Tampa Pro 2014: Day 2 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2014: Day 2

Posted on Friday, March 21, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by: Aaron Austin Video by: Frank Branca, Tommy Bond
Welcome to day two of practice at the 2014 Tampa Pro. Thank you Gatorade for supplying the liquid needed to skate all day. Oh, and thanks for the lovely ladies, too.
Alex Carolino arrived early today and laid down some amazing tricks like this nollie 360 heelflip.
Chris Troy has a good looking switch frontside bigspin down the stairs. He took a hell of a slam today, but thankfully made it back a little later in the day to get a few more tricks in before tomorrow's contest.
The Team Manager and Industry VIP contest got underway at noon. Bob Reynolds got the magic happening with a Madonna.
Mike Rogers has a stylish front rock and an amazing capacity for compassion. Thanks for everything you do through skateboarding and otherwise for people with cancer, Mike.
Top 3 in the TM and Industry contest from left: 2nd John Alden - Deluxe, 1st Luke Callahan - Transworld, 3rd Dan Rogers - Asphalt Yacht Club.
While it was heating up on the course, Manny Santiago, Chaz Ortiz, Kevin Romar and Franchise Boy got warmed up with a game of basketball. Chaz and Manny here were plotting their strategy.
This incredible frontside kickflip (and many, many others) were being done by this year's SOTY winner, Ishod Wair. The flick, the float, the roll away -- he hardly missed any.
Brian Anderson approves of Ishod's frontside kickflips and is down with Shaqueefa, Scotty Conley's OG gully brand.
Is this kid Alec Majerus pro now? I know he won Tampa Am 2012, but did he turn pro? Oh well. He's really good. For proof, check out this clean backside noseblunt slide.
Speaking of Tampa Am winners, Felipe Gustavo took first place at the Am in 2007 and hasn't looked back. This is a switch frontside flip.
By late afternoon, everyone hit the Coffee Spot to stimulate a second wind. Thank you, The Skateboard Mag for the joe.
Zered Bassett, aka Doctor Z, was killing it today. This switch stance frontside feeble back to switch on the brick quarter/china bank was one of my favorite tricks to go down today.
Zered Bassett still charging, this time on a switch frontside flip, which was another of my favorite tricks today during practice.
This little guy got to meet all his favorite pro's. Did you?
Chris Troy back on the course in a new shirt after taking a slam and then a break. Gap to back tail.
I'm convinced that Luan Oliveira isn't human. He's some kind of Brazilian alien sent to Tampa to destroy everyone's confidence and self esteem by doing tricks gnarlier and higher than everyone. Check out the spaceship height on this 360 flip.
Luan Oliveira, again defying human possibilities with this tweaked nollie backside flip.
See, Luan must be an alien -- he's wearing those sunglasses so we can't see his alien eyes. Oh, and that's Curren Caples and Ian Deacon of Flip Skateboards covering for him.
Speaking of Flip Skateboards, here's David Gonzales, who also rides for Flip, as seen by the graphic on the underside of his board. You can see the graphic because he was flying over my head on this Colombian ninja kick and all day too.
Blueprint Skateboards 2012 - Kevin Coakley, Paul Shier and Marty Murawski. Marty is skating the contest this weekend.
Tito Porrata and his beautiful and apparently thirsty daughter Jolene are spending some quality family time together at the Tampa Pro this year. Stay tuned for our coverage continuing tomorrow as the contest kicks off with qualifiers all day here at the Skatepark of Tampa.


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