Damn Am NYC 2015 - Friday SPoT Life and Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am NYC 2015 - Friday SPoT Life and Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 19, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Photos and words: Matt Price
Practice day for Dam Am NYC started bright and early at the LES park with Eric and Milligan handling renegade registration at a desk fit for a C.E.O.
Schaefer explained how strong he wanted Paul to sound while filming their Spot Life intro. Paul may have fallen asleep.
Keith Hardy was the first dude to show up and check in and it was quickly apparent that he owns this park. Tip toe FS wall rides were one of many tricks in his bag.
Tony Christopher aka @swampnessmonster drove straight from Detroit and slept in his car to skate the contest. He woke up and went straight to work handling hurricanes and other moves on the rainbow rail.
Schaefer decided to accost Oscar Meza who just came directly off a red eye flight from LA and was practicing with no sleep.
...Apparently nose grind pop outs do not require sleep.
Alejandro is young, but has the old guy moves on lock. No Comply over the large fruit.
Skateboard Mag staff photographer Jacob Messex stopped by to show the Ams that he doesn't just take pictures. That front foot action on this backside 360 is too nice.
Frank the Tank handling those angles with his extra long lens. I'm not saying he's compensating for something, but who needs a lens that long?
The man simply known as Kempsey was ollie nose grinding the hubba with classic New York style. This dude is a silent shredder who will surprise you real quick.
The good homie showed up to make sure he got front row seats for Qualifiers tomorrow.
Marcus Sarsycki knows exactly what to do with his front toe when preforming the backside smith.
Yoshi Tanenbaum doesn't just later flip huge stairs, he also jumps over hubbies into trannies. What a well rounded young man.
Alex Midler went full speed on this gap to FS Blunt, but since his growth spurt, he needs to wax things more. More person equals more friction.
Everybody loves a good party line, and Alejandro and Keith were throwing them down all day. Trying to catch them in the air at the same time was no easy task.
Dashawn Jordan is a maniac. This poor 360 flip never stood a chance. Even when I made him do it 3 more times because I blew the photo.
Rowan Zorilla should run for #switchgod 2015. No offense to any other current switch god, but his switch tranny skills are nuts! As seen in the switch FS Ollie.
Zion Wright has a spring loaded hard flip. Up to the front foot every try and he can't even vote yet.
With a pocket full of straws, DJ Wade made the call that it was time to head to 50 Kent just as the sun was getting pretty.
When we got to 50 Kent, Dylan Witkin was already flying over the top of buildings in between the chaos that was best trick warm up.
If your judges don't skate, you're beat. SPoT judges are always shredding. Bob Reynolds and Milligan get synchronized on some pivot fakies.
Alex Midler backside ollies the channel while the sun did something weird to my lens. I'm not complaining.
It's called art bro... you wouldn't get it.
It was almost go time for the best trick, but we had to hold so we could find a bigger tripod for this Go Pro.
Right away things were insane. You ever see a backside 360 and a front crook happen 2 feet from each other?
Dashawn Jordan - 360 flip grinder the hubba first effing try.
Yoshi Tanenbaum landed a backside 360 kick flip then his board went under the fence and out of the park.
He hopped the massive fence, grabbed his board, then proceeded to keep shredding. I've never seen a fence hopped during a contest. I'd like to see that incorporated in to Street League.
He hopped the massive fence, grabbed his board, then proceeded to keep shredding. I've never seen a fence hopped during a contest. I'd like to see that incorporated in to Street League.
Not before a couple good slams though.
Zion Wright handled (literally) this backside 360 from the top.
Antonio Durao is a beast of beasts. This switch flip grind happened in 1 or 2 tries and it was only a fraction of what he landed.
The trick that clenched it for him was the switch flip tail slide. Another move that didn't take too long. It was unbelievable how many ridiculously hard tricks he landed.
Naturally the bosses awarded him money and praise. Well deserved.
Then the sun set on another beautiful day in NYC. Tomorrow is going to be crazy so get some sleep.


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