Spring Roll 2014 presented by Lakai Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2014 presented by Lakai

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 by Chris

Video by Frank.
Photos and captions by Aaron Austin.
Welcome to the coverage of the Spring Roll contest presented by Lakai here at the Skatepark of Tampa. Tyler Kirshenbaum kicks things off with this varial heelflip out of the bank in the 8-and-under division. The little guys are really great to watch these days, especially with mini-moves like this one.
Yosef Blamos Bubes placed 6th in the 9-12 division. Yosef made this gap up to 50-50 during his jam.
Rory Doran is a crowd favorite, and that includes the other skaters in the contest. The coping was screaming with tail-smacks when Rory landed this boneless in his jam.
Austin Hufnagel spun this 540 straight into first place in the 9-12 division. Thanks for making it here from New Jersey, Austin.
Amir Denis made these proper kickflips during practice and even one-upped himself with a 360 flip down the stairs during his jam in the 13-15 division, but couldn't put all the pieces together today. Don't worry Amir, there's always another contest.
The competition in the 13-15 division was fierce today. Here, SPoT local Darrell Gordon and SPoT team rider James Cobb cheer on Jitt Squad member and all-around madman Giancarlo Scalise during his jam. James and Darrell are two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
Mikey Sanchez has a nice 360 flip down the stairs. Mikey battled to second place in the 13-15 division, which is no easy feat.
8-and-under from left to right: Dane Dowding 3rd, Tyler Kirshenbaum 1st, Daniel Espinoza from Lakai, Danny Boyd 4th, Early Boggs 5th, Sebo Walker (above Early) Xavier Schwarz 2nd.
Courtney Block was one of only two girls to skate the contest today. Way to go Courtney.
9-12 from left to right: Keenan Lewis 3rd, Tyson Zane 2nd, Austin Hufnagel 1st, Austin Butler 4th, Darius Norton 5th.
13-15 from left to right: Juan Gaviria 4th, Lachlan Yarbrough 5th, Leo Moreno 1st, Mikey Sanchez 2nd, Giancarlo Scalise 3rd.
Gavin Thompson gets us right into the 16-and-up division with this backside smith.
This is Mark Williams. Mark is skating around the country, in total 8,000 miles, to raise funds for a skateshop / pizza joint, and also so he can donate a portion of the money he collects to breast cancer charity. Mark has traveled 1,350 miles already, and when Frank asked if he has cruiser wheels for his trip, he said "No, I skate what I skate."
The sponsored division is always exciting here at the SPoT all ages contests. Ish Cepeda starts off this division with a nollie heelflip over the hip.
Ish Cepeda on a smooth backside overcrook down the rail.
Alex Buncy is a wrecking ball out there on the course. He skates with a lot of speed and tons of power. He better be ripping, too, because his dad, Mark, at 52 years old, can still shred a pool better than you can.
Nick Noel didn't make the finals but has a tweaked out hurricane for the camera. Thank you Noel family for always making it to our events.
Marse "Little" Farmer is one of my fellow Lakelanders. Marse rips the new Lakeland Skatepark every day, and probably learned these frontside bluntslides there.
Tyson Peterson didn't make the cut to the finals, but still looked good out there in his jam. Here's Tyson on a frontside noseblunt slide.
Let's pause for a musical update: Zion Wright's dad, Mustafa, plays the drums very well. Ok, let's get back to the finals of the sponsored division.
Schaefer said that SPoT team rider James Cobb looked oiled up for the finals. Nah, that's just the essence of James, Schaefer.
Zion Wright frontside flip to the beat of his father's drum. This is Zion's first contest back from a serious injury. We're all glad you're back to your ripping self, Zion.
Here's the winner of the Lakai Spring Roll contest: SPoT team rider Markus Jalaber. Markus did about a million hard tricks to qualify, then multiplied those million by a billion. Here's Markus on a switch crook.
16-and-up from left to right: Sebo Walker, Richard Hatten 3rd, Chris Roque 1st, Deein Coats 4th, Mike Mavo 2nd, Daniel Espinoza.
Daniel Espinoza and Sebo Walker from Lakai got special awards for being here. The last time Daniel skated in Tampa Am, he broke both of his wrists at the same time. We're glad that this trip was much kinder on your body, Daniel.
Sponsored from left to right: James Cobb 4th, Jake Ilardi 5th, Markus Jalaber 1st, Zion Wright 2nd, Davin Wynkoop 3rd.
Congrats Markus for winning this year's Spring Roll contest. Thank you Lakai for your support. We hope everyone enjoyed it!


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