We Had It Article at Skatepark of Tampa

We Had It

Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 by Ryan

We Had It
By Ryan T. Clements
Photos by Dave Pleshaw and Ryan T. Clements

Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don’t. When it’s there you know it, and if you know what I’m talking about, you’ve been where we were mid-afternoon, Sunday, November 18th. We had it. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then hopefully one day you’ll feel it.

The time was right, the weather was right, and the place was right. This time it happened to be at Gulf View Mall. Boards in Motion had the Skatepark of Tampa Team out for a demo. It was the first trial of our new portable set-up and it unraveled like clockwork: Drive there, unload, set-up, skate, breakdown, reload, go to Hooters, drive home = success.

It’s not commonplace for a corporate entity such as a large mall to bring on a skateboarding demo, but I commend Gulf View for doing so and I commend Boards In Motion for creating a scene in Port Richey. The Team ruled the course and the crowd ruled the vibe. If you were there, you felt it. If you weren’t, come next time. We missed you.


Abdias, split second prior to frontside bluntslide.

Dave seems to be a bit premature on his shot. Abdias, about to bluntslide.

Mall management thought the "board toss" was a great idea!

"Gulf View Mall is not responsible for injuries occurring during product tosses."

Does this one really need a catchy caption? You know the drill.

Ollie, kick, flip, catch, land, Giles.

Lookout, it's Hurricane Giles!

Matt Giles, well-executed nosegrind.

Lil' Danny Elek throwing a kickflip off the bank.

Port Richey local.

This backside lipslide was as smooth as his freshly shaven head, Scotty Conley.

Even YOU are a hero in someone's eyes. Scotty laying down his John Hancock to a stoked little guy.

Not anyone can do an ollie cannonball grab this good. Matt Seaman showing us what's up.

And he didn't even know it was his birthday until we got to Hooters. Initiation has just begun for young Tommy Presley.

Tommy actually did a nollie shove-it to boardslide during the demo, but all Dave got a photo of was this 50/50. Everyone has to pay their dues.


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