Shaqueefa SRQ Tour

Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2004 by Adam

Shaqueefa SRQ Tour
April 27, 2004
Words and Photos by Adam Burgess

This particular Shaqueefa tour took two weeks of planning, along with three hours of driving to reach the infamous tropics of the Sarasota snakepark. The posse included the ruthless Craig Kaths (calve muscles the size of your life!), better known amongst the elite Shaqueefa OG's as "C-Note", Steve B., who "kept the bench warm" (translation for your dad, the coach) due to lower back spasms, and Adam Burgess, the "O.G. richard." We were scheduled to leave the Shaqueefa lab no later than 12 pm, but C-Note was the designated captain for this tour so we arrived at the park around 3pm. Where that three hours went, we'll never know. So we skirted I-75, going the designated speed limit of 70 mph, never once breaking any state or federal laws. We arrived at the park and dove head first into the sea of raging hormonal adolescent weefs who were quick to snake and be snaked until the most gangster posse blessed the snakepark with their presence. This click that I'm referring to does not incorporate any of the Shaqueefa O.G.s, Craig and myself, that had already been thrashing helmet style. The gangsters that I remember so vividly happen to be none other than SRQ's finest, Deagel and J. Paget. I noticed their presence immediately upon entry into the park; blingin' dunks for days, throw backs the size of soup bowls (Deagel, aka Grease, aka Derek Millan wears a size 9 1/2!!! Holy cranium), and those well defined gangsta struts and stares. You should have seen the local park sharks part like the Red Sea when the BTS posse showed up. So we all exchanged some dap and literally destroyed that luscious concrete landscape. Fortunately for all the Shaqueefa fans, I figured out how to take photos with Rob's camera. Unfortunately for all the ladies who are trying to post my photos as screen savers, the rest of the squad was too psyched or stumped to figure out the one second delay. After our schralping techniques caused the concrete to crack in various parts of the course, we decided it was time to depart. Craig manned the controls "captain style", Derek and Jay robbed a near by convenient store, and Steve and I gave our farewells to the "Infamous James", some lurked out Bradenton local. We drove back to TPA!, 70 mph, thus resuming our lives and running the streets that most of you groms know nothing about.

Jay Padgett - cone ollie
Adam Burgess - backside flip
Jay Padgett - nollie backside heel
Derek Millan - back smith
Derek Millan - cone ollie
Derek Millan - hip ollie
Craig Kaths - cone ollie
Craig Kaths - you guess what he's doing
Craig Kaths - kickflip fakie
Craig Kaths - backside nosegrind
How long has it been since you hated on someone? Ten minutes? Man, you're over due. Click this photo.

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