Photos From the Florida Skimboarder Crossover Tour 2014

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Jean-Luc Vida.
The crew that skated today couldn’t have been more rad. The comradery and stoke was on high, even out of the water. This group ripped!
Representing for the ladies was Amber Torrealba. Don’t let the good looks fool ya, this girl had style.
Along with the killer judges for the day was Luke Pallone. This was Luke’s first time on the mic and he handled the commentary like a BOSS.
The man behind the lens, Anthony Liuzzi getting the angles for a documentary he has been working on since last year. He's been to all stops on the tour and has the gnarly crossover footage to prove it. Be on the lookout for its debut sometime in 2015.
Alex Chapin taunting the judges with this proper front smith across the flatbar.
Amber getting barreled with a layback powerslide on the kahuna, reppin’ the skim signature soft foam grip tape.
Alex Hood blowing minds with his keen sense of color coordination, matching the Rasta board shorts with the old school rasta ipaths, not the mention this boardslide through the corner. Yeah Alex!
John Akerman earning himself $20 with a lipslide across the long flat bar. Spend it wisely John.
Everyone was clearly hyped. This group shreds land just as good as they do water.
Alex pushes hard to get this axle stall re-entry. Glad we got to see it.
Skateboarding defined truly from the heart. Schaefer was hyped. Top 4: 1st place - Alex Chapin; 2nd place - John Akerman; 3rd place - Joe Ward; 4th place - Turner Tenney
Florida Skimboarder Crossover Tour at SPoT number one qualifier, Alex Chapin taking home first place after blazing through the course with his deep bag of tricks. A well deserved victory, Alex. Congrats!
Long time friends, Brian Schaefer & Steve Pullara, and our announcer Luke pose for a quick farewell photo until next time their paths cross.
Big thanks to everyone that participated in the Florida Skimboarder Crossover Tour. True skateboarding straight from the heart and good vibes all around with this crew. Shout out to Steve for making it all happen!