Some photos from Go Skateboarding Day, 2014 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Some photos from Go Skateboarding Day, 2014

Posted on Saturday, June 21, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Mikah Collins.

June 21st: National Go Skateboarding Day as it's come to be known to the skateboarding community. It's the time to grab your board, even if you're just an old guy who steps on it from time to time, gets out and pushes, ollies, falls, gets up, and does it all over again. Today we gathered at SPoT for some free skating to everyone who showed up. We quickly fired up the grill and served up free hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers. There was also a high ollie contest with tons of prizes for the winners. Throughout the day, we sprinkled in free products for best no comply trick over a bench, free DC shoes to the kid that had the most busted pair, and free decks from Cliche & Almost for most busted boards. Check out the brief photo recap below, and big thanks to all the parents who brought their kids out, and support their love for skateboarding.
June 21st - Go Skateboarding Day. It didn't take long to pack the park out with kids & parents there to enjoy skating all around.
Denis Frain held down the SPoT tent & mic, hooking up kids & parents alike with products all day long. Who doesn't dig free stuff?
Tampa local and long time park lurker, Alex Morley had to get an ollie in over the picnic table.
Impromptu games of skate went down here all day long. Denis made sure the winners got hooked up.
Andy Johnson & Chris Reitz held down the grill all day long. No easy task with hundreds of hungry kids. Thanks fellas.
Kids packed out the SPoT tent to get a chance to get free products from decks to shoes.
We'd planned to give away one deck for the worst deck in the crowd. These two kids' boards were so bad, we had to hook them both up on a fresh piece of wood. Their faces say it all.
This young ripper came all the way from Puerto Rico, and was at SPoT for his first time. He was convinced that he had what it takes to be on the SPoT team. Schaefer approved!
We did a "Most Busted Shoes" giveaway and there were plenty to look at. The "talking" shoes seemed to be the most common.
In the end, this kids shoes were beat, dead, beyond gone. Thanks to DC for hooking this kid up on a fresh pair. Much needed.
The high ollie contest was great, with around 50 kids starting it out. In the end, we had three guys competing to ollie 34 inches. This guy was the only one who could get the pop to clear it. Maybe not the best looking ollie, but he made it.
Here's 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the high ollie contest. All hooked up proper with a pair of shoes, decks & other goods.
After the high ollie, we had to get a GSD group photo in. Tons of kids showed up today.
It wouldn't be a proper event at SPoT without a product toss. Kids & parents all got hooked up today. Thanks to our sponsors Element, DC, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Powell Peralta, Cliche, Almost, Enjoi, Duster & Tensor for the products. Extra big thank you to all those who made it out to the GSD event today at SPoT. Happy Go Skateboarding Day to everyone. Til next year!


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