to watch Incognito and Shaqueefamixtapevol2.
Jereme Knibbs has a full part. I'd much rather be watching a full clip by Jereme than the Super Bowl.
The ladies love Shaqueefa.
Big shout out to Jimmy Lannon for setting everything up and all the Gainsville Homies for the hospitality. See you next trip!


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