Tampa Pro 2014 Day 4: Finals and Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2014 Day 4: Finals and Awards

Posted on Monday, March 24, 2014 by Chris

Photos and words by Aaron Austin
Welcome to day four of the 20th annual Tampa Pro here at Skatepark of Tampa for the semi-finals and finals. During the semis, Curren Caples did some amazing tricks, but it wasn't enough to earn him a spot in the finals. Here's Curren on a frontside smithgrind across and down the rail.
Curren's got a killer backside tailslide through the corner.
It wasn't Felipe Gustavo's year to win, but he still made some amazing tricks. Felipe did these nollie frontside noseslides every try.
Felipe Gustavo has one of the best switch kickflips in the game.
I hope you've seen Ben Raybourn fly around in his new Nike SB video that welcomes him to the team. Ben did this head-high backside air to axle bash and went in fakie. It was bonkers.
Kevin Romar makes nollie backside heels look really easy.
Frank, the SPoT filmer and man behind all the wonderful edits up on the Skatepark's site, said that Brad Cromer's frontside kickflip to frontside rock on the roll in was his favorite trick of the contest. I'm a huge fan of Brad's skating, too, Frank.
Louie Lopez was one of many fresh new pros to skate the semi-finals this year. Here he is on a backside kickflip on the China bank.
Mark Suciu did some of the hardest tricks of the weekend. He made this switch 360 flip down the stairs during his run, but didn't make the cut to the finals.
This photo pretty much sums up what the moat race is all about. The poor kid that signed up to run in it had to inhale flour and is about to be hammered by an egg to the back of the neck, all while running through some of the sketchiest water and mud you'll find anywhere on the planet.
Here's your moat race winner: General Mustard. A close relative of the late General Custard.
On my way back into the warehouse I saw this guy with a Schmitt Stix shirt on and he told me the story about it. Apparently there were only 25 of these ever made, and Paul Scmitt had just offered him $500 for it because even he didn't own one, but the owner turned it down. How much does the T-shirt make this photo worth then?
Geoff Rowley showed up minutes before the finals started to catch the madness that was the 2014 Tampa Pro final runs. I'm guessing he was rooting for new Flip pro rider Alec Majerus in Alec's first pro contest.
Evan Smith doesn't know what he's about to do on his skateboard until he's already done it. Here he is on a frontside flip disaster on the China bank that nearly caved in the ramp.
Ishod Wair didn't stop skating the entire weekend-- he just keeps going and going. You can really tell he's having fun on his board, and it doesn't hurt that he's really, really good on it. Ishod made this backside smithgrind pop-out during his run, and thankfully didn't vomit after it this time.
Ishod Wair - frontside bluntslide.
This was Trevor Colden's first pro contest, like Alec and a few others. Trevor just turned pro for Skate Mental. He has a really solid backside 180 nosegrind.
This is how to pop out of a crook pop-over, kids, and this is how to skate the finals at Tampa Pro.
The skating at this year's contest was more gnarly than anything that's ever gone down. Chaz Ortiz did some serious moves during his final's runs and landed this 360 flip in all three of them.
Chaz Ortiz ollies out of his backside tailslides. In one of his finals runs, he kickflipped into backside tailslide across the box and kickflipped out -- I said he did that in a run, right? Unbelievable.
Everyone knew that Nyjah Huston won the 2014 Tampa Pro with the live scoring, so he didn't even need to take his third and final run. He took it anyway and did some of the craziest tricks to go down this weekend.
After being mobbed by fans, Nyjah threw out his old deck from the top of the roll-in. Look how hungry you all are for some Nyjah!
Thank you to everyone who came out to the contest, and thanks to those of you who tuned in on our website to watch the live webcast. Here's the view the winners will have of all you wonderful fans.
Speaking of fans, you all voted for David Gonzalez to win The Skateboard Mag "Fan Favorite" award. Here's David accepting the award and thanking all of you.
Evan Smith - winner of the Fender guitars Fender's Finest award. Evan played an impromptu guitar solo and all the girls in the crowd fell in love.
Not bad for your first pro contest, Alec Majerus. Here's Alec with his Beats by Dre headphones and Fender guitar as prizes. Oh, and you know, he also won 10 grand. Yeah, that too.
Chaz Ortiz- 2nd place, and $15,000 richer.
Nyjah Huston, winner of the $20,000 first place prize at the 2014 Tampa Pro contest presented by Nike SB.
Top 3: Nyjah Huston - 1st, Chaz Ortiz 2nd, Alec Majerus - 3rd.
Right as the champagne poppped, Eric Koston ran on stage for this epic selfie. Oh, and the camera strap poking in from some guy's camera is about to ruin my champagne shot.
Yep, would have been a great photo, except for the strap dangling in front of my lens. Thanks. Thank you to all of our sponsors: Nike SB, Gatorade, Redbull, Bones, Nixon, Mob Grip, Converse, Silver Trucks, Independent Trucks, Hellaclips, Spitfire, 3D Skateboards, Tired, Skate Mental, Real Skateboards, Beats by Dre, Fender, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Zumiez, Jack Link's, Stance Socks, Dakine, Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, Coffee Spot, Low Card, Transworld, and Boards for Bros.


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