SPoT Ben Hill Demo 2004

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2004 by Rob

SPoT Ben Hill Demo: May 21, 2004

Photos and stupid captions by Rob Meronek
Except for this salad grind, Jonathan Cruz has probably never had a salad in his life. I'm sure he gets plenty of Frosted Flakes, though - "esta muuuuuuuuy bien!"
Tommy Presley can do the YMCA dance and a blunt slide at the same time. The office workers here call that "multitasking"
The crowd in the background is going nuts over Tommy Presley's frontside nosegrind
All the kids are hyped on Tommy Presley's back to school Supercuts special, not his feeble to fakie
Looks like the camera added a little more than ten pounds on Scotty Conley's frontside 50-50
What is this Japan or something? We got an Asian behind the camera and one in front of it, too. Nah, if this was Japan, Robbie Kirkland's back lip would have some element of bondage in it
Only a bad camera and a bad camera guy could make Chris Lehman's crazy bomb drop from the basketball hoop look like crap
John Paul Grebe frontside boardslides the latest mobile obstacle: the DVS bench
There's two different versions for a caption on this photo. One is the skater version: "Francisco Rivera - frontside smith" and the other is the Ben Hill female student version: "omg like he's sooo hot lol! u r fine! ttyl!"
Fracisco Rivera enjoys attention from the ladies while Adam Burgess is like "wait 'till they grow up, then I'm gonna pounce!"
I bet this photo of Fracisco Rivera's feeble grind will be inside a few girls' lockers at Ben Hill right next to all the Justin Timberlake ones
Dark Jay better hurry up and land this backside flip on the bank before the sun melts his ass
Looks like the camera and I are the only ones watching Barak Wiser's frontside flip on the bank, oh and that one kid back there in the yoga position
Barak Wiser would rather be boardsliding than placing orders right now
As indicated by all the comments on the Wallenberg article, yes, we suck at taking video. We're using a point and shoot camera for it, not a VX 4 on the floor over head cam dooley death lens or whatever. Here, Dark Jay kickflips out of a blunt on the quarter

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