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Nov 17th Contest Photos

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 by EVENT

November 17, 2001 All Ages Contest
Thanks to everyone who came out and the sponsors for the all ages contest. All photos and video below were taken by Barak Wiser unless indicated otherwise. See below for the Spitfire Best Trick Contest results. Click here for full contest results.

First Place in 12 and Under - Jeremy Knibbs

Second Place in 12 and Under - Alex Morley

Third Place in 12 and Under - Forrest Cunningham 

Fourth Place in 12 and Under - Tyler Radford 

Fifth Place in 12 and Under - Daniel Elek 

First Place in 13 to 15 - Evan Sherman 

Second Place in 13 to 15 - Matt Carlock 

Third Place in 13 to 15 - Nick Wilton 

Fourth Place in 13 to 15 - Smalls 

Fifth Place in 13 to 15 - TJ Sparks 

First Place in 16 and Up - Jeffrey Fultz
Second Place - Jack Moran 

Third Place in 16 and Up - Tommy Presley 

Fourth Place in 16 and Up - Ryan Williams  

Fifth Place in 16 and Up - Josh Saks 

50-50 on the mini hubba

If you fall asleep during the contest, you could have a rude Bull Horn awakening

Goin' for it in the board toss

Brian Schaefer making sure the guests are enjoying themselves

Backside Smith
The bomb droppers and stuntmen were in full effect all day. Check out the three videos below.
1. Off the bank rail (1.3MB)
2. From upstairs (2MB)
3. Off the vert to bounce (1.1MB)

John Paul rock on the wall (1.1MB Video)
Mongo pushers ruled the 12 and under

Wear your pajamas to a contest and we'll put your picture on the web site

Parents get ready to go for it in the product toss

Dave Pleshaw - skate like an Egyptian

First and Second Place - Sponsored Division - Joey Corey and Chris Kendall

Fifth Place - Sponsored Division - Matt Giles

Tommy Presley
Nolan Lee kickflips from the kahuna over the scorpion to bank during best trick (1.3MB Video)

Below is a message from Barak to everyone who participated this weekend:

Dear Friends,

Our final All Ages Skateboarding Contest of the year on November 
17th was very successful.  There were over 120 entrants and about 
250 spectators cheering them on throughout the day.  The prizes 
packs for 1st through 5th were huge, and the three huge product 
tosses even had some of the parents diving for boards and other products.

The Spitfire Best Trick Contest on the “Scorpion” was insane.  
Some of these kids were going balls out on the steep quarter pipe 
and ripping very creatively.  The top three skaters received Spitfire 
prize packs compliments of Deluxe. 

All banners that we received were well hung all over the street 
course.  I would like to thank all of the companies that once 
again supported our skateboarder run contests for skateboarders.

The Skatepark of Tampa would like to recognize the following 
companies: DNA Distribution, Flexfit, Tum Yeto, Mastermind 
Distribution, Aesthetics, Elwood, Consolidated Skateboards, 
Transworld, Circa, Shannon Pacific, NC Clothing, Illenium, 
Savier, Ally Containment Company, ATM, Lost, Volcom, Lib Technologies, 
Killing Machine Hardware, NHS Distribution, Matix, Deluxe Distribution, 
Sole Technology, High Speed Productions, Atlas Distribution, 
Monkey Business, Bob Bulatowicz, Globe Shoes, Crooks, Arcade 
Skateboards, Shorty’s Skateboards, Skate One, DVS Shoes, 
Ocean Avenue Distribution, Clive, and Zoo York.

The top five results for each division are listed below.  
Feel free to call me if you have any questions or go to our 
website for the full list of results and photos:

Barak Wiser and The Skatepark of Tampa
(813) 621-6793

12 & Under:		13 - 15:
1st Jeremy Knibbs		1st Evan Sherman		
2nd Alex Morley		2nd Matt Carlock
3rd Forrest Cunningham	3rd Nick Wilton
4th Tyler Radford		4th Smalls
5th Daniel Elek		5th TJ Sparks

16 & Up:			Sponsored:
1st Jeffrey Fultz		1st Joey Corey
2nd Jack Moran		2nd Chris Kendall
3rd Tommy Presley		3rd Curtis Valentine
4th Ryan Williams		4th Jack Bird
5th Josh Saks		5th Matt Giles

Spitfire Best Trick Contest:
1st Nolan Lee - Blindside kick flip to fakie 
	transfer over the scorpion to the bank
2nd Matt Seemen - Crooked grind transfer
	Indy grab crooked grind transfer
3rd Matt Giles - Smith grind transfer
	Nose grind transfer

Barak Wiser
Skatepark of Tampa
4215 East Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33605
Phone (813) 621-6793
Fax (813) 621-7497


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