Tampa Pro 2004 Friday Street Qualifiers

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2004 Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest: Friday, March 12, 2004
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

I'll be missing too much fun if I spend any more time in front of this computer, so just let the photos below tell the story and I'll see you at the Green Room tonight. I'll be the drunk guy with the camera.

Click here for today's results. Top 16 make the cut.


Stacey Lowry - big giant pop shuv
Stefan Janoski - kickflip 50-50
Kyle Berard - kickflip
Ricardo Carvalho - kickflip
Jarett Berry - kickflip indy
Kareem Campbell - not sure if he ever made this 360 flip to fakie
Daisuke Mochizuki from Japan - kickflip melon
Ed Selgo - back smith
Chris Dobstaff - backside flip
Chris Senn - big quarter to wall jam to small quarter
Darrell Stanton - nollie 5-0
Billy Rohan - kickflip
Caine Gayle - feeble grind across and down
I think Caine Gayle is going to be one some reality show or something.
Bastien Salabanzi - kickflip
Billy Rohan - now that's a frontside flip

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