Digital Product Toss: Boulevard Rodrigo Petersen Retro Deck Winner

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, put them in random order, and someone with the email daddysgirlskateboards came out on top. Good work, daddysgirlskateboards. Check your inbox. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss. Full entries are below:
daddysgirlskateboards: Toss IT Apr 27 2014 11:24PM
Rafaelmondragon90: Yo bitches fade thou Apr 26 2014 2:27PM
flacobubu: dis will go gud with my gopro Apr 25 2014 7:02PM
deonte.hanner: Apr 27 2014 4:18PM
Juanangulo013098: Dude whyd the chicken cross the road? To save its eggs from the moat race Apr 26 2014 10:07AM
xxjohnny4: my address is on golfwood BOULEVARD, i could ride a boulevard on my boulevard Apr 26 2014 4:13PM
wetwilly1227: Your Comment Apr 26 2014 12:49PM
mariaeh87: i really need these boards if i dont have don't get one i don't get a whore but na for real i support you guys 24/7 hopefully i win board Apr 26 2014 4:11PM
dboyd0408: throwback is where its at Apr 25 2014 10:01PM
xwillykanex: THEWORLDMARKET Apr 26 2014 10:01PM
Chaserdude99: 7.8 is the best size if youve got midget feet! Apr 27 2014 3:08PM
Mylegwork: Rick, paper, scissors...retro beats metro like paper takes down rock. Apr 26 2014 11:45AM
lancateon: i need a new deck for the spring roll Apr 25 2014 5:15PM if you want to laugh look in the mirror. :D Apr 25 2014 9:06PM
muhdsalazar: Need this beautiful deck for my wall .... I really hope that I win Apr 26 2014 5:34AM
Barriaga58: Rodrigos amburguer part tho Apr 26 2014 1:36AM
deni3dxfate: You know whats harder than making you laugh? Fitting the joke in this comment box! Apr 25 2014 8:05PM
kevingritschke: Whats the difference between a chickpea and a lentil? I wouldn't pay $200 to have a lentil on my face Apr 27 2014 9:53AM
chuck670: awesome Apr 27 2014 4:19AM
nckhine: never heard of boulevard but ill give it a try Apr 25 2014 7:37PM
carleswilson: boulevard decks are one and a kind, great pop and concave ive been sk8tin em for a while also im batman Apr 25 2014 5:10PM
austinlwells: whats the deal with Ovaltine? Apr 25 2014 10:21PM
overthrowingsilence: i would love to try out a boulevard deck. never had one before Apr 25 2014 5:20PM
tampaboy99: i just need new board man Apr 25 2014 5:25PM
2658517: shoutout to pizza Apr 25 2014 7:23PM
tjhipp13: A man with no arms goes to a hookers house to have sex. she asks if he has a long dick. And he says how do u think I rang the door bell. Apr 27 2014 4:17PM
Info: Luke made me look at his naked pic in thrasher mag Im scared for life! Apr 25 2014 4:46PM
chrisg12999: roses are red, violets are blue ,God made me pretty,what the hell happened to you!!! (for that ex) Apr 26 2014 11:00PM
Kylemonster94: Enter me in please and thanks. Apr 26 2014 2:13PM
alvarodiazaustin: I can do all things Apr 27 2014 6:21PM
alex78: Retro is so..........retro. Apr 25 2014 4:50PM
brian.sanderlin: BLVD..... Apr 25 2014 6:44PM
christokhan: Cole is the man! Apr 27 2014 5:51AM
jake-fig: weiners Apr 25 2014 9:57PM
M9885086: . Apr 26 2014 10:00AM
Deathwish18288: Im pretty stoned man so like let this pimp of a kid win so he can cherry bomb over some fat kids on scooters at Tampa cause like that swag Apr 26 2014 4:05PM
ftkmedia: What does a street skater and a stripper have in common? A: They both love grinding the rail. Apr 26 2014 3:45AM
syahfiq20: I want this board ..that all :) :) Apr 26 2014 5:31AM
evans363: Im 27, unemployed with a graduate degree, and haven't gotten laid in something like three year. Just give me the deck please. Apr 27 2014 9:20PM
nikeairchamp863: step son would love these boards Apr 25 2014 4:35PM
courtneygopro: SPoT Skate Shop Rocks Apr 26 2014 3:09AM
sk8ter.merch: i think this is cool Apr 27 2014 1:23AM